How To Start A Profitable Cell Phone Repair Service Business

How To Start A Profitable Cell Phone Repair Service Business

Do you have some spare time on your hands? Are you looking for a way to make money without having to work at an office desk all day long? Well, if so then there is no better opportunity than starting a phone repair service.

Not only does this allow people who are not tech-savvy enough to fix their own phones the ability to do so, but it also gives individuals and families with limited income the chance to save money by fixing broken items themselves.

With the average cost of repairing mobile devices being around $60-$80 depending on what needs done, this can be a lucrative business venture that will help anyone in need get back up and running in no time! Read more about how you can start this profitable business here.

You’ll be glad you did!

Today’s top mobile devices are much more complex than the very first cell phones that were ever produced, but luckily there is no shortage of information on the topic online.

With the amount of websites on the subject and mobile repair forums popping up all over the place, it should be quite easy to learn more about how you can turn your hobby into a full-time business.

Steps To Start Phone Repair Service Business

Acquire Knowledge

It sounds like you are really set on pursuing this business venture. You will need to acquire knowledge first, and keep up with new technology for the foreseeable future.

And don’t forget that phones might be obsolete by the time you read this question. It might be a good idea to focus on other areas of electronics repair like laptops or gaming systems if that’s your interest.

Let me warn you though there is plenty of competition in an industry like yours even if it is exploding thanks to the growing popularity in crowdsourced repairs from companies like Amazon who tempt buyers with their wide selection and low prices (Amazon recognizes they can only make sales happen if consumers trust both them and the sellers, so they offer great returns policies). But then again most businesses fail within the first year of operation.

“Almost half of all startups close in their first year, and two-thirds are out of business within five years.” You will need to find a way to offer something that separates you from these other sellers.

As I mentioned above, try to focus on what sets you apart rather than fixing everything and anything. If you are the kid who used to do this from your parents’ basement for fun as a way to make some pocket money, then maybe the e-commerce route is not for you. I’m only saying that because it would be an uphill battle for anyone doing something like this solely out of passion rather than financial need.

As far as your question goes, to differentiate yourself I think you will have to find the right balance between repair quality and price. You mentioned some amount of money difference in price for the same service. That’s fine if that is what it takes for you to compete with other e-commerce shops like yours. As long as consumers should not be able to tell a difference in end-result you should be fine.

The only other thing I would mention is that your website and content need to reflect professionalism. Nowadays, consumers want more from small businesses than they used to and will not hesitate to find another option if they do not feel like they can trust you.

Capital For Business

Yes, capital is one of the steps needed to start a cell phone repair business.

one of the many first steps to starting a phone repair business is capital but it’s not as simple as opening an account at your bank

Capital can be one of the most difficult hurdles for entrepreneurs, especially when they are just getting started. There are so many different avenues you could take that require money like: renting out commercial real estate or buying equipment.

Luckily there may also ways around raising this kind of capital if you have enough friends who will invest in your company which would give them partial ownership and make their investment more valuable than cash on hand because any return comes from profits rather than interest payments.

Most phones are relatively easy to fix, and people don’t mind paying for simplicity. So it’s not all that hard for someone with some basic technical knowledge and good customer service skills to start a mobile device repair company. They just need access to some equipment (screwdrivers, replacement parts) and enough money (about N15,000 to N70,000) in the bank.

This can be done by approaching family members for loans or opening an account with the local credit union secured by personal collateral – like your home mortgage or car title. If time permits prior to starting your venture you should also focus on networking and meeting people who are currently operating.

Money will be need to buy alot of things like tools,parts ,office set upto etc. Start your business and what types of things are you going to fix. And keep in mind that cellphones repair is not the same as electronics or computer repair because it most cases is more simpler.

Get An Office or Shop

A business space is a necessity when you embark on starting your own phone repair company. You will need between 500 and 1000 square feet, with room for storage of parts and tools in the back.

Electrical power should be installed to support working stations that are equipped with computer screens or counters where repairs can take place directly at tables rather than being done by hand all over an open floor plan (which would require more workers).

The front area could include shelves displaying phones of various brands so customers know what they want before approaching any staff members; it also needs chairs for waiting customers who might have some time making use-related decisions while there’s less pressure from others around them – this separate seating area helps ensure privacy, especially if those seats even face away from the repair area (though you’ll still want a TV mounted somewhere playing current or upcoming shows).

