Who is Ngozi Ezeonu? : Ngozi Ezeonu Net worth, bio, wiki, age, career, award, Instagran

Who is Ngozi Ezeonu?

Ngozi Ezeonu, a celebrated figure in the Nigerian film industry, has made a name for herself through her exceptional acting skills and her remarkable ability to bring the characters she portrays to life.

Her career has been punctuated by remarkable achievements and notable roles, firmly establishing her as one of Nollywood’s most iconic actresses.

Ezeonu’s on-screen presence is particularly renowned for her portrayal of maternal figures in Nollywood movies. Her ability to embody the essence of archetypal mothers has resonated with audiences far and wide.

It is a testament to her versatility and dedication to her craft that she has garnered such acclaim for her performances.

One of the pivotal moments in Ezeonu’s career came in 2012 when she took on the role of Adesuwa. This portrayal was a turning point, earning her a nomination for Best Supporting Actress at the prestigious 8th Africa Movie Academy Awards.

Her ability to deliver compelling and memorable performances was evident in this role, further solidifying her status as an acting powerhouse in the Nigerian film industry.

Ngozi Ezeonu’s contributions to Nollywood and her remarkable talent have left an enduring mark on the industry, making her a beloved and respected figure among both her peers and fans.

Her journey as an actress continues to inspire and entertain, and her legacy remains an integral part of Nollywood’s history.

A Versatile Nigerian Actress and Former Journalist

Ngozi Ezeonu, born Ngozi Ikpelue on May 23, 1965, is a prominent Nigerian actress known for her remarkable performances, particularly in the role of archetypal mothers in Nollywood movies.

Ngozi Ezeonu Wiki

Born Name: Ngozi Ikpelue

Date of Birth: 1965 May 23rd

Place of Birth: Imo, Owerri

Nationality: Nationality

Education: Journalism from Nigerian Institute of Journalism

Occupation: Actress

Known For: Reprisal of mother figures

Awards: 2012, Africa Movie Academy Awards

With a career spanning several decades, she has left an indelible mark on the Nigerian film industry.

In 2012, Ezeonu’s talent shone brightly in her role in “Adesuwa,” a performance that garnered her a well-deserved Best Supporting Actress nomination at the 8th Africa Movie Academy Awards.

Let’s delve deeper into the life and career of this talented actress who has graced the screens with her versatile acting skills and captivating portrayals.

Early life

Ngozi Ezeonu, hailing from Ogbunike in Anambra State, Nigeria, was born in Owerri into the loving family of Dennis and Ezenwanyi Ikpelue.

She is one of seven siblings, and her journey from her humble beginnings to stardom is nothing short of inspiring.

Before she became a renowned actress, Ezeonu pursued an education in Journalism at the Nigerian Institute of Journalism.

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Her career kicked off as she worked for Radio Lagos and Eko FM, showcasing her early passion for journalism.

Little did she know that her life would soon take a different turn, leading her down the path to become one of Nigeria’s most celebrated actresses.


Ngozi Ezeonu, the iconic Nigerian actress known for her exceptional portrayal of maternal figures on screen, didn’t always play the roles of mothers.

Her journey into the world of acting began with her taking on younger characters. It was in the early years of her career that her talent caught the attention of the legendary film director Zeb Ejiro.

In 1993, Ezeonu received an offer from Zeb Ejiro to play a supporting role as Nkechi, the close friend of the antagonist, in the Igbo blockbuster titled “Nneka the Pretty Serpent.” This was a pivotal moment in her career, showcasing her acting prowess and setting the stage for her future success.

The year 1994 brought another significant role for Ezeonu when she portrayed Thelma, a high-society mistress, in “Glamour Girls.” Her versatility as an actress shone through as she embraced this new challenge.

These early roles marked the beginning of a remarkable career, which would soon see her transition from playing younger characters to becoming the beloved and renowned actress famous for her powerful maternal roles in Nollywood.


Ngozi Ezeonu, the renowned Nigerian actress celebrated for her exceptional contributions to Nollywood, has a significant online presence, especially on Instagram.

Her official Instagram page, with the handle @officialngoziezeonu is a hub of entertainment and insights for her vast audience. With over a million followers and counting, Ngozi Ezeonu has established herself as a beloved figure in the world of social media.

On her Instagram page, Ngozi shares glimpses of her life, both on and off the screen. Her page features a vibrant mix of photos, videos, and engaging content that keeps her followers entertained and informed.

From behind-the-scenes moments on movie sets to captivating snapshots from her daily life, Ngozi Ezeonu offers her fans an intimate look into her world.

As a highly respected actress, Ngozi’s Instagram also serves as a platform for her to connect with her admirers, express her gratitude, and stay engaged with the Nollywood community.

Her posts often resonate with themes of family, career milestones, and messages of encouragement. The actress’s significant social media following is a testament to her enduring popularity and the deep appreciation that fans have for her work in the world of film.

Ngozi Ezeonu’s Instagram page is not only a reflection of her vibrant personality but also a place where fans can share in her journey, making it a must-follow for anyone passionate about Nollywood and the Nigerian entertainment scene.


Ngozi Ezeonu, the revered Nigerian actress, has left an indelible mark on the Nigerian film industry with her versatility and extraordinary acting skills.

Over the years, she has graced more than 150 Nollywood films with her presence, capturing the hearts of audiences with every role she undertakes.

Her extensive filmography is a testament to her dedication to the craft and her ability to bring a diverse range of characters to life. Let’s take a closer look at some of the notable films that showcase her talent.

1994 – 2007
– Ada Vigilante
– End of Ada Vigilante
– Evil Project
– Senseless
– Best Honeymoon
– Enslaved
– Definition of Love
– End of a Princess
– Glamour Girls (1994)
– Nneka The Pretty Serpent (1994)
– Mark of the Beast (1999)
– I Swear (2004)
– Occultic Kingdom (2005)
– Abuja Top Ladies (2006)
– The Love Doctor (2007)
– Royal Grandmother 1 and 2 (2007)

2008 – 2016
– Tears in My Eyes (2008)
– Throne of Tears 1, 2, and 3 (2008)
– My Darling Princess (2008)
– Tears of a Prince (2009)
– Sister Mary and Ossy (2009)
– Stone Face (2009)
– Secret Shadows 1 and 2 (2010)
– Wise In-Laws (2010)
– A Private Storm (2010)
– Adesuwa (2012)
– Shattered Mirror (2012)
– The Kings and Gods (2012)
– Broken Engagement (2013)
– Palace War (2014)
– Tears of a Virgin (2014)
– Luscious Lucy (2016)
– Tears of the Innocent (2016)
– Zenith of Sacrifice (2016)
– Heritage (2016)

2017 – 2019
– Tears and Glory (2017)
– Child of Pain (2017)
– Tell Me Why (2017)
– Pretty Little Thing (2017)
– Family Secret (2017)
– A Better Family (2018)
– Lion Heart (2018)
– Confessor (2018)
– Different Worlds (2019)
– Seed of Destruction (2019)
– Dusted Crown (2019)
– Crazy Princess (2019)
– On All Sides (2019)
– Run Away From Love (2019)
– If Trouble Comes (2019)
– Making a King (2019)

2020 – 2021
– Nkasi my flesh and blood
– Prince Decision

Ngozi Ezeonu’s journey through these films is a testament to her incredible talent and unwavering commitment to the world of cinema.

She has effortlessly transitioned between various roles, captivating audiences and leaving an indomitable legacy in Nollywood. Her work continues to inspire and entertain, making her a beloved figure in the industry.


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