How to start a Fish Farming Business

Fish Farming Business


The best way to get started with fish farming is by getting information from people who have experience in the field.  By talking and asking questions, you will learn what it takes for a successful operation such as acquiring permits, building water tanks or ponds, choosing species of fish appropriate for climate conditions etcetera.

It may be possible also find an expert at nearby university where there might be training courses on how to setup this type of farm – they can help make sure everything goes according companies standards!

For example if you’re looking into raising Tilapia-type fishes which require warm waters then experts advise installing geothermal heating system (which would be very costly) since temperatures below 19 C (66 F) can prove fatal to fish.

Good location is also very important when it comes to this type of farm. You will want a place where the climate suits your kind of fish. Here in Finland, I would opt for freezing waters because they’re perfect for keeping my fish alive and growing.

Fish farming is a business that requires some tough choices to make. For example you may need to get rid of old stock of fish for new ones or remove dead specimen, which can be bad for your bottom line if the amount of lost fishes is large.

However it’s important to remember: If you want good fish – keep great water! Make sure you have a good filtration system that prevents water from becoming muddy and dirty.

In this industry, economies of scale are also important. You may need to invest much more at first but later on the results will cover your initial expenses (and maybe even earn some money).

For example when I started my fish farming business, I just got one bucket (160 L) of Tilapia. At the end they all died after a few months, but I learned a lot from them and now my farm is running pretty well!

Interesting fact: It’s said that once there was a goldfish that lived an astonishing 43 years!

So if you’re looking for a long-term investment, then you’ll want to focus on getting the and equipment. Fish farming is a business that requires some knowledge about biology but it’s definitely possible for anyone to do!

Why you should invest in Fish Farming:


If you are looking for a safe investment with high returns then fish farming might be the business for you. You can make big savings by using cheap fishes and selling them to other people who don’t know that your produce is of extremely poor quality! 🙂

Business Family: Food & Beverages, Also possible to start this as an artisanal business.

Business Plan: Overview, Feasibility studying, Business plan.

Suppliers needed: Aquarium equipment & fishes – aquatic food for animal feed

Labour required: Not so much but you will need someone to do water tests and maybe clean your pond occasionally. If this is a commercial operation then expect to have employees!

Market Target: Anybody who wants fishes

Start-up Costs: Low – you just need a pond or some tubs for keeping fishes. If this is commercial operation then higher investments will be needed due to the cost of fertilizers, equipment, etcetera .

Potential Earnings: High, depending on sales volume!

Plans for expansion: Commercial farms can produce thousands of fishes per year!

Location required: You’ll need a pond or some tank with good water quality for keeping your fish alive.

Regulation/Permits Required: They maybe need permission from local authorities to build a pond and you may get permits and fishing license as required by law in your country or state.

You may choose from trout, perch and carp species.

This kind of fish farming is a lot like raising cattle or sheep for profit and it’s a bit more complicated compared to other ways of producing fishes since you’ll need to take care of the breeding process as well. Just think about how much easier it is to raise chickens rather than taking care of eggs until they hatch!

However this is an excellent business for people who really want to get into the nitty gritty. It’s easy enough to raise fishes in a small tub, but there are also big concerns that you need to worry about when it comes to farming fish for yourself and others.

For example you may have to study about the size of each batch, can you raise enough fishes to meet market demand and so on.

This is a business that requires you to be in constant contact with your fish or they will die! You’ll need to keep an eye out for predators and do everything possible to ensure their survival such as by installing electronic fence around your pond and keeping the water clean.

How you can grow your fish farming business

When starting out, your main worry will be the survival of each batch and that’s why it might be a good idea to raise tropical fishes or species that are easy to maintain. You can even build an electronic fence around your pond and just leave everything else up to nature.

In the future you may want to hire somebody to take care of the fishes or you can search for local distributors to buy your products.

Also fish farming might be business opportunity if you want to save up to start another business and would like to generate some passive income while doing so – that is, have this as a side project!