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A receptionist desk can be located in the front to serve as the customer service hub, and there could also be an operating table equipped with all necessary phone tools which workers will use for repairs – it should fold up out of sight when unused so that customers can have a better view of the phones on display. It’s also important to maintain a clean shop – make regular sweeps of the premises, and hire only those willing to keep it spotless at all times!

The most popular smartphone brands are the well-known Apple iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones. However, with new manufacturers entering the market every month, you’ll want to cater to the wide variety of phones available. With that said, it’s probably wise to stock up on parts for an iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S4 – they’re both in high demand and can be used as great examples when explaining which cell phone models are compatible with the repair services you offer.

Once you’re ready to start offering phone repairs, to your customers you will have some enticing deals on offer page. For example, the first three months of repair service may be offered at 90% off or even for free. This brings more customers into the store, which is going to generate more revenue and profit in the very near future!

As for repairs, they are entirely done in-shop – there is no need to bring the phones to a third party. This cuts down on expenses and eliminates any chances of damage or loss of parts as well. The cost savings can be passed on to customers so that they feel confident about purchasing repair services from you instead of going with a competitor.

The best way to market your Android phone repair business online is by using social media. Facebook and Twitter are two platforms that most people use on a daily basis, so you’ll be able to reach potential customers without much effort, especially when posting photos of your finished work or videos detailing how something works.

Tool For Phone Repair

In today’s world, cellphones are a ubiquitously used device. Whether it is for work or personal use, this technology has become an integral part of many people’s lives. Therefore there will always be the need to repair phones as they break down over time and accumulate scratches and other damage throughout their lifespan. Below are some tools you may want to buy in order to perform various repairs on your phone:

-A set of screw drivers including Philips head (cross) _____ with different sizes ranging from small enough for tiny screws all the way up through larger ones that fit most smartphones’ security bolts). These come in handy when reassembling mobile devices like iPhones which have smaller Phillips heads than traditional computer hardware would require.

-A small, fine tipped soldering iron _____ and associated basic soldering tools such as wire cutters, pliers. In today’s world it is not uncommon for cellphones to be held together with solder instead of traditional screws or bolts and thus a fine tip soldering iron will allow you to perform repairs on more delicate components such as LCD displays.

-A good quality, sturdy case opening tool. This is used for prying open the metal frame of a phone to gain access to its various inner components and is very useful when attempting repairs on smartphones that have screwed or glued together bodies (such as iPhones). A high quality set will have three different heads as small as a dime and as large as the palm of your hand.

-A quality magnifying glass to allow you to see what you are doing when screws and other components. A good one will also have LED lighting that illuminates whatever it is you are looking at through the lens so that you can easily identify parts in dark phones.

-A good multi-compartment storage box for all of your smartphone repair tools. This will allow you to keep everything in one place so that it is easy to find when needed and prevents things from getting lost. The best ones come with individual, labelled slots for each item which can be written on directly via a sharpie or other permanent marker.

-Good quality cleaning tools to remove dust, dirt and grime from the various parts of your phones after you have completed repairs to ensure they are in optimal working condition. The best way to accomplish this is via compressed air cans which you electronic stores like Best Buy (or even supermarkets!) for about $15.

-A pair of needle nose pliers can be used to remove wires from their connectors and is very useful when you are reassembling a phone or attempting to fix it after its been broken. Wire cutters in the same vein are used to clip back damaged leads so that they can be more easily soldered back onto their respective contact points.

-A multi-tool with at least one small and one large flat head screwdriver as well as a Philips head cross head model should be included in your toolbox in case it is needed to access components deep inside of an iPhone or other device that has them screwed into place. At the very least you should have a Philips head screw driver nearly every size of these screws.

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These tools will allow you to perform most repairs on your smartphone without having to take it to the shop and have professionals do the job for you (which costs more money). With them you should be able to repair phones such as iPhones or Windows Phone devices yourself!

