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Braelyn Simone popularly Known as B.Simone is a American singer, actress and social media personality, born on April 5, 1990 in Dallas, Texas in United States by a mother who happens to be a homemaker while her father is a pastor. Braelyn Simone was brought up with her sister called Jordyn in their home town. Simone always express her interest in show business most especially on music and she made mention of Drake to be her major influencer as a musician. She came to spotlight for her appearance in MTV show, “Wild ‘N Out”.

B Simone Age

The talented actress and singer was born on 5th of April 1990 which means that she had celebrated her thirty years birthday on April 5, that’s she was now 30 years old on 5 April 2020 while she will be 35 years old on April 5, 2025. If you are one of her fans and you wish to celebrate her during her birthday, you should be ready to do that in every 5th of April of every year.

Braelyn Simone Age(2020): 30 years old

Braelyn Simone Age(2025): 35 years old


Likely Questions

What is B.Simone real name?

B.Simone was born on 5 April 1990, she is Braelyn Simone by birth Name and American by nationality.

What is B Simone worth?

As we know that B. Simone is an American actress and social media personality who’s net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 million. She is well recognised for starring on the TV series Wild ‘N Out.

What is B Simone famous for?

Simone is a American rapper, singer, comedian, social media personality, and actress who was one of the members that played role in Season 9 but skip for a while and later returned to the show in Season 11 of the improv comedy show Wild ‘N Out on MTV and VH1.

Is B Simone single?

Yea she’s single and searching. B. Simone spoke during a recent appearance on Nick Cannon’s radio show and she make it transparent to her fans that she has been living the single life for the last seven years and was finally ready to be in a relationship which means she is looking for a man to settle down with.

Does B Simone have a little sister?

Yea, Braelyn Simone famous as B.Simone has a sister called Jordyn. They are raised by Parents in which their father is a pastor. B.Simone sister has been dating Darian Barnes since 2019.

Who is B Simone new boyfriend?

For now she has no boyfriend but according to our source, B. Simone and rapper DaBaby dating rumors go viral as they are all over social media looking very much like a couple but at the end of the day they said they are not any relationship.

Is B Simone A Millionaire?

To those that don’t are ignorance of this information because Some of you may not know who B. Simone is, she is a comedian who rose with the help of Instagram. In one of her Instagram videos she states with so much conviction “ I am not going to turn 30 without having a million dollars in my savings account!”. If it may interest you to know she is one of the celebrities that are millionaires, she worth over $1 Million.

Is B Simone dating Da baby?

The don’t make it clear they are dating, though DaBaby cleared up rumors about him being married and that doesn’t mean there aren’t always rumors about his romantic life.

Was B Simone fired from wild n out?

No she is not fired, she first rose to fame for being on MTV’s Wild ‘n Out and has been a regular cast member on VH1’s Hip Hop Squares and Since then she has made YouTube videos and has more than 5 million followers on Instagram.

What is going on with B Simone?

Meek Mill came in aid of B Simone From Cancellation After copying Accusations. Meek Mill is going to bat for B Simone after the actress and singer was accused of copying excerpts from her new book and the comedian is making it clear that she is not there for the Cancel Culture.

What movies are B Simone in?

Some of B Simone movies are: So Savage Alyssa, DigitalLivesMatter Sasha, Ray Jr’s Rent Due Vanessa, Holiday Heartbreak Young Summer and we are still expecting more from her.

What is B Simone Instagram?

B. Simone Instagram(@thebsimone).

Where does B Simone live now?

B Simone is a stunning actress who lives in Buckhead and she has eight employees working perfectly to keep up with orders for both her book and her lip gloss.

Who is Simone’s baby daddy?

I think, Simone is the girlfriend of Jordan Baker then whom she led to believe was the father of her born child.

What did B Simone steal?

The 30-year-old self-declared ‘Manifest Queen’ is accused by various bloggers of stealing content to put up her own book. B. Simone is being accused of copying contents for her bestselling book, “Baby Girl: Manifest the Life You Want,” direct from bloggers but Meek Mill doesn’t want the culture to cancel her.

Why is B Simone being sued?

Simone is sued to the Accusation Of Plagiarizing For Her Book, Baby Girl: Manifest The Life You Want. More criticism is being thrown B. Simone’s way after being accused of plagiarizing(Copying) others work for her book Baby Girl: Manifest The Life You Want.

What did B Simone say about 9 5?

Braelyn Simone took to her Instagram to clear up her statement. In a video she mentioned that nothing is wrong with men that work a 9-5 and she prefer someone who is an entrepreneur because she feels they would understand her lifestyle better.

What is B Simone phone number?

B Simone phone number is 803-798-9898

Who is B Simone dating in 2020?

B. Simone is recently all over social media for her transparent about her boyfriend. She said she wouldn’t date a 9-5 job holder. According to rumors the actress is dating a renowned rapper called DaBaby.

What did B Simone say to get Cancelled?

“B Simone canceled because she finessed a book and made her way from the bottom lol what major companies y’all cancel for ripping our culture off?” he asked. … When a follower responded that B Simone had “finessed her ‘own’ though,” and called that “hella different,” Meek Mill doubled down.

How many followers does B Simone have on Twitter?

B Simone followers on Twitter is over 217,000. Followers that follow B Simone are more than 217k.

Who got Simone pregnant in all American?

Hmmmm… You really want to know who got Simone pregnant, If you are not confuse enough, the person that got Simone pregnant is Jordan (Michael Evans Behling). The fans have had a lot to talk about in this episode.

Is Simone pregnant in all American?

Yea, B Simone got pregnant in all American but has been desperately pushing Jordan away. At the start of the season Jordan dealt with the aftermath of his dad Billy played by Diggs, briefly leaving home due to his past infidelity. Jordan starts lashing out at his parents and women until he finds out Simone’s baby isn’t his.

What is B Simone book about?

B. Simone’s book titled Baby Girl: Manifest the Life You Want. The book became the center of a plagiarism scandal when a small content creator revealed that the comedian ripped off her work directly.

What happened to B Simone’s mother?

Braelyn Simone famous as B.Simone Forgives Her Mother After Years of Abandonment. Over the course of the season, the 30-year-old has talked about her difficult childhood and what it was like to grow up without her biological mom.

How did B Simone become a millionaire?

Not all Black women entrepreneurs ever make it to the one million dollar wealth. B. Simone make it up to that in less than fifty days. Known across social media as “The Manifest Queen,” then she was-29 year old and she later took to Instagram to document her journey to reach one million dollars in savings before her thirtieth birthday.

B Simone Brief Details

Real Name: Braelyn Simone
Stage Name: B Simone
Date Of Birth: 5 April 1990
Place Of Birth: Dallas, Texas
Nationality: American
Profession: Actress & Singer
Known For: Appearance in “Wild ‘N Out”
Siblings: Jordyn
Net Worth: $1.5 Million
Height: 5ft. 3inch.(1.60m)
Weight: 60Kg

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