You can raise fishes in a tub for your family or become a fish farmer for others and you don’t necessarily need to buy the expensive equipment. If you start small then you will be able to adjust according to market demands and improve over time as you build enough experience and earn additional income!

Fish farming is profitable since people are willing to pay a premium price for fishes that are thought to be fresh and free of mercury, pesticides and other chemicals. Selling high quality fish is definitely a competitive business even with the small fishes that can be purchased from local markets!

Fish farming is a great way to earn money since it has an extremely low start-up cost while providing you with delicious food at the same time. Just make you keep your pond clean and free from weeds!

Here’s how it works

The customer places their order of food and the fish farmer keeps it ready. The next day, the customer will pick up their order and pay for fresh food!

Some variations to this business idea would be selling fishes instead of fishes or you may want to sell other foods such as meat, vegetables or eggs. It all depends on what you like to eat so choose accordingly!

Your biggest expenses will be buying fish seed and the food for your fishes. Don’t forget to charge a premium price if you have decided to raise high quality species such as salmon, trout or crab!

The best part about this business is that you get to serve high quality food without needing a restaurant license! You can even sell your fish from a home delivery service to earn more money or just sell them on the street. Either way you will be earning money!

The key to success and profitability is food safety, quality control and customer support but if done right then this business can end up being your main source of income (or a side project).

Fish farming is becoming popular in many countries all around the world and you don’t need to do anything too complex. For example in Sweden 100,000 fish are being raised on only 10 hectares of land! Just imagine how much money can be made if one fishes the locally sold fishes.

In fact many countries around Asia have been using this business model for hundreds of years!

Here are some potential expenses for this business

Fish seed, food and other supplies (N83,000- N123,000)

Low startup cost once you know what to do and have enough capital (N4,100- N20,500)

Real Estate (Free of charge if you don’t need a license)

Full Time Employees (N0-N82,000+ depending on the amount and type of fish being raised)

Small Fishes (N0-N820,000)(varies widely depending on species and where it is being sold)

Large Raised Fishes (N205,000-N4,100,000+)

You can start a fish farm easily at home and for FREE but it will be very good if you do your research beforehand.

For example, in Sweden the main rule to be followed is that the waters cannot get polluted by human beings!

Also make sure not to escape your fishes in your local river or lake since this would cause an environmental hazard and create a public health problem.

The most important part about running this business is food safety and quality control! You would also need to make sure that you have enough capital to invest with at the start. This will help prevent unnecessary losses while increasing the profits over time. At first, keep your expenses low until you get a good idea on how to maximize the profits and increase your sales.

Before you start

Make sure that you have enough capital to get started with so that it doesn’t cost you anything in case of loss. Keep your expenses low until you have a good idea on how to run your operation. Once you are able to control costs and earn profits then invest more in order to increase your production.

Feed For Fish (N20,500-N41,000)

Fish Seed (N0-205,000+ depending if you are buying on wholesale or retail)

Good Food For The Fish (Frozen Supplies, Hay Etc.) ($123,000+)

Food For Smaller Livestock (Ex. Snail Or Frogs) (M16,400+)

Transportation Of Food And Picks Up (N41,000+)

Fertilizer For The Fish (N41,000+)

What kind of fish that you want to raise. You can produce plants or meat which vary in price.(varies widely)

Cost Of Electricity (Free of charge if not used for heating the water) (N20,500-N82,000+ depending on your consumption)

Value Added Products (Selling the eggs, baby fishes or old fish as food) (N0-N820,000+ depending on where you sell and what type of fish it is)

Value Added Product (Selling the shells and bones or use them for fertilizer) (N82,000+)

Fish Farming Business Plan (N20,500+)

People are willing to pay more money for high quality food! They will also be more willing to buy from you if the fish are raised in a clean environment and don diseases.

It is very important that you create your own website so people can place orders online. This way, you earn money without having to spend money on marketing.

For example, you could use a blog or a forum to create your own website. It’s easy and cheap!

