10+ Best apps for editing pictures

You are likely not a professional photographer, but you want to be able to make your pictures look great and share them with friends and family. You’re in luck! As of 2017 there is an app for that. In this blog post we will go over the best apps on the market.

There are several things you should consider when choosing an editing app for your phone or tablet. What type of device do you have? Do you prefer free or paid apps? How many effects would like at once? We’ve made a list of our favorite apps so read on to find out which one suits you best!

Whether you want to make a few simple edits or go all out, these apps will help you do it.

Snapseed is the app for those who want advanced editing features but don’t want to spend money on Adobe Photoshop. It has a lot of great filters and effects that can be applied quickly in order to get the desired result.

For those people who like less complicated photo editors, Adobe Lightroom is a great app with easy-to-use tools for editing photos without much fuss.


2.Adobe Lightroom



5.Adobe Photoshop Express









14.Adobe Photoshop Fix

15.Mextures Photo Editor


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10+ Best apps for editing pictures


Snapseed is a photo-editing application that enables users to enhance photos and apply digital filters. The app was created by Nik Software, but now belongs to Google as they purchased the company in 2012 for $186 million.

Snapseed’s most recent update came out just last week with added features like improved spot healing brush tools and other fixes including an issue where some images would not save fully edited when exporting them from iCloud Drive or Flickr Albums into Snapseist

Google is also currently running a promotion for Snapseed users where they can trade in their current iOS photo-editing app (Instagram, Photoshop Express or Camera+) and if you’re one of the first 250 people who enter then you’ll be able to get it for free ($3.99 value). The promotional offer will last until July 15, 2017.

Snapseed is available for both Android and iOS devices’ App Stores and you can check out more about the app by visiting Snapseed’s website at www.snapseed.com .

2.Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is a creative image organization and manipulation software that allows you to organize your pictures, enhance them with powerful tools like brushes or sharpeners, crop images for different formats. With easy-to-use editing controls and automatic adjustments based on the type of photo–like landscape shots where dark shadows are typically an issue–your photos can look better than ever before.

Adobe Lightroom offers several advantages over other photography apps: it’s free (as part of Creative Cloud), has high quality features such as having selective control over color saturation levels in regions within each picture; customizing glare reduction settings so that reflections from surfaces like water don’t show up when taking photographs at night time; adding textures onto the background which make a photograph appear to be taken at a different time of day or in a different location, it really was.

Lightroom is great for photographers who want more control over their pictures than what’s offered by Instagram and other digital photography apps. The steps involved in using this app are user-friendly; after completing an initial setup process including loading a few images, you’re ready to begin editing. You can even open and edit photos while they are still being transferred from your camera via or the cloud.

There is extensive documentation on Adobe’s website, as well as training videos available from within the Lightroom software itself. On top of that, there are several online communities set up for Lightroom users to ask questions and share their knowledge with other users.

While you can of tasks in Lightroom without knowing any technical jargon, it does have numerous advanced options that aren’t necessarily obvious. For instance, every photograph or video clip has its own set of “presets” settings such as exposure and saturation levels. Changing a preset can change the way an entire image looks, and you don’t always know what effect a preset will have until you apply it to an image and look at the results.

While Lightroom does let you undo presets once they’re applied, this is not possible when working with your own customized brushes or colors that make up a brush stroke. Fortunately, once you learn how to use Lightroom’s undo function in conjunction with the history panel, which makes it easy to go back to any previous state of an image or video clip being edited, it becomes considerably easier to experiment with presets and brushes.

Sometimes your edits are also limited by what’s available in your preset library. The preset effects are grouped by their main categories, such as “Effects”, “Treatments”, “Brush Strokes” and others, and these groups can have additional sub-sections. But if you’re looking for a specific effect or brush stroke that isn’t already there (such as to create a matte watermark on each image), you’ll need to create it yourself.

For simple edits like reducing glare or contrast, Lightroom’s sliders-based interface makes it easy to make rapid changes without even having to look at what you’re doing. You can also choose between a “Basic” and “Advanced” mode mode, the controls are simplified in the “Basic” mode, which is good for beginners who are still learning the software.

Quickly change white balance to any color you want by clicking on the color temperature or tint in a palette that appears when you click on the top of a photo. There’s also a “Combine” function if you want to combine multiple photographs into one, such as for taking a panoramic shot.

Although the Lightroom interface is initially cluttered, all you have to do it take some time to learn the layout and you’ll be able to find what you need quickly. The “Grid” view option that hides most of the editing controls can be useful if you want to make a large number of edits to multiple images at the same time, for example.