Common Things To Repair In Phone

Phones are supposed to be our most prized possession, but they require a lot of attention. From replacing the battery and phone case, to wiping it down with alcohol before each use in order to keep bacteria from building up on your screen ad around all crevices come into contact with sweaty fingers or water droplets; there is always something that needs care for these gadgets we rely so heavily upon everyday. Fortunately though, one can purchase affordable repair kits online making this process way more convenient!

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Everybody has a phone these days. They’re constantly on the go and they use it for everything, from taking pictures to texting friends or checking Facebook. No matter what type of phone you have, there’s always something that needs attention at some point in time: whether its small scratches over your screen protector like dust under your keyboard buttons or major cracks across the back side of an iPhone 6+. Regardless if it is just one thing such as replacing a battery cover on Samsung Galaxy Note 5 with many issues including having no power left after only 2 hours when before it lasted 4-5 hours per charge – whatever problem you are experiencing we’ve got answers!

Benefits Of Phone Repair Business

Phone repair is a booming industry for one simple reason: our phones are expensive. People would rather pay any amount to fix their phone than have an incomplete device or buy a new phone and lose all the data on it. This creates opportunities in both retail stores, as well as online services like Amazon’s One-Click Repairs program–which lets you ship your broken screen off with them without even having to sign up!

Ever since Apple released the iPhone 5, business owners have been scrambling to get their hands on these phones. But what happens when your phone breaks? You can always go with a third party repair place like uBreakiFix and pay them for services that they offer but there is also an alternative option – if you are willing to take out some time and try fixing it yourself! There are many tutorials online which show how broken screens or cracked iPhones can be fixed in mere minutes without any tools needed at all; this means that before you decide where best to send your device off too, make sure its not just as simple as popping open a few screws.

Why Phone Repair Business Fail

In Nigeria, a phone repair business is required to charge customers more than twice the price of an original factory-manufactured piece. The primary reason for this being that many people cannot afford their own mobile device and rather rent one from some sort of service provider in order to keep up with current technology trends; so when it breaks, they simply turn around and get another instead of repairing what’s broken because it would be too expensive.

Nigerian consumers want to buy the latest and greatest phones, which means that they are not as willing to wait for their old ones. This is why phone repair businesses in Nigeria have had a difficult time keeping up with consumer demand. To avoid this, you can add up selling brand new phone to your business


The Ghanaian situation is similar, although different. In Ghana, some phone repair businesses have been able to create more of a niche for themselves by exploring the options that come with refurbishing parts rather than having to buy brand new components. By doing this they are not only saving consumers money but also helping the environment. A lot of people in Nigeria and Ghana have realized that they do not need to buy brand new phones unless absolutely necessary.

The people most affected by these outrageous prices for phone repair are the low-wage individuals living in urban areas, who often spend a significant portion of their salaries on covering simple monthly expenses such as housing rental or car installments. Due to the high price of living in these areas, individual can be left with barely any cash after paying all of their bills. Therefore, if a phone breaks on them they simply throw out the old one and start fresh.

In Ghana specifically, unlike in Nigeria, a law was passed that now forbids companies from charging customers over half of what the original device would have cost brand new. This law has been used in the past to help people who were taken advantage of by unethical businessmen, although there is still some work being done to improve it so that consumers are not overcharged.

The ideal solution would be for phone repair businesses to use alternative ways of acquiring their materials such as finding parts from a different source that are not brand new. This would allow them to offer consumers more affordable prices while also giving the original manufacturer a cut of the profit because their parts have still been used and sold as new.

What are things I need to start cell phone repair service?

All you need is the knowledge, tools, and parts. There are no rules on how to start a phone repair provider.

Also if you want tips on how to quickly become more skilled in the field of repairing phones, we recommend starting by googling “cell phone repair tutorials” and following each tutorial as best as you can with your current skillset.

The key to succeeding in cell phone repairs is that it takes time for our hands-on learning skills — so be patient and follow all repair tutorials until they make sense for you on both introspective level (getting lost) but also practical level (maintaining control). You’ll quickly find where your strengths are at this stage: affinity with reading? Photoshop? Sketching? Programming? Website design? Building things with your hands?

You can also start making money by fixing phones for friends or family. Maybe in the back of their mind, they will remember your work and recommend you to a friend that needs help with their phone. However, the last thing we want is you becoming frustrated because people are not returning for their phones. It would be funny if you told a friend to not return because it is a good opportunity to learn something new and also have an excuse to “screw up” the repair next time, but this situation will make people upset.