Once you have earned enough customer trust, you can start selling on other platforms such as Amazon or eBay. That way, your customers don’t have to wait for the delivery and you earn money much faster!

For example here are some potential sales(varies widely depending on fish, area and market price)

Small Fishes (N0-N82,000+)

Large Raised Fishes (N205,000-N4,100,000+)

You can sell the eggs(~N20,500/per kg), baby fishes (varies greatly but ~N2,050-N6,150 per kg) or even recycle your old fish as food which could earn you N82,000/per kg. This is called fish meal which many companies are willing to pay good money for because of its protein, vitamins and micronutrients.

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Planning a farm from the scratch? Here’s How:

1. Pick a location: The location where you plan on building your farm must be large enough to grow your fish to their full size.

2. Make a market survey: Ask around to see if there is a demand for fishes in that area and how much the price is per kilo. This way, you can predict how many fish will need raising and selling each year.

3. Find Out: Check if you’re allowed to raise livestock in your area and if there are any specific permits you need to get.

4. Get the necessary equipment: Depending on the type of fish that you want to raise, you’ll need an indoor or an outdoor tank. You can also choose to raise a couple different types of species at once in order to maximize your profit! Depending on how many fish you want to raise, the size of your tank and where you plan on selling them will determine what kind of equipment that you need.

5. Get started: Buy some food for your fish, find a bacteria-free source of water or install a water filter and start raising those little critters!

If there are already local farmers selling fishes, you should make a market survey to see what they charge and then decide on how much to charge. Your prices must be high enough so that you can earn enough profits but low enough for the customers to buy them.

6. Spread the word: Let everyone know about your farm! Get your business in local websites or newspapers so that you can reach many people. You could also advertise at nearby schools or marketplaces, offering discounts to the first buyers of your fishes.

7. Treat your fish carefully: Remember that they are living creatures! They feel pain and fear too so you shouldn’t hurt them when handling them(for example touching their fins roughly)! Keep them in a clean environment with high quality foods so that they stay healthy.

8. Be responsible: A fish farm is a business but it’s also an animal raising operation. You shouldn’t keep fishes for only money, you should do it because you love raising them as well! Don’t forget to give them enough attention and space or they could die of boredom.

If you’re not interested in breeding your own species of fish, you could buy some adult fishes and rent a tank for them instead (You’ll need to pay a monthly fee). You can also do both at once!

In this case, the money that you earn from selling young fishes will be used to feed the adults while the food for the adults will be used to breed more fishes.

What is the most profitable fish to farm?

It depends on where you live, so please answer in the comments below!

What is the most profitable fish to farm?

If your location is suitable for raising caviar producing-fish(primarily Silver quality fish), then it is possible to earn N41,000,000 per year. The following are some of the more popular farming species:

Silver Carp, Grass Carp, Crucian CarpIf you live somewhere that has warm water species of fish, then it is possible to earn N41,000,000 as well. The following are some of the popular warm water farming species:

Catfish (especially Giant Catfish), Tilapia, Pond Smelt.

Please do not try to raise these species if you do not have enough money to invest in a big tank, cleaning equipment, and the right water filtration.

What are the types of fish feed?

Aquatic animals need a lot more care than their land based counterparts. One thing that aquatics have to worry about is feeding themselves and because they can’t come up on dry ground, someone has to bring food down for them! There’s two different main categories: commercial fish feeds or natural diets like fresh fruits, vegetables (frozen), worms, shrimp pellets from some grocery stores. Commercial ones typically contain just soy protein meal as well as other ingredients you might not recognize by name but I’m sure most people would know what it looks like if you saw it; meanwhile with natural diet foods there are five primary sources including frozen food prepared in cubes made out of brine shrimp larva that serve at least as well to feed the fish as food you might feed a cat or dog.

