How To Start A Profitable Snail Farming Business In Nigeria

Snail farming is a profitable business in Nigeria. They are easy to maintain and can be harvested very often. There are many different types of snails, but the most popular ones for snail farmers in Nigeria are the African land snail and the Malaysian brown tree snake.

The process starts by picking out which type of snail you want to raise, then find an area that has soil with good drainage so they don’t drown or suffocate from too much water being on their shell.

Next, you need to put them into a container with some soil and vegetation like plants or hay because it will give them something to eat as well as provide cover when predators come looking for food.

Snails also need moisture but not too much because this can cause snails to drown or suffocate. You can place the container in an area that is already moist but not too much, like a cool basement where they won’t die from being in hot temperatures.

A good temperature for them is around for one week and then to drop the heat by five degrees every second week, unless it gets colder outside, then it is best to let them stay in their normal temperature range. Snails are very easy to take care of; some even say that you don’t even need to feed or water them. You only have to make sure the environment is right for them and they will do the rest.

Just a few weeks after first putting them in the container, you will notice that they have grown. It is important to harvest them before they start to mate because it is very hard to get rid of a bunch of baby snails.

So as soon as they reach a certain weight, older than one month old and smaller than ten inches long, then it is time to harvest them. You will have to pick them up and put them in another container, you can even use the old one.

It is good when harvesting to cut off some of their shell so they will not be able to climb back out once you release them outside, or they could die from being inside too long without water.

You also want to make sure that the container you are going to release your snails into does not have any predators because they do not like the taste of them and will eat them.

Don’t forget that releasing a snail is very similar to how you release a pet, just let it go in its natural habitat so that it can live freely. To find outails if you have a successful farm, wait for the rain season when you are most likely to find larvae and eggs; this means that your snails are breeding.

Snail farming is not as hard as it appears and there are many benefits from farming them. First, your home will never be dirty because they clean the soil or vegetation off of their shells by rubbing against walls.

Next, snails eat plants that most people do not want like dandelions so you can let them loose in your garden without worrying about them ruining your crops. They also clean the soil by eating regular dead animals so instead of using chemicals you can use snails to get rid of unwanted pests in your home or garden.

Another great benefit from snail farming is that it provides free food for all ages and any gender, because you do not need to catch fish or buy meat. You can eat them raw, boiled, or even fried; you do not even need to waste time preparing the meat for dinner because it takes very little effort to cook a snail.

They are high in protein so they are especially good for pregnant women and children. The greatest benefit of all is that snails have medicinal properties like being able to cure anemia and reducing cholesterol.

There are some other benefits to snail farming like that they breed very quickly, but also some negative aspects as well. Some of these bad sides include a slimy shell that can be hard to clean because it may get moldy or have slime spots on it from their saliva.

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Also, snails need water every day so this can be a problem if you live somewhere without adequate water supply.

They also need live food because eat prepared dog or cat food that is for smaller animals. Some problems with their living conditions include having predators like cats and dogs, but you can get around this by keeping them in an area where predators cannot get to them.

Another problem with snail farming is that it can be hard to find a good container to keep them in because the shells are really slippery and you do not want them jumping out of their cages.

These snails also have an average lifespan of about two years, so if they start getting bigger then you will need to keep harvesting for longer periods of time. Snails also carry salmonella so you will have to be very careful not to eat too many raw snails or else you could get a bad case of the disease.

What is Snail Farming?


Snail Farming is a growing trend around the world. It is a process of breeding snails as pets, or to be used for food as gastropods. Snail farmers usually breed their snails in a safe and enclosed place where it can survive under different weather conditions.

Snail farming has been introduced by Nature Farms, Inc., the Philippines’ largest snail farm. It began as a small-scale production operation for the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) in Vietnam; it was started in 2011 as a way to earn extra income.

1) First, you need to find out which species of snails you want to breed because there are over 550 known species around the world so you will need to make sure you search for the right kind.

2) Next, you should look for a suitable location for your farm because it should be that is at least 75 degrees and does not have any type of direct sunlight. A dark place like a basement or closet may be the best option for your snail but you will have to be careful so that they do not find their way out.

3) Then, you should think about the construction of your farming container because it needs to maintain a certain humidity level and be easy for you to harvest all of the snails in one place. A plastic bin or aquarium will work well but you will need to take precautions so that the snails cannot escape in your home or garden.

4) The next step is to raise some baby snails because you will have to get them on a regular basis as soon as they are born or else their population will not grow and this can be tricky if you do not have any experience with raising animals.

5) Then, you should decide if you want to sell your product or make it for yourself because this will determine how much of an investment you are willing to make. If the goal is to make money, then you may have to buy some small cages and containers so that when you harvest your snails they can be sold immediately.

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Why is it good to invest in snail?


Snail farming is very profitable because it can be a source of income for anyone looking to make extra money. There are many people waiting to buy them as pets or food so you will not have any problem with selling your snails.

