Genevieve Nnaji Net Worth, Biography, Age, Husband, Daughter, Career And Awards

Genevieve Nnaji Net Worth

Genevieve Nnaji is a Nigerian actress who has used her fame to become internationally recognized and sign endorsement deals with companies like Etisalat, Amstel Malta, as well as Range Rover. She’s starred in over 100 movies which make up for about 1% of the total number produced by Nigeria’s film industry Nollywood. Her international celebrity status paired with these successful ventures have made Genevieve one of Africa’s top actresses whose net worth can be estimated at around over $10 million USD!

Genevive Nianda was born in 1982, is an award-winning veteran Nigerian actress who’s had success both nationally and globally due to endorsements she obtained through being famous within entertainment industries such as acting or modeling.

Genevieve Nnaji Biography

Genevieve Nnaji is a Nigerian actress, producer, and director who has won the Africa Movie Academy Award for Best Actress in 2005. She was honoured as Member of Order of Federal Republic by government after her contributions to Nigeria’s film industry with Lionheart (2011) being first movie approved from Netflix Originated works which unfortunately disqualified due miscommunicated English language dialogue.

Genevieve Nnaji is an award-winning Nigerian actor and filmmaker whose work spans everything from films such as “Lionheart” and TV series including “Shuga.” Her debut feature film was released on May 3rd 1979 while she still studied at University where it received rave reviews winning many awards across various categories just two years later capturing international attention leading to numerous accolades including the Africa Movie Academy Award for Best Actress in 2009.

She has won numerous awards across categories including AMAA, CSN, NEA, MOPIC, City People Award and several more. In addition to her work as an actor onscreen she has directed two feature films including “Ije” and “The Meeting” and has been involved in movie production, distribution, and exhibition as well with her company Genevieve Nnaji Productions.

She was born on May 3rd 1976 to Igbo Nigerian parents from Delta state who moved to Abuja shortly after her birth where she was raised alongside two other siblings. She attended School in lagos for both her secondary and tertiary education graduated with a bachelor’s degree in creative arts while at the university, genevieve began auditioning for acting jobs in Nollywood.

She started acting as a child using her school’s drama troupe “EUTAS” for practice where she starred in the 1997 production of Ola Balogun’s “The Lion and The Jewel”. Her early work took place mostly on stage including starring in several productions in the UK where she moved afterwards. She returned to Nigeria after her father’s death and starred in several films before winning the Africa Movie Academy Award for Best Actress in 2012 for “Ties That Bind” which marked a turning point in her career allowing her an opportunity to star alongside several international celebrities at events such as The Cannes Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival, and others.

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She’s also spoken out about the need to get involved in politics as a means to bring more attention to women’s rights issues which has earned her comparisons to Oprah Winfrey by some outlets. In 2017 she was named part of the 100 most Influential People in according to Time magazine stating: “Nnaji is Nigeria’s most prominent actor since the death of “phenomenal actor” Omotola Jalade Ekeinde.

Her daughter married her longtime partner, Prince Osi Chigozie Ihediwa. in March 2016 in an arranged traditional marriage ceremony. The couple already had a daughter, Ogechi.

In 2007 she got into the gaming industry when she formed Play & Win with her brother where she put up 50% of the capital to start the company while he contributed 40%. In 2010 they released their first game which didn’t take off and ended up losing about 80% of their investment leading to the eventual closure of the company and her brother asking for his share back which Genevieve refused. She was sued for breach of contract in 2012 by her brother who believes that she worked with their partners to further separate him from what was rightfully owed to him during a time when he could no longer continue due the economic situation at the time.

After her brother’s claims were found to be true by the court in 2013 she was eventually forced to pay him back with interest. Issues regarding these events came up again when he sued Netflix for an award of $1 million due them using a modified version of one of his songs Genevieve Nnaji is a Nigerian actress, producer, and director who has won the Africa Movie Academy Award for Best Actress in 2005. She was honoured as Member of Order of Federal Republic by government after her contributions to Nigeria’s film industry with Lionheart (2011) being first movie approved from Netflix Originated works which unfortunately disqualified due miscommunicated English language dialogue.