Coarse and fine grade pellet feeds

Typically there are two different kinds of pellets: coarse/small (like kibbles) that many people associate with dogs and cats; the coarse ones have larger spaces in them for the water so they float in an aquarium and are easily eaten by most fish. The finer ones will quickly sink to the bottom of your aquarium so they don’t float around and bother you but so it’s harder to eat them too, if you have a choice between the two I’d go with coarse because smaller food is harder to eat; additionally smaller food will get more mushy as it gets older and in general this is better than something that’s hard.

Also, you can buy fish foods for tropical or coldwater fish so you don’t have to worry about mixing which ones are best for your fish! What I’ve linked here is what I feed my tropical fish since smaller pellets are easier to eat and they like the tropical variety.

What size fish feeder?

Since different sized flakes float at different levels, you should have a few different sizes of fish food on hand in case your little guys decide to leave some pieces behind for snacking later! I bought mine from Petco but you can get them from Amazon too.

How about Sea-Fish?

The following are some of the popular sea-fish that can be raised for farming:

Oyster, Green Clam, Shrimp, Prawn, Mussel.

You can earn very good money from raising these sea-fish but it is not easy. The following are some of the hardest species to raise for farming:

Oyster (hatching and rearing period can take several weeks!), Red Clam(These clams carry a disease that will kill all your fish in one night! Please quarantine your newly bought red clams before adding them into the tank)

It is possible to earn $50k per year if you live somewhere that has cold water fish such as Trout, Carp and Salmon. The following are some species that can be raised for farming:

Trout, Silver Carp, Crucian Carp, Grass CarpIf you have a local pond that is suitable for then it is also possible to earn good money with $100k per year! The following are some of the popular pond-fish farming species:

Tilapia, Crucian CarpYou can get at least $100k per year from raising these pond fishes.

I have a local pond nearby and I want to raise some fishes! How should I start?

If you just want to raise fish for fun or just for the hell of it, you don’t really need detailed instructions. However if you would like to earn money from your pond, then this guide will help you start!

First of all, if you’re not sure which species to choose as your first pond fish, check out this article:

This guide will teach you how to select the right species for farming and where you can get them from.

Second step is raising fishes. If you want detailed instructions then I suggest that you read this full guide:

It will teach you how to raise your fishes and get them ready for sale/rent. If you just want simple instructions then keep on reading below!

When it comes to raising fishes, remember that there is no magic formula or guide that can guarantee results. It all depends on your pond size, species of fish being raised and your skill level.

However, here are some simple will help you raise your pond fishes faster:

1. Find a suitable location where there is no strong current with low salinity and high oxygen content in the water (You can start to measure this stuff after a few months).

2. Get the right equipment and materials. This is a non-negotiable! You’ll never be able to raise fishes if you don’t get the following:

+ Fish net, hoop net or fish trap (invite your neighbors to help!) A plank of wood at least 1 meter long (this will help you transfer fishes from your net into the cage) 1 Large Cage (this will hold 3-4 fishes depending on their size) 10 small cages (each of these holds 1 fish, buy more to save time transferring fish across different tanks)

3. Select and purchase your respective species of fish in a well clean pond or from a known farmer living nearby. Remember that these fishes were not raised by you! It is like raising your don’t expect them to adapt easily to their new environment.

4. Before transferring fishes into the cage, ensure that there are sufficient oxygen levels in the water. Use an aerator if necessary.

5. Transfer the fishes into a large net, use your plank to transfer them from to their cage. Do this step without splashing water around!

6. Leave your fishes in their cages for 2-3 days after which you should see them swimming freely in their tank. Keep a close eye on their behavior and feed them as often as possible.

7. After at least 2-3 days transfer 1 fish out of its cage into a new cage, clean the old cage before returning it to the main tank. This is called “gradual acclimatization.” Do this step for all your fishes until they are free swimming in their cages.

8. Start feeding your fishes from day 1! If you don’t feed them, they’ll never be conditioned to accept food from humans and this will make it difficult for you to harvest them at a later stage. Continue feeding your fishes even when they are free swimming!