It is also fun and rewarding because you can watch them grow from babies to adults in just a few months, and you can even breed them to get one of their offspring.

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Snail farming is a safe investment and the only thing you need to do is pay attention to your animals; this will help them live longer so that they can produce more eggs or babies.

They require very little housing and simple food like vegetables, lettuce, bread, and rice. You also need to be careful when you harvest them because they can move very quickly if you touch them and the babies are even smaller so it is almost impossible to see them.

Finally, snail farming requires minimal work and this means that anyone can do it as a business idea or just for fun. The only thing is you will have to check on your snails and make sure they are comfortable because they can die very easily if they are not being cared for properly.



1) There is a high demand for snail farming products because many people eat them as food. This means that you will be able to get a good amount of money when you start selling your snail products.

2) They are easier to take care of than other types of livestock like chickens, cows, or pigs because you will not have to give it as much up after them. However, making sure the snails are healthy is still important so if they are ill then they will not produce any eggs for harvesting.

3) It is cheap to start and run a snail farm because you will not have to buy any special equipment; all you need are the snails and a way to get them from their container to yours. This means that you can do it anywhere as long as there is a source of water so they can drink.

4) You can raise them anywhere as long as it is dark and warm because this will be the ideal temperature for their eggs to incubate.

4) Their lifespan is very short so you do not have to worry about taking care of them too much in the long run.



1) Snails are very sensitive and if you keep them in an area without enough space or sunlight then they can die. The same thing can happen if their environment is too hot or cold because they cannot survive in such temperatures for long.

2) If you are raising snails for food, then it is important that you do not underfeed them so that they will produce more eggs or babies. This means that you will have to invest in enough food for them and this can get quite expensive.

3) You need some experience with nature because the snails can escape into your house, garden, or even crawl into your mouth when you are eating; this is why it is important to manage them first and get a feel for what they can do.

4) Harvesting snails is hard because they move very quickly but you can get used to it after a while and make it into an enjoyable hobby.

What types of Snail do I need?


The most common type of snail to farm is the Giant African Land Snail, or the Achatina fulica. This is because it is the most popular type of snail and very easy to get from pet shops or online stores.

Make sure you only buy healthy snails because unhealthy ones will not survive for long and produce eggs that are also unfit for selling.

You can also choose a different type of snail that are easier to find and breed. For instance, you can get a species of snail that is native to your area and popular among tropical food lovers.

Where will I get my Snails from?


If you want to start raising snails as a business idea, then it is important that you get them from a reliable source. Make sure you go to a pet shop or online store that has a good reputation for selling healthy snails and providing excellent customer service to their clients.

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If you want to start your own snail farm, then the best place to buy them is at an exotic animal store. These places are usually frequented by experienced farmers who can help you with your requirements. By shopping from a pet store, you will also be able to find some of the equipment you need.

How much do they cost?


The price of snails can depend on where you buy them and if they are male or female; however, they do not cost too much especially because there is high demand for them as pets. The most you will ever have to pay for good ones is $60 dollars and they can fetch up to $250. If you are buying them in bulk then the price will go down.

Finding a place to sell your Snail products


Once you are done setting up your home farming business, it is time to find a market that will be able to buy your products. The best way to sell them is online so you can target potential customers from around the world and get them delivered as soon as they are produced.

If you want to keep it local, then taking your farm to a farmer’s market or some other type event can also help. However, this will depend on the state of your farm and where you live. That is why it is important that you first research the laws of your area before selling anything to the general public.

You can also have a personal shop at home or find an old shed and get it renovated so you can sell them there. However, if you are looking for a different option, then taking your products to fairs and events can be very beneficial for business. The bottom line is that you need to study all the options available so that you will know what works best.

What are the costs?


The costs of starting a snail farm are not too high if you already have the basic equipment at hand. Once you have the basic supplies, you can build your farm by adding some containers and cages for them to live in. The most challenging part is sourcing the snails; however, there are dealers today that sell them online or at exotic animal stores.

If you already know how to grow vegetables and plants from home, then it will be easy to set up the snail farm. They are basically very similar as they both need water, soil, sunlight and a specific temperature for growing well.

The only difference is that your snails will be kept in enclosures so you can protect them from predators and keep other pets out of their cage.

The best time to start raising Snail at Home


If you are looking for a home-based business idea, then starting your own snail farm can be very rewarding. However, it is important that you start small and build up slowly so that the risks associated with farming do not overwhelm you. Moreover, you also need to do some research into how fertile eggs.

Breeds: You can choose any breed because all types of snails eat the same types of food. Note that only one type is edible so it is important to study up on what you are buying before you buy them.



If you’ve been wondering how to start a profitable snail farming business in Nigeria, this blog post is to help you. Snails are one of the most popular types of livestock to farm and sell for consumption due their high nutritional value as well as fast breeding rates.

However, there are many different species that produce different-sized snails – some edible while others not so much. Which type will you choose? Let us know if you have any questions or need more information about this fascinating animal!

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