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Laura Bassett (journalist)

Laura Bassett is an intelligent American journalist, who was a former senior politics reporter for The Huffington Post for nine years. She is presently one of the writers who writes for publications, some of publications she write for are The Washington Post, GQ, Marie Claire and Instyle.

The stunning American journalist called Laur Basset started her profession as a reporter at the Huffington Post some years back(2009) where she do give up to time information about woman’s access to birth control and the implications of policies in America. Could you believe what she writes on now? To our surprise, She now writes on culture, gender and politics for The Washington Post, GQ, Marie Claire and Instyle where she currently work.


Laura Bassett is worthy to be a great journalist indeed, being a journalist is not just an ordinary word of mouth. Laura earned a Bachelor’s degree in English and literature/Letters in Virginia University and further more to acquired masters degree in English and literature, Genre from the University landed in Georgetown.


As of 2015, Laura Bassett won a reward from the Pulitzer Center to cover unsafe abortion in Kenya which won her the Population Research Institute’s Global Media Award.

That same year she has also twice won Planned Parenthood’s Media Excellence Award for feature writing and commentary.


she consulted on Netflix ’s Emmy-nominated docuseries “The Keepers.


Laura Bassett raised in Opelousas, Louisiana. As one of the talented journalist she often appears as a guest on CNN and MSNBC and she presently live in Brooklyn.

Laura Bassett based in Brooklyn

Social Media

Laura Bassett is a celebrity that do give her fans latest thing about her on social media, thing’s like comments, pictures, videos, articles and more.


Laura Bassett now move more than 2,000 followers on her Instagram account which is private. For you fans that wish to follow Laura Bassett on Instagram for her lastest update, you can follow her on Instagram @lebassett.


Laura Bassett control more than 86,000 followers on Twitter. If you wish to follow Laura Bassett on Twitter you can do that  by following her @LEBassett.

“I froze. He was older, married, far more powerful than I was in media. He could decide whether or not I got booked on the network again. I’d been warned by more than one person that he sometimes tried to humiliate his female guests on the air. So I laughed uncomfortably and said nothing”.
On another occasion, Bassett alleged that Matthews was “bolder” and stood between her and a mirror and asked her if she was going out that night. “Make sure you wipe this off her face after the show,” he allegedly told the makeup artist. “We don’t make her up so some guy at a bar can look at her like this.” Laura Bassett wrote in The Huffington Post:

“My stomach lurched. The makeup lady apologized for him after he left. ‘Don’t let him bother you,’ she said. ‘That’s just how he is.'”

Laura Brief Details

Name: Laura Bassett
Date Of Birth: August 6
Occupation: Reporter
EDUCATION: University of Virginia, Georgetown University
Home Town: Opelousas, Louisiana

Saving Journalism

Laura Bassett comments on Instagram that “I am not useed to being on this side of interviews and not especially articulate when talking to reporters. But am thankful to Editor and Publisher Magazine for featuring our project this month! News Publishers- especially local newspapers- are struggling to compete with tech giant like Google and Facebook in the digital age. And during a public health crisis like this, journalism has never been more important. we’re doing what we can to force a conversation about this.”

On August 24

Laura Bassett shed light on the issue of some dudes saying “New York is dead forever” after the covid. She make it clear to everyone that, there’s nothing like dead forever in New York after covid and also show proved Which is an essay from NYC Taxi Driver called Jerry Seinfeld.

Jerry Seinfeld Essay

Jerry Seinfeld wrote rebutting some dudes claim that “New York is dead forever” after covid. Jerry Seinfeld said that I’ve been NYC Taxi driver for many, many years. My favorite type of ride is the rare one of picking up a man who has just emerged from the hospital following the birth of his first child. It is the best day in his life and I usually find it difficult to hide my own tears of joy as he tells me all about it.

My second favorite ride is similar. It is a young person with a dream who is coming to New York City for the very first time. I am the taxi driver taking him or her to Manhattan from the airport. I insist from the Upper level of the 59th Street Bridge as our route. Excitement grows at the city grows larger and larger as we approach Manhattan. Finally, almost at ground level, the ramp takes us so close to the surrounding buildings that we can actually see the people inside. Touching down on E.62nd street, my newly minted New Yorker is experiencing for the first time the “energy” that is so often spoken of. It’s like watching a child approaching a roomful of birthday presents. All thing are possible.

It will take more than a crumby pandemic to change that.

Laura Bassett Photos

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