9. Don’t forget to clean your fish tanks regularly!

What if I want to sell my fishes?

If you’re interested in selling your fish, here is a quick guide where and how you can advertise:

There are many ways to earn money from pond-farming including renting out the entire pond for harvesting, renting out fish tanks to people living nearby or selling your own fishes.

There are many ways you can earn money using your pond so choose whichever method that works best for you!

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How to Earn Money From Pond-Farming: Easy Ways You’ll Love

1) Set up a fish farm – it’s easy, just buy some pond liners and set them out in your backyard.

2) Breed baby fish- this is an excellent way to earn money because you can sell the babies for more than their parents! You’ll need special equipment though like tanks or filters which are available at pet stores.

3) Earn cash by selling baitfish online ­­ breed live minnows that fishermen use as bait to catch bigger game, then harvest before they turn into adults so they stay small enough for fishing (or hatch eggs from around 500 of these guys!)

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5) Open a fish store ­­ If you’ve got a big enough pond, then you can sell your fish to local pet stores and restaurants.

6) Make custom aquariums – there’s nothing like an aquarium on your coffee table! This is an easy way to earn money because all you need is some glass, water and fish.

6) Create a mobile petting zoo – just get some cages and such, put the animals in them, and drive around to people’s houses!

7) Start up your own fish farming business ­­ you can farm fry (baby fish), cultivated baitfish (farmed for use as fishing bait) or farmed salmon.

8) Breed show fish ­­ you’ll need to stick to some guidelines, though, like making sure the fish have enough room and get fed properly. You can even start your own breeding facility if you want to!

9) Be a pet shop owner -If you’re not into selling live pets, then you can open up your own pet shop and sell the things people need to take care of. These their pet include food, supplies for specific breeds, bedding and more!

10) Become an aquarium builder – This is a great way to get into fish farming without having to do all the work yourself. You’ll create custom tanks, install them in homes or businesses, and then clean them once they’re full.

11) Build a community aquarium – this is a great way to get into the fish farming business without having to do all the work yourself! And, you can make a profit by charging people to watch your collection of fish

12) Become an aquatic lab technician ­­ You’ll earn money, have access to fish and get to learn what makes them tick.

13) Become a professional fisherman – This is easy if you’ve got the right boat, gear like nets and hooks and some special training. Once you’re set up though, you’ll earn money by selling your catches at markets or through other channels. Make sure that you’ve got a fishing license though!

14) Be an aquarium fish tank cleaner – Great for people who don’t want to work the whole day, this is easy and fun! It’s also quick because you can clean tanks faster than you could farm them.

15) Sell ice cream – what’s more fun than eating ice cream? Selling it! Just start up an ice cream cart or a shop, and you’re good to go.

16) Start your own fish food business – You can open up a fish food store, so that people can buy all the different kinds of foods they need for their pets. The catch is that you’ll have to stay on top of what’s available and popular.

17) Start a fish food powder business – if you think the food store is cool, wait until you’ve got this going! You’ll grow feed for your fish yourself, and then grind it up to make powders that you sell at the pet store.

18) Create an aquarium cleaning company ­­ This is a great side business for people who love fish! These people get paid to clean tanks, and they can go around in their spare time searching for new customers.

19) Be a mobile petting zoo ­­ You’ll earn money, have access to animals and get to learn more about them all at the same time!

20) Sell live aquarium fish – This is one of my favorite ways to make money with fish because it’s so easy! All you need is a tank and some feed, then you’ll start making money by selling these guys.

21) Make custom bird feeders – Birds are everywhere, which means that they’re popular ­­ especially around certain seasons like fall and spring. You can make money by selling bird feeders to these people!

22) Become a professional breeder – If you’ve got the time, patience and dedication, then this is the perfect way for you to earn money with fish. Just buy some cheap stock or start from scratch, and keep breeding until your latest batch can sell for enough money to make a profit.

23) Become a pet supply store owner – This is another easy one! Just start up your own pet shop or online store, and then go shopping for whatever people need to keep their pets happy and healthy. These supplies include dog food, cat litter, bird seed and more.

