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Gabriel Kuhn was born on 1972 in Innsbruck,  Austria. He is a political writer and translator who lives in Sweden.

As a teenager, Kuhn became straight edge and active in radical circles.
After studying in Austria and the United States, he lived in the Middle East and the South Pacific Islands.


Kuhn is a philosopher who has been living in Sweden since 2005. He has a PhD in philosophy with a focus on poststructuralism, and his thinking has been influenced by classical anarchism and Anglo-American Cultural Studies.

He is particularly interested in bridging the gap between theory and practice. Dr. Kuhn’s idea of community is one based on solidarity with oppressed peoples.

In addition to his political and social involvement, he has also played soccer semi-professionally in the past.

In 2010, Kuhn’s plans to travel and speak to audiences in the United States for three months were thwarted after he was denied authorization to fly by US authorities. Kuhn believes that he was placed on the “No Fly List..


Kuhn has been involved in politics since 1989 and has written work that is meant to help guide left-wing activists and scholars.

In the 1990s, Kuhn worked with the Austrian autonomist journal TATblatt and the Vienna anarchist publisher Monte Verita.

In 2000, Kuhn decided to take matters into his own hands and founded Alpine Anarchist Productions (AAP).

Neuer Anarchismus in den USA. Seattle und die Folgen in 2008, which was titled “Book of the Year” by Berlin’s Bibliothek der Freien.

This book is an annotated anthology of contemporary American anarchism that was translated into German.

You Meet to know

• They produce books, magazines, posters, audio and video, as well as maintaining an extensive archive of anarchist history.

• AAP also provides an invaluable service to the movement by donating large quantities of anarchist literature to prisoners.

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• AAP is an independent media organization, publishing video, audio, and text commentaries about current affairs and historical topics.

• Promoting individualist anarchist ideas and practice.

• AAP has produced over 40 films and videos since 2000.

• AAP is based in White River Junction, Vermont, and is a project of the Center for a Stateless Society.

• He has published numerous books and articles, translated into numerous languages, and is the recipient of numerous awards, including theif 2006 Peace Prize.

• His work has been discussed in journals such as the New York Times, Le Monde, The Guardian and the Utne Reader.

• He is the founding member of the publishing house Verlag am Park, and one of the founders of the Viennese Actionismus movement, which changed in the mid-1980s.

• Since the late 1980s, he has been a central figure in Austrian and international Fluxus and mail art networks.

• One of the most influential left-wing thinkers of the 21st century, who pioneered the concept of intersectionality and introduced the notion of ‘new racism’.

• Makes sense of contemporary society and can help you develop a working understanding of the way systems of oppression work in today’s society.

• His work is crucial to understanding the political and social environment in which we live.

• The hottest book in contemporary American politics.

• The biggest political bestseller in the USA.

• First-ever inside account of the anti-globalization movement.

• The New York Times says: “A remarkable book.”

• The Guardian says: “Thoroughly researched and compellingly argued.”

• The first book to survey all the aftermath of Seattle.

• The new anarchism of the global justice movement has developed into a form of organization, a kind of network, that is more complex, more flexible, better suited to the task at hand than the traditional organization.

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• From the beginning, the leaders of the movement have recognized that, in order to win, they must learn to think like an empire.

• The global justice movement has overcome the problems of fragmentation, hierarchy, and isolation that plagued the traditional left. It has done so by applying the principles of network theory in a field where it has never been tried before.

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