Kim Carton Net Worth, Biography, Wiki, Age, Height, Career, Spouse

Kim Carton’s Net Worth

As of now, Kim Carton’s net worth is an estimated $4 million. The primary source of her income comes from her career as a businesswoman and entrepreneur.

She earns a significant amount of money through her business ventures. This sum includes all of her assets, property, income, and salary from her profession.

Kim Carton’s Biography

Kim Carton is a beauty icon, who is a successful American businesswoman and celebrity wife, born in 1975 from Huntington Valley, Pennsylvania.

She is best known as Craig Carton’s wife and follows the Christian religion. Craig is a retired American radio character who gained notoriety as a former co-host of the Boomer radio show.

Kim Carton is a beautiful woman with blonde hair and hazel eyes. She is of average height and weight for a woman her age.

Kim Carton Wiki

Real Name: Kim Carton
Date of Birth: 1975
Place Of Birth: Huntington Valley, Pennsylvania, USA
Fame As: Kim
National: American
Citizenship: American
Profession: Businesswoman
Net Worth: $4 Million

Kim Carton’s Age

Kim Carton is an American businesswoman, celebrity wife and reality television personality. She was born on October 6, 1985, in Huntington Valley, Pennsylvania. As of now, her age is 38 years.

Kim Carton’s Career

Kim and Jackie established Valley, a clothing shop, in September 2013. They were exhausted from traveling out of the vicinity to shop and decided to start a boutique loaded with the sort of possessions they wanted to wear.

The shop is named VALLEY after their hometown, Huntingdon Valley, and the two ensue to be inhabitants of downtown NYC.

Kim is committed to helping small children with Tourette syndrome and has started the “Tic Toc Stop” establishment, a charity organization in collaboration with her ex-husband.

The organization provides support to families affected by Tourette syndrome and helps fund research for a cure.

Kim Carton’s Husband

Kim and her former husband first encountered each other via a common friend a few years back. They initiated dating and then soon married in a private ceremony.

Their wedlock occasion was a private ceremony and only close friends and family members were invited.

Previously, Kim was hitched to her charming husband named, Craig Carton. Her spouse was an American radio character satisfactorily known as the co-commentator of the Carton and Roberts sports radio show on WFAN in New York City.

The couple have four brilliant children; 3 sons named, Sonny Carton, Lucky Carton, Anthony Carton, and 1 cute little daughter Mickey Carton.

Kim and her husband have broken up. The couple got a divorce. Kim hired a secret detective who discovered her husband’s extramarital relationship, but the affair was never confirmed to be true.

Dominique Aro is an amazing American makeup artist with whom Kim’s spouse, Craig Carton, was rumored to have an affair.

Kim Carton’s Issues

In September of 2017, Kim’s spouse was stopped by federal agencies at his home in New York City. He was accused of running a Ponzi scheme with Michael Wright and Joseph Meli.

They allegedly scammed $5.6 million from investors by pretending they had access to millions of dollars worth of show tokens at face value.

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Craig was said to have used the budgets from renewed investors to gambling obligations and to refund prematurely investors, according to a considerate objection pointed by the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

From his sports radio show ‘Boomer & Carton’ Craig accumulated notable notoriety but it was all spoiled when the FBI arrived at Craig’s home and captured him for a fraud in which it was assumed that the millions were used to obscure costly gambling obligations of the radio star.

Kim has been thrust into the public eye for her involvement in a scheme that bilked over $5 million from investors in a Ponzi-like ticket selling operation.

You Need To Know Other Facts

• Kim Carton is a  successful American Businesswoman, well recognized as a Celebrity wife from Huntington Valley, Pennsylvania.

• Her beauty is astounding and her fashion sense is beyond luxurious.

• She has a gorgeous body and a very chic personality.

•  Kim seems to be a very private person and has not yet revealed anything about her family or childhood.

• Kim Carton is a humble woman with blonde hair and hazel eyes. She is of average height and weight.

• She is a great person and a good wife.

• She is professionally known as Kim Carton who is a famous radio and television host.

• She has a great personality and is a good looking woman.

• Kim ex-husband is an American radio character who achieved notoriety as a retired co-commentator of the Boomer.

• A variety of Kim’s own personal style and fashion sense is reflected in the brand, and is a new concept in the fashion industry.

• Kim’s state of mind, body, and soul are reflected in each piece of clothing that is offered in the Valley shop.

• Kim will continue to create a new future in the fashion industry.

• Kim Apparel is a series of amazing hand-selected garments that are fun, fashion-forward, and unbelievably comfortable.

• They have been chosen to give you a wardrobe that is a reflection of your personality and sense of style.

• Kim Apparel is the ultimate in quality, style, and value.

• Kim’s goal is to build the business and establish a broad-based charity that will impact the lives of children and families around the world that are dealing with the challenges of Tourette syndrome.

• To help together with her partners and sponsors to realize the importance of this project.

• To support the non-profit organization ‘Tic Toc Stop’ which is an establishment that specializes in helping children with Tourette syndrome.

• Kim is an American businesswoman most well-known as the former wife of Craig, a radio personality who co-hosts the Carton and Roberts sports radio show on WFAN in New York City.

• Kim Carton originated from Huntington Valley, Pennsylvania, USA.

• Kim and Craig Carton were previously married, but they are not together anymore. They have decided to go their separate ways and live single lives.

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• Kim is one of the celebrities that isn’t really into social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Tiktok or Twitter.

• She’s a beauty in every single way.

• She is the most successful and well-known businesswoman.

• She is one of the most influential person in the world.

• Kim is a successful businesswoman and an entrepreneur.

• She is the founder of the Global Entrepreneurship Network, which currently counts more than one hundred thousand entrepreneurs worldwide.

• She is also the founder of the “Kim Carton” company.

• She is a public speaker, author, and a mentor for entrepreneurs.

• Kim is a very busy businesswoman.

• Kim Carton prefers to live a simple and modest lifestyle.

• Kim is the chairperson of this charity foundation which is a nonprofit organization.

• Kim’s husband Craig is a radio personality and a television host.

• Kim and Craig are also the parents of children.

• Kim was born in New York City and was raised in an Irish Catholic family.

• She has a degree in Communications from Hofstra University.

• Her ex-husband started her career in television working as a news producer for CNN and NBC.

• She is an entrepreneur and also a philanthropist.

• She has also appeared in several TV shows.

• Her ex-husband had issue in 2017 with federal agencies at his mansion in New York on illegal charges of securities scam, wire deception, and plot to execute those violations.

• Kim was a rising star in the cryptocurrency industry, but she had a plan to steal millions from the people who trusted her. She is a criminal mastermind who successfully conned people out of their life savings.

• Kim’s “get rich quick” scheme relied on lies and deceit – just like any other Ponzi scheme.

• They used the money from new investors to pay back earlier investors and pocketed the money herself.

• She was a woman who used her charm and good looks to lure investors.

• She may be in trouble with the law that’s what people think, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that she was a brilliant woman and a shrewd  businesswoman.

• Kim is one of the most successful Ponzi scheme con artists to date, and no one would have known if she hadn’t been caught on tape.

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