24) Sell freshwater fish – This is easy enough. Just buy some fish and then sell them at the local pet store or around town. The only catch is that you’ll have to find a good way to ship your fish without making them go belly up!

25)) Make custom pet food – If you’ve got the time, patience and dedication to breeding fish or raising animals, then this is the perfect way to earn money with fish! Just have some cheap stock or get started from scratch, and keep breeding until your latest batch can sell for enough money to make a profit.

26) Start an aquatic turtle farm ­­ Who knows, you might be the first person ever to do this! When you’re ready, just start up your own turtle breeding business and see how much money you make.

27) Get paid to watch people’s fish – This is a weird business idea, but it’s totally true. You’ll earn money by watching other people’s fish tanks from home and reporting any problems (to the owner of course). The owners will pay you for your time!

28) Make custom aquatic containers – Just like in the pet food example above, this is another case where you’ll have to make your own fish tanks and then sell them for a profit!

29) Be an aquatic plant farmer ­­ This is another thing that’s never been done before. When you’re ready, just start up your own aquatic plant growing business and see how much money you can make by selling plants to pet stores and aquarium owners.

30) Set up an online service – Are you good at something that people are willing to pay for? Well, then why not make yourself some money by using the internetman! Just set up a website and start taking orders.

31) Make custom fishbowls – Aquatic pet owners need these things more than anyone else. When you’re ready, just start up your own fish bowl making business and see how much money you can make by selling these to pet stores and online shops!

32) Start a mobile aquarium cleaning company – This is great for people who love fish but don’t want to breed them. These workers get paid to clean tanks, and they can go around in their spare time searching for new customers.

33) Make custom aquariums – Are you good at building things? If so, why not make some money by starting your own business that sells these to pet owners who want a fresh start for their fish tank!

34) Set up an aquatic animal breeding company – This is perfect for people who are really good at breeding fish, and it’s also great because you can make profit by selling your own babies to other people.

35) Take care of other people’s aquariums – All you have to do is be the person who takes care of your customer’s tanks while they’re away. You’ll be the responsible pet owner in their eyes!

36) Start an aquatic turtle breeding company – This is another one of those weird business ideas that’s never been done before. When you’re ready, just start up your own turtle breeding business and see how much money you can make by selling these to other people.

37) Set up an online aquatic pet store – Just start up an e-commerce website and sell all kinds of great products to people who are looking for them. This is a very competitive business idea, so make sure you stand out from the crowd with your descriptions, pictures and more!

38) Be a fish monger – Are you really good at catching all kinds of different fish? If so, you can use your talents to earn money by selling them to pet stores and fish markets. They’ll pay you better if you bring in a lot at once if possible!

39) Be an online seller – Are you good at researching products and making’re worth the money? If so, you can sell them to other people online and earn money that way. You can use sites like eBay to make this happen!

40) Set up an aquatic breeder network – If you’ve got a lot of friends who enjoy breeding fish, why not create your very own social network where they can communicate and share with each other? It’s a great way to help them out!

41) Make custom aquatic plant containers – Just like in the pet food example above, this is another case where you’ll have to make your own fish tanks and then sell them for a profit!

42) Create custom aquatic animal habitats ­­- Are you really good at creating new environments for animals? If so, you can use your skills to earn money by making custom habitats for others!

43) Start a pet food business – For people who love animals but aren’t creative enough to come up with their own business ideas, this is one way they can still make good money. Just start selling some of the great foods that are available on the market right now!

44) Sell aquatic animal information – Are you really good at writing? If so, you can use that talent to your advantage. Just start up a blog where you talk about the various animals and what kind of foods they like to eat. Be sure to take photos as well! This will help people learn more about what they’re doing!

45) Start an aquatic animal training school – Are you good at training animals? If so, you can use this skill to your advantage and start up a business where you teach others how to do it. You’ll be making money with every single student that joins your class!

