Yahritza y Su Esencia Name, age, career, gender and other facts

Yahritza y Su Esencia is a Mexican regional music and ranchera-focused American duo from the Yakima Valley of Washington State.

Yahritza Martnez, a singer and songwriter, Armando (Mando) Martnez, who plays the requinto, and Jairo Martnez, who plays the bajoloche (a type of bass), make up the band.

Yahritza y Su Esencia

Origin Finley: Washington, United States

Genres: Regional Mexican

Years active: 2022–present

Labels: Lumbre Music, Columbia Records

Members: Yahritza Martínez,
Armando “Mando” Martínez,
Jairo Martínez

Their song “Soy el nico” debuted on the Billboard Global 200 for the week of April 9, 2022. When Yahritza was just fourteen years old, she created the song.

The group was nominated for Best New Artist and Best Norteo Album at the 23rd Annual Latin Grammy Awards for Obsessed, their debut album.

yahritza y su esencia age

Three extraordinarily gifted siblings make up Yahritza y Su Esencia: Yahritza Martnez (16), Armando Martnez (25), and Jairo Martnez (18).

Their enormous devotion and passion for regional Mexican music are evident in the widespread resonance of their songs with fans.

Is Yaritza y su esencia a girl or boy?

Yahritza y Su Esencia is now making a name for himself as a female voice in the genre. “I feel like my songs have a lot of emotions and they just relate so much with the lyrics,”  he says.

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