Genevieve Nnaji is an award-winning Nigerian actor and filmmaker whose work spans everything from films such as “Lionheart” and TV series including “Shuga.” Her debut feature film was released on May 3rd 1979 while she still studied at University where it received rave reviews winning many awards across various categories just two years later capturing international attention leading towithout permission and falsely representing that it belonged to Genevieve.

She was a member of the opposition People’s Democratic Party (PDP) during the 2015 elections in Nigeria but changed to the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) after winning an award earlier that year. She also stated that she was raped by someone close to her shortly before the election prompting her to join the new administration as a means

Genevieve Nnaji Background

Genevieve was born in a small town and grew up with eight siblings. Her father worked as an engineer, while her mother taught at the local nursery school. Genevieve’s middle-class upbringing allowed for them to live comfortably when she went off into the world on her own to further more in her study after high school graduation.

Genevieve Nnaji Education

Genevieve Nnaji is a talented actress and creative person. She attended Methodist Girls College (Yaba, Lagos), before proceeding to the University of Lagos where she graduated with degree in Creative Arts. While at university Akothea auditioned for acting jobs in Nollywood – an exciting opportunity that made her develop more as a performer!

Genevieve Nnaji Career

Nnaji started her acting career at a young age in the popular TV soap opera Ripples when she was 8 years old. In 1998, as an adult of 19 years old, she was introduced into Nigerian film industry with the movie Most Wanted and has since starred in over 200 movies. Nnaji’s most recent award-winning performance is from Ijé: The Journey where she stars alongside Ramsey Nouah and Jide Kosoko.

Genevieve Nnaji is a talented singer, actress and activist. She has won Africa’s equivalent to the Academy Award for her dramatic performance in “One Logologo Line”. That same year she was crowned as Lux Face of 2004 after winning with numerous votes from people across Ghana. In 2005, Genevieve became the first ever actor to win an AMAA award at The Africa Movie Academy Awards ceremony.

Genevieve Nnaji is one talent that cannot be outdone! This world-famous Cameroonian-born Nigerian recording artist excelled not only as a singer but also made history by being named “Lux’s search for face of 2004” (Africa National Television Network). Geneivive went on to win Africa Movie Academy Awards in 2005 for her performance in the movie “One love”. She also completed a trip to study acting at the Stella Adler School of Acting in New York and actress, producer and director of movies including Nollywood blockbuster ‘The Meeting’. So far she has achieved so much and has continued to keep her feet grounded.

Growing up in a music-orientated family, Genevieve developed an interest in singing at the tender age of nine years old. Through the encouragement of her parents she participated in various talent and beauty pageants which led to her being crowned as the Lux Face of 2004, Africa’s equivalent to the Academy Awards.

The family moved from Cameroon to Lagos in 2001, where Genevieve worked as an apprentice hairdresser while still pursuing her singing career. Her music career took off with a couple of songs and collaborations including one with Burna Boy which was released on his first album “Burna Rules”. Her first album released in 2007, “Sweet Genevieve” was a great success with two successful singles “Ololufe mi” and “Oh my love”. The album was mixed by Don Will of the Dreamteam Entertainment label and won her accolades from various music fans across Africa.

Genevieve’s acting career expanded in 2005, when she was casted to play a lead role in the movie “One Love” which led her to win the Africa Movie Academy Awards. She also won the Africa Movie Academy Awards for best actress in 2007. Through her triumphs and excellence on screen, Genevieve has become one of the most sought after actresses on the African movie scene.

Genevieve’s acting career has taken her to exceptional heights and she is now an established actress, singer and activist. She was selected as one of the “100 Most Influential People in Africa” by New African magazine last year (2010). She also took on the role of a judge on MTN Project Fame in Nigeria in 2011.

As a leader, Genevieve is passionate about women empowerment and mentorship as well as philanthropy work such as fundraising for orphans and sponsoring young girls for secondary school education. She has also shown that she can be versatile by accepting different roles both on screen and on stage, ranging from comedy and drama. She is a true talent that has been well recognised not only for her great acting skills but also for her singing talents.