46) Write an aquatic animal guide – Do you know a lot about various fish species? If so, there’s no reason that you can’t use this to your advantage by writing e-books or articles. This could help people learn more about what they’re doing!

47) Create custom aquariums with built-in oxygen pumps – Are you really good at building things and creating new things? If so, this is another one of those weird business ideas that you’ll want to check out. You can build custom aquariums, and then sell them with the oxygen pumps attached!

48) Create a new aquatic animal diet – Have you ever thought about creating your very own food recipe for fish or other animals? If so, this is something you should definitely think about. You never know, it might be a real hit!

49) Create an aquatic animal training school – In the same way that pet owners need to be trained at times, so do animals. If you’re really good at training them yourself, this could be the kind of thing where you can make some big money.

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50) Think about creating your own business card for aquatic animals – This will be a bit different than what you’d expect, but it can still help you out in the end. As you probably know, fish require water in order to survive. They also require food at all times as well, so if you’ve got the time, you might want to start making your own business cards of aquatic animals!

51) Create a new pet food product – We’re always looking for something that we can feed our pets, and if you’ve got a recipe that they’ll not start selling it? Even if what you sell isn’t the most popular thing in the world, there are definitely people who will buy it. You just need to get the word out!

52) Create a brand new animal food product – This might not be as far of a reach as you think, especially if you’re really good at something in particular. For example, say that you put on parties every so often and know how to make some good appetizers. Maybe you’ll be able to start selling food items for animals that people can use as a treat or something else!

53) Create an aquatic animal training school – Believe it or not, there are actually a lot of fish out there that don’t respond well to being trained. If you’re really good at this and know of a way to get better results, you can always use this in order to make some money.

54) Start an aquatic animal training school – In the same way that lots of people need to be trained for pets, so do animals like fish. If you’re good at training them yourself and taking on other students, this could be something that you should definitely look into.

55) Create a new pet food product – Have you ever thought about making your very own pet food recipe? If so, this is one of the best business ideas out there. You can sell it to other people in your city!

56) Sell aquatic animal information – Are you really good at writing? If so, you should try your hand at selling some of the information that you have about aquatic animals. This will definitely help people out!

57) Make custom aquariums – Have you ever thought about creating your very own custom aquarium? If so, this could be one of those great business ideas that’ll help pay the bills each and every month. Again, you can make custom aquariums and sell them with built-in oxygen pumps!

58) Learn how to care for aquatic animals – This will be a bit different than what people might expect, but it’s still really important. In order to make the most money possible in this industry, you’re going to want to learn as much as you can. Take classes and talk to other people in the area, you’ll surprise yourself!

59) Create your own pet food recipe – If there’s one thing that we’ve learned from cooking over time, it’s that a recipe can make all of the difference. Maybe you’ve got a great pet food recipe? If so, don’t be afraid to share it!

60) Create your own pet food recipe – This is something that can make a huge difference, especially if you’re really good at cooking. You might want to look into some of the best pets foods for fish , because these will be sure to get plenty of attention.

61) Start a blog about aquatic animals – If you can make a blog about aquatic animals, this could really help out with regard to making money. A lot of people are interested in them!

62) Learn how to be an aquatic animal trainer – This is something that’s going to take time, but it’ll be worth it in the end. As you probably expect, there are lots of fish that need to be trained, just have the perfect recipe!

63) Learn how to train aquatic animals – If you’ve got a knack for training aquatic animals, there’s nothing wrong with sharing your talents. After all, these are going to help other people out in a big way.

64) Sponsor an aquatic animal competition – If you’re good at something, then it’s always worth sharing. Maybe you’ll be able to sponsor competitions for people who like aquatic animals. This is a very big deal and can help you make some great money!

65) Raise your own aquatic animals – It should come as no surprise that training isn’t the only thing that you can do with aquatic animals, as you could raise your very own! This is more of an entrepreneurs idea, for sure.