I don’t want you wasting your time with fixing phones of friends or family, so our advice is to just get in touch with your local college or university and see if they have a small electronics lab, which may need some people to help out. You could offer them free labor for the chance to learn more about cell phone repairs. There are also a few non-profit organizations that need volunteer help with fixing phones as well. Yours can be the first repair shop for a non-profit organization.

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The key is to get some experience fixing phones and also building up your own skill sets, while learning as much as you can from tutorials online. It’s not going to happen overnight but it will eventually come together with time and patience (and maybe some luck). If nothing else, you’ll learn a lot about electronics and how to phones. You can use this knowledge for free (passing it along or trying to sell your skills as well) but you will also be able to see the value of what you are doing by being able to repair something that is broken — so there’s monetary rewards from offering help to others that you can’t put a price on.

You can also get involved with an online forum such as fixmyiphone and start reading the forums closely to see if you can help anyone out that is asking for phone repair help. In fact, there are many forums that discuss cell phone repairs so check them all out using Google and see if any of them connect with you. If there are enough helpful people that post a lot, then it may be worth getting a subscription to the forum just to be able to see more topics and contribute as well.

Here are some examples of great online forums: fixmyiphone / iFixit / iphonewiki / cellrextras / iFixYouri

There are also a lot of Facebook groups that discuss phone repairs, so again use Google to find them and see if any appeal to your personality. However, remember not to get too attached because it’s likely many of these Facebook groups will have their members bouncing around from forum to forum as well.

Remember to always maintain your ethics and never discuss how to repair jailbreak a phone that you purchased under normal circumstances. It’s one thing if the phone was given to you for free and then it broke, but there are no excuses when you start discussing how broken phones should be repaired so they can go back into circulation. Sharing this information (without a “clear necessity” to share it) is unethical and you have no business being part of the phone repair community if you discuss this at any point.

With all that said, there are some great benefits to getting involved with online forums as well so don’t forget about them! Here’s an example: Let’s say you have a few friends that have broken cell phones and you want to help them out… First, I’d ask if they know someone who is skilled in phone repair. If not, then consider posting the information online as an “ad” for their phone so you can reach other people that may be able to fix the problem more easily than trying to explain it all over the phone to someone.

Let’s say we want to fix an iPhone 6 that is having issues… You could post a message like this on FixMyiPhone:

“Phone was dropped and now does not turn on, but it works as long as you charge it while plugged in. Is there a way I can fix it or do I need to try finding someone who is skilled at repairing iPhones? The phone is a gold iPhone 6.”

That’s it. Now the message will be seen by all of the active members on this forum and they’ll read up on your post to see if there are any phone repair specialists that can help you out with your issue. You may even get a few great suggestions from some of the other members and they’ll be able to help you out with ideas that aren’t necessarily related to their own niche.

The key here is that people on these forums are only there trying to share information so never rely on anything being 100% correct. It’s all about helping one another out so always fix your phone based on a majority opinion and not just one person’s experiences.

Do note that you’ll likely get some responses from people who know how to repair phones, but they aren’t as experienced repairing iPhones or iPads – even if they have the skills needed to help you. The key is to ignore these topics because you want to find someone who knows how to repair the specific device that you need help with.

If there is no one on the forum who can help, then it’s time for further investigation. I’d first suggest asking your friend if they still have their receipt / proof of purchase… If not, then check out iFixYouri and look up the device on their database to try to find a “genius” who can provide you with further advice. If they still don’t have their receipt, then it’s time for eBay or Craigslist because now you’re trying to find someone who is willing to fix your broken phone for free.


I hope with the help of this blog post, starting your own cell phone repair business will be easy. You may not have the knowledge of how to start a cell phone repair business but now you do and that is half the battle won. All it takes from here is your desire to succeed in whatever venture you choose and we are confident that nothing can stop someone who has their mind set on what they want most out of life.

I hope you find these to be helpful and always remember that you should only attempt a phone repair if you have the correct tools for the job. It’s not worth it to try repairing your broken iPhone with just an exacto knife or broken guitar pick because this also voids any warranties on your device.

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