After featuring in the movies “The Meeting” and “Behavior of Bees”, Genevieve produced her second album under the direction of acclaimed Nigerian musician-producer Del B, titled “Rhapsody in Blue”. The first single off her second album is a cover of the famous song “Blue Skies” which features Nigerian music sensation 2Face Idibia and was released in February 2011.

Genevieve has been quite busy performing on stage, recording songs as well as starring in various movies including “Isoken”, “Prayer of the Father” and “The Meeting 2”. She is also working on her second album which was scheduled to be released in 2012.

Genevieve Nnaji is indeed a true champion! Her fame has won her many awards and nominations in the African movie scene and she is a respected and revered artist all around. She continues to win many hearts by performing on stage as well as acting on screen, an achievement that has no limits for her.

Nigerian actress Genevieve Nnaji played a leading role in the film Road to Yesterday, which won Best Movie Overall-West Africa at the 2016 African Magic Viewers Choice Awards. In January 2018, it was reported that she would be replacing Funke Akindele as a member of Dora Milaje in Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War but this rumor has since been debunked and so far her appearance is only speculation.

In September 2018, Nigerian filmmaker Chika Anadu became the first African director to release a film with online streaming service Netflix. Titled Lionheart and produced by Solomon King Films, this project was distributed world premiere at Toronto International Film Festival alongside Farming (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje’s autobiographical debut where he starred in as well), Kate Beckinsale, Damson Idris and Gugu Mbatha Raw making appearances.

Genevieve Nnaji is a Nigerian actress and women’s activist. On May 6, 2021 she was featured in Ofego’s “Say It And Quench” skit on his YouTube channel. Genevieve advocates for girls to be able to have their own say about who they choose as partners – against early marriages of the girl child- and strongly opposes any abuse or mistreatment of females in society today ̧̛͙. She also identifies with being a feminist because it allows her freedom to do whatever pleases her without restrictions from modern day social norms such as ageism, sexism, racism etcetera!

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Genevieve Nnaji has received several awards including:

Nnaji has received several awards and nominations for her work, including the Best Actress of the Year Award at City People Awards in 2001. She was also awarded with a 2005 Africa Movie Academy Award as well as being featured on Forbes magazine’s “Highest Paid Actresses In The World” list this year.

In 2019, her movie Lionheart was selected by the Nigerian Oscars Selection Committee (NOSC), as Nigeria’s submission to the 2020 Best International Feature Film Category of the Academy Awards. It is a first film ever submitted to an Oscar award show in general for Nigerians and it could be one of their new cultural successes.

In order to be eligible for the Academy Awards, films must have a “predominantly non-English dialogue track.” Last year’s Oscar submission was canceled because it didn’t meet this criteria and its movie had English as their predominant language. This is an attempt by The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences to open up more opportunities for movies from diverse cultures like Japan or India, who are not usually nominated even though they make great cinema that should get recognized in Hollywood.

The Academy’s decision of not having Lionheart compete for the Oscar is due to its use of English as a language which can make it only accessible to those who understand and speak this language. However, in response by DuVernay on Twitter, Genevieve then took over with her own explanation that Nigeria has many languages including 500 so there needs be some sort compromise where all Nigerian audiences would still have access to watching this film when they cannot read or comprehend any other languages than their own.

Nigeria’s Lion Heart Disqualification is Bigger than the Oscars.

As Nigerian-born writer and scholar Kovie Biakolo points out for CNN in her article “Nigerian’s Lion Heart,” disqualifying Nigerians from contention at the Academy Awards based on their use of English might not be rooted in racism, but rather a shortsighted or surface level understanding that excludes other former British colonies like Nigeria where only one language was imposed by colonialists as being used to communicate between them, and especially for art. French-, Spanish-, Portuguese- they don’t have this problem so why do we?

Beyond being a specious argument, Biakolo went further to encourage Nigerian filmmakers. She wrote: “There is an urgent need in Nigeria to tell stories that are reflective of the post-colonial reality,” she continued. “Filmmaking has always been politics by other means, and this is no different.”

She criticized the Oscar board for allowing all of these foreign films that are mostly in English but not nominating any Nigerian movies. She said it was because Nigeria’s cultural diversity is too confusing and true, even though there have been a lot of British film nominations with subtitles this year.