66) Start a forum about aquatic animal training – You could really get the ball rolling on something like this and you’re going to have lots of fun doing it. For some people, it’s all about making a great forum and getting things moving.

67) Start your very own aquatic animal forum – This is going to be much like what we but it’s still extremely important that you do this. After all, these pets cost a lot of money!

68) Invest in a fish hatchery system – If you’re looking for something that’s to be a bit more unique, of the different fish hatchery systems that you can invest in. You’ll be surprised at just how much money you end up making!

69) Invest in your own interactive live camera – If you’ve got an aquarium filled with something that’s very valuable and very exotic, then this is going to be a huge moneymaker for you.

70) See if people will pay to have their photo taken with you – Chances are, if you’ve got an aquarium filled with aquatic animals popular, then someone is going to want their very own picture taken with them. You should seriously consider this opportunity!

71) See if people will pay to have their photo taken with you – This is going to be one of those things that takes a lot of patience, but it could end up helping out in a big way. Get ready for some fun and exciting times!

72) See if people will pay to have their picture taken with you – Something like this is really going to be something that a lot of people are interested in. These fish make for great photos, especially with everyone smiling!

73) Go on tour and meet your fans – You’ve got really popular aquatic animals and you know it, so why not let the world know about it? You could team up with other water based attractions like zoos and aquariums.

74) Sponsor a tour around the world – If you’ve got something that’s pretty popular, then you should consider sponsoring your very own aquatic animal tour. One of these can be huge for sure!

75) Create an underwater world record – You never know what kind of things are going to catch on with the public. If you can create an underwater record, surely people are going to be interested in it.

76) Set a world record for having the largest aquarium – This is something that will take a lot of effort on your part. With any luck, you’ll have no problem setting this world record and making money off of everything.

77) Build a multimillion dollar aquarium – Some people like to invest their money into something worthwhile. If you’ve got this kind of then you could really make a splash with your business.

78) Maybe try and get a reality TV show about aquatic animals – This is going to rely on a lot of luck, but it’s worth trying out. If it works, then you’ll be a very popular person for sure.

79) Make your own reality TV show about aquatic animals – This is going to take even more work than what we just mentioned, but it will definitely pay off down the road! You could really make this into something amazing.

80) See if you can get on the Animal Planet – If you’re looking to get some real exposure for your aquatic animals, then this is going to be one of those things that’s just perfect.

81) See if you can get on the National Geographic Channel – This is another great way to make sure that people are aware of what you ‘re doing in the world. After all, this is a channel that’s very well known.

82) See if you can get on the Discovery Channel – Something like this is going to be huge for sure and it’s definitely worth trying. You could see yourself in popular shows like MythBusters !

83) Get your own Animal Planet show about aquatic animals – This is going to be one of those things that could really make you a lot of money. You should seriously consider it, especially if you’re interested in this sort of thing.

84) Get your own National Geographic special about aquatic animals – Again, this is going to take some work, but it’s certainly worth a try. If you get this exposure then you could really make a splash in the85) Get your own Discovery special about aquatic animals – If you’re looking to get a lot of money then this is certainly going to be one good way for people to take notice of what you’re doing. This is worth trying out if you can manage it somehow.

86) Have your aquatic animal pet be in a commercial – You could create some cool products with the help of your aquatic pets. One thing is for sure, you’ll end up getting some attention from it.

87) Create a brand new product line – There’s absolutely no doubt that if you get a certain kind of exposure then people are going to start buying your products in bulk! One thing is for end up making a lot this kind of stuff.

88) Make your own aquatic animals – This is going to be one thing that could make you a ton of money. If you can get on the right channels then there’s no reason why it wouldn’t work for you.

89) Set up a booth at an aquarium convention – This is something that can be huge if you’re able to get in touch with the right people. Plenty of people are going to take notice of your setup and want to buy what you have for sure!

90) Do studies on aquatic animals – This is something that’s going to really open up your field of opportunity. People are always looking for good studies on aquatic animals, so you could provide that in a big way.

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