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Kemz Mama is a Cool Lady, whose drive to become better at what she does is quite uncommon. She is a very creative, hardworking and goal oriented person. She is also a certified graduate and a Sound healthy graduate. Kemiz-Mama Instagram is a place where she shares bits of happiness, inspiration, short comedy skits with everyone.

Mummy Wa (Kemz Mama) Biography

Mummy Wa is well recognized on social media as Kemz Mama , whose real name is Kemi Ikuseedun, is a 25-year-old Nigerian actress, comedian, social media personality and entrepreneur. She was born on September 29th in Orile Igamu where she was raised in Lagos State. The spunky starlet made her television debut in the 2011 Nigerian soap opera “Tinsel” as Joyce and became known as “Mummy Wa” or “Mrs. Macaroni” during skits which included an appearance as a high life prostitute on the popular satirical show, Extra Rice starring Leroy Sane, Fade Ogunro, Kenneth Okolie among others.

Mummy Wa Facts

Born Name Kemi Ikuseedun
Stage NameMummy Wa
Date Of Birth 29 September 1996
Place Of Birth Orile Iganmu
State Of Origin Lagos State
Nationality Nigerian
Boyfriend Isbae U Barbie
Occupation Actress, Comedian, Content creator
Net Worth$30-$180,000

Mummy Wa (Kemz Mama) Early Life

Mummy Wa famously known as Kemz Mama on social media was born on the 29th of September 1996 to a family that has three kids, although she was the last born of the family and at young age decided that she wanted to make a difference in her community, so as a young women who will soon become globally famous for being an entrepreneur and also because she had a passion for short comedy skits, Content creator, she decided to write about something that happened to impact her own life.

She is a brilliant damsel who had early age in Orule Iganmu, Lagos where she further both her education and career.

Mummy Wa (Kemz Mama) Education

Kemz Mama run her primary school education in Orile Igamu, and later further is education to Queens College in Yaba, Lagos State, where she acquired her secondary school level certificate.

She took an interest in Finance and Accounting from Bells University in Ota where she also had her degree. There, she studied under notable faculty alongside other equally enterprising students to earn a degree.

Her passion led her to be additionally an understudy individual from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) with an M.Sc. in Management from the University of Lagos.

Mummy Wa (Kemz Mama) Career

Kemz Mama kick started her acting career back then when she was in Queens College, Yaba, Lagos. When she discover her love for acting, she joined a drama club named the dramatization club when she was in secondary school. That drama club is where she do participated in acting-related exercises.

She made use of her spare time at the University, where she was studying, as well as during NYSC, to further hone her skills. Despite having had little support from family and friends regarding her passion for acting, she still sought out and attended any and all auditions to help nurture this interest of hers.

Kemz Mama enrolled to a training programs and further more to join proficient training at Emem Isong‘s Royal Arts Academy in Lagos inorder to improve her abilities in the acting career.

While progressing on her acting career, she pursued multiple opportunities that opened doors for her to learn skills and mastery in various aspects of media and entertainment. As a guest speaker at various events, Kemz Mama was invited to share experiences related to social media and comedian as comedian in her most recent attendance as a notable and influential person.

Kemz was trained by a variety of different acting masters during the period of her onstage apprenticeship, including Sukanmi Adebayo, Opeyemi Dada and many others in the industry. In 2018 she resumed working professionally as an actress, both behind the scenes and onscreen.

They are both famous for the slang that is already know by everybody, when you hear them saying Freaky Freaky.

Mummy Wa (Kemz Mama) Filmography

Below is a list of the film and the shows these actors have played either major or minor roles in. They are:

  • Tv Series
  • Tinsel
  • Hustle
  • Jack of All Trades (A comic series by Salami Rotimi)
  • Movies
  • Conundrum
  • Time and Chance
  • Listen

Mummy Wa (Kemz Mama) Net Worth

The damsel Nigerian actress and comedian that well known as Kemz Mama on social medias while is called Mummy Wa in her short comedy skits has an estimated net worth of between $30,000 and $180,000.

Mummy Wa (Kemz Mama) Instagram

Kemz Mama is particularly known for being a hilarious comedian and her work often depicts the sort of day to day life that most mothers are used to, especially those from the Yoruba tribe. Her mostly short skits are very popular among Nigerian families, and if you’re interested in finding out more about what she’s up to these days, we suggest following her on Instagram by searching for her name @kemz_mama.

Mummy Wa (Kemz Mama) husband

The makeup artist is currently in a relationship with Bae_U, an aspiring actor and rising content creator.

You Need To Know

• She is a determined person and always works hard to achieve her goals.

• She does not care about what people think about her and she is ready to take on all challenges head on.

• She is a great role model to kids and adults who are working hard to achieve their goals.

• Mummy Wa (Kemz Mama) Personal Life
Kemz Mama has cited that her role models are Tyler Perry and Niyi Akinmolayan.

• She has been rumored to be in a relationship with Mr Macaroni but none of them has come out to clear the air.

• Since this is not confirmed by any of the parties, then Kemz Mama is single or probably keeping her private life away from the public.

• Recent rumor has it that Kemz Mama is dating fellow content creator, Isbae U Barbie. This happened after the photos of the couple enjoying themselves circulated the media space.

• She get herself involved in unique blend of comedy, fun and entertainment.

• She is widely watched by her growing audience.

• She do provides content that is trendy, relevant and engaging.

• Kemz Mama aka Mummy Wa is on of the well recognized as the most influential Nigerian comedian and actor on social media.

• She is popularly known as Mummy Wa in Mr. Macaroni‘s comedy series.

• Mummy Wa has a large social media following with over thousands followers on her social media accounts.

• Kemi has played numerous roles in movies and on television. She is also a social media influencer who has produced and directed her own content.

• She has worked with international brands like Coca Cola, Nike and Guinness among others.

• Kemi has also worked with several well-known Nigerian comedians and film personalities.

• She has been voted as the most Influential young person in Nigeria by the Nigerian youth.

• She is an advocate for women and youth empowerment.

• Kemi Ikuseedun aka Mummy Wa is a social media personality, actress and content creator.

• She does comedy skits, sitcoms, and music videos.

• She not only does comedy skits but also does serious movies.

• She does comedy skits and videos with other popular Nollywood actors.

• She makes comedy skits on many issues like social media, politics and more.

• If you are looking for things to entertain yourself, Mummy Wa skits are your ultimate choice.

• She is a graduate that bagged Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the Bells University, Ota Ogun State and a Master’s degree in Management from the University of Lagos.

• She is a member of Nigerian Guild of Actors and Film Actors.

• She is a member of the worldwide famous group, the Snap chat group.

• She has a popular Youtube channel that has over 250,000 subscribers.

• She is a member of the Snap chat group.

• She has over 250,000 Youtube subscribers.

• She has a large number of followers on snap chat.

• She has a large number of followers on snap chat.

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