Genevieve Nnaji Movies

“Genevieve has been in so many movies, some of the most memorable are: Ripples, Most Wanted, Camouflage, Love Boat, Death Warrant, Valentino, Fire Dance,Sharon Stone, Runs!, Power Of Love, Formidable Force, Battle Line, Above Death: In God We Trust, Blood Sister, Break Up, Butterfly, By His Grace, Church Business, Deadly Mistake, Emergency Wedding, Emotional Tears, For Better for Worse, Honey, Jealous Lovers, Keeping Faith: Is That Love?, Last Weekend, Late Marriage, Love, My Only Love, Not Man Enough, Passion & Pain, Passions, Player: Mr.Lover Man, Private Sin, Sharon Stone In Abuja, Super Love, The Chosen One, Woman Affair, Bumper to Bumper, Critical Decision, Dangerous Sister, Goodbye New York, He Lives in Me,
Into Temptation, My First Love, Never Die for Love, Promise Me Forever, Stand by Me, Treasure, Unbreakable, We Are One , Darkest Night, Games Women Play, Rip-Off, Girls Cot, 30 Days, Letter to a stranger, Keep My Will, Warriors Heart, Unfinished Business, Winds of Glory, Beautiful Soul, Broken Tears, Critical Condition, River Of Tears, My Idol, Love My Way, Silent Scandals, Felicima, Ijé: The Journey, Tango With Me, Bursting Out, Mirror Boy, Sacred Lies, Weekend Gateway, Half of a Yellow Sun, Doctor Bello, The Trust With Olisa, Road To Yesterday, Lionheart, Farming etc.

Genevieve Nnaji Modelling

Nnaji has appeared in several commercials for different products, including Pronto (beverage) and Omo detergents. In 2004 she became the “Face of Lux” after signing a lucrative sponsorship deal with them. She is also known as Oyinbo St Genevieve to some Nigerians who have bought into her clothing line which donates proceeds from sales to charity- work that was recognized by Mud when they appointed her their official face last year; making it an even more prestigious job title than what many people are already calling him or herself these days: Bosslady

Nnaji’s success started off relatively small but quickly expanded internationally until she had become one of Nigeria’s most recognizable faces.

Genevieve Nnaji Husband

Actress Genevieve Nnaji has not been seen in public with her husband for quite some time.

A Nigerian actress, who is best known to usually be on the red carpet and at award ceremonies was pictured doing something rather unusual this week; grocery shopping! Indeed she looked like any other woman as she pushed a cart through the store picking up groceries. An eyewitness noted that “she picked out vegetables from one aisle” before proceeding to another section of the market where there were more items available. What’s going on here? Well maybe it’s just coincidence but when asked if they had met previously an employee told us: “I don’t know.” This story continues below…

Luca Tedeschi / Getty Images file photo Actress Genevieve Nnaji attends the 21st Mumbai International Film Festival in Mumbai, India.

But her fans didn’t seem to notice that she wasn’t with her man as “she was swarmed by fans while walking about picking out tomatoes and other vegetables.” Members of the public took photos of the actress and commented on how pretty she looked.

Genevieve Nnaji is one of Africa’s finest actresses, she hasn’t been in a film for over two years however but her last feature was “Half of a Yellow Sun” which was released back in 2013. She also starred opposite Chris Rock and Gabrielle Union in the film “Lucky Number Slevin.”

She recently appeared on the list of actresses who’s February 14th birthday was just celebrated this week, check that out underneath!

In honour of International Women’s Day we take a look at some of the finest actresses in African movies who turned 38 this year.

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Genevieve Nnaji is the first Nigerian to have a film produced by Netflix. The movie will be released on December 31, 2018 and could potentially make her the youngest woman ever nominated for an Academy Award in history.

“The feature film, ‘Girl Cried Red,’ is being helmed by Award winning director and producer Niyi Akinmolayan. The movie will be an English production with a working title of “Her Verdict,” which also happens to be the Nigerian title for the project.” – Netflix press release

Girl Cried Red is a mystery thriller drama that follows the life Nollywood filmmaker, Tade Ojeyemi who returns home to Lagos after a failed attempt in Europe. When she discovers something shocking about her mother’s death and returns to find answers, she embarks on an investigation that reveals secrets best kept buried away.

Tade’s mother was a lawyer she had never met before her untimely death. Her death was ruled as an accident, but Tade suspects foul play. She recruits the help of her friend Dara to search for answers.

The film was shot in four countries: Nigeria, Germany and France. The majority of the movie will be shot in Nigeria.

Akinmolayan, a director, writer and producer is best known for his popular television series The Arbitration which stars Nnaji. He has won several awards including the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards (AMVCA) in 2014 for Best Drama Series with The Arbitration.

“Working with Genevieve again is an obvious choice as she’s one of the most talented Nigerian actresses around. She’s also been involved in production on her last three films and has a keen eye for great material which makes her not only a great actress but also a good producer. I’m happy to have her on board,” he said to Pulse Nigeria.

Akinmolayan has written a series of films with Nnaji as the lead including The Arbitration, Lagos Connection and Broken Vows. Many fans hope for Tade to be played by Nnaji in this film.

This will not be Genevieve’s first international production. She also starred and produced The Arbitration which aired on TV series like Star World, Zee Café and Viu. Nnaji has previously been nominated for several AMVCA awards including Best Actress in a Drama Series for her work in The Arbitration.

If any Nigerian artist deserves an Oscar nomination it is Genevieve Nnaji, due to the strength of her performances in the highly acclaimed Nollywood film industry.

Nollywood films are currently being streamed on Netflix, Amazon Prime and HOOQ which is a new video-on-demand service owned by Sony Pictures Television Network. In 2017 they spent $42 million USD to acquire Nigerian content from different studios across Africa including Ivory Coast, Senegal and South Africa.

President and Chief Content Officer of Netflix, Ted Sarandos said, “We are thrilled to premiere Girl Cried Red, a film with so much heart and passion from as Niyi Akinmolayan.”

The Nigerian release date for the movie was December 31st 2018. Like other countries receiving Netflix films, Girl Cried Red will be available to stream in English and sub-Saharan Africa.

Although Netflix has not discussed nominees for the 2019 Academy Awards, Genevieve Nnaji could potentially beat history by being the youngest Nigerian nominated for an Oscar. She would need to surpass Esosa Egbokhare who was 19 when she received such an accomplished filmmaker and actress.

Other movies that have been nominated for an Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film include Basil Dearden’s “Sins of the Father” in 1966 and Moustapha Akkad’s “The Message” in 1977.

Genevieve Nnaji Daughter

Genevieve Nnaji, the renowned actress in Nigeria’s popular film industry known as “Nollywood”, had managed to keep her daughter Chimebuka out of the spotlight for a long time. That is why when new photos of Geneveive and her daughter were released on social media this week, they sparked such an uproar; after all we know so little about them! What we do know that she was born while Genevieve was only 17 years old- which means now at 22 (as per calculations), Chimebuka could be one Hollywood starlet worth looking out for in 2020s.

The Nigerian superstar entertainer has shielded their infant girl from public view up until recent times due to not wanting people outside the family to know her as “Genevieve’s daughter”.

“We didn’t want anyone to associate Chimebuka with the kind of roles I play. We just wanted her normal and growing up like any other child. That is why we took extra care not to parade her on social media,” Genevieve Nnaji told Punch Newspaper.

Chimebuka and Genevieve’s mother have been living in the United States and were only recently seen Chime together afbuka graduated from Columbia University this month. The Nollywood actress told Punch about her “dream” of having Chimebuka studying in the US, saying: ” We planned it before she was even born. I was actually pregnant with her when she got the admission letter (laughs). It is a dream come true.”

“We all know that actresses can get a little crazy sometimes, but has anyone seen Genevieve? It’s been awhile since she had major roles in movies and I’m wondering what the deal is. No one seems to have heard from her lately, like we are used to.”

Genevieve Nnaji Instagram

Genevieve is one of the popular actress that have many followers on Instagram, you candy also join his millions followers to see what she drop everytime on her Instagram page @genevievennaji

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