As you use Lightroom for longer periods of time in order to edit more and more pictures, be sure to take advantage of its “Snapshots” feature which let’s you save your current collection of presets so that you can quickly apply them again later on. This is a handy feature when you need to make several edits at the same time, and it’s much quicker than re-creating your presets from scratch.

Lightroom doesn’t have a trash can or recycle bin for deleting photos that might have been accidentally overwritten during editing. However, you can save them as separate files by using the “Publish” function from the

You can also merge multiple photos into a single JPEG file, which is useful for when you want to save space on your hard drive or share these photos via email and don’t need separate individual files. Once this is the “History Brush” to edit multiple images at once.

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This is a much quicker way of making large batch edits, and it’s especially useful if you have a lot of JPEG images that need to be edited. While it’s not the ideal way to completely rework an image or video clip (since you only get one chance at editing), you can still make some changes such as adjusting exposure, tint and saturation, then revert back to your original version if you’re unhappy with the new result.


VSCO is an app that lets users take and edit their pictures on mobile devices. Users can choose from a variety of filters, including black & white or vintage to make photos more creative. VSCO was created by Joel Flory and Greg Lutze in 2011 after they found themselves frustrated with the editing options available for smartphones at the time

The photo-editing software industry has exploded over recent years as people have become progressively reliant upon technology for almost every aspect of our lives – it’s only natural that we want control over how we present ourselves online too! With this need came apps such as Instagram, which allows you to apply different filtered effects before posting your final product onto social media sites like Facebook or Twitter; but when one picture is only capable of using one filter, the options are limited.

VSCO was developed with a completely different approach – while Instagram and other apps focused on filters that could be applied to entire pictures quickly so users can get straight onto uploading their masterpiece to social media, VSCO focused on developing editing presets which would translate into more aesthetically pleasing final images. Like Instagram, VSCO has a wide variety of filters and effects which users can choose from – but unlike Instagram, the options aren’t mutually exclusive; you could apply a black & white preset to your picture before applying an 80’s effect filter with pink saturation levels for example.

This level of sophistication appealed to a much more niche audience at first; while Instagram was able to completely dominate the mobile photo-editing market, VSCO remained relatively unheard of until late 2013. This surge in popularity came with a new marketing strategy – one that focused on the quality of one’s photos, rather than how many ‘likes’ you could get from posting them online. As part of this marketing strategy, VSCO began releasing videos to their YouTube channel – the titled “A Day in New York” and saw a spent wandering round Manhattan with a friend. The film featured black & white photographs taken using the VSCO app, and then applied with vintage filters to create a unique effect. The video had a run time of seven minutes, and has now been viewed almost over a million times – this shows just how much of an impact it can have on your business to produce something unique like this.

Today, VSCO is available from the Apple store for IOS users and Google Play in its Android version. It costs  $2.99, but there’s a free trial available for everyone to download the app and see if it works with their pictures.

VSCO has come along way since its first release in 2011; now, I’m sure you’ll agree that Instagram changed how we take and post pictures on social media – VSCO has made it easier than ever to make those photos look even better!


This Pixlr is a cloud-based suite of tools and utilities for making your photos look their best. Among Pixlr’s many features are simple photo editing, advanced image enhancing, collaboration with friends or strangers alike to make the world more beautiful (you can even post on social media!), and an award winning mobile app perfect for sharing pictures from anywhere in seconds!

Pixlr offers so much power at any level you choose – be it basic adjustments like brightness/contrast that anyone can do but still produce amazing results while trying out apps designed by pros who know what they’re doing when it comes to turning good shots into great ones. With all these options available online without having to download anything onto your computer first? It doesn’t get easier than.

What else makes Pixlr so appealing? It’s all there, always available: Frames, Filters (including vintage effects and more) and Effects (also known as Stickers or Textures). You can transition from fun filters to advanced editing options in just a couple clicks. If you have tools for any photo situation, they’re here.

5.Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express is a free image editing and collage making mobile application from Adobe Inc. The app not only provides you with an easy to use interface but also has many features such as cropping, rotating and straightening images; removing red-eye or fixing blemishes in your skin tone all the while letting you save new edits so that they can be used on other photos. It’s available for iOS, Android devices (including Kindle!), Windows Phone 8+, Surface RT tablets, desktops running Win8+ via Microsoft Store apps!

The app comes with a free image library of royalty-free images which can be used for creating your own collages or to decorate and liven up your existing pictures. Users can also join the Adobe Creative Cloud community and download over 100,000 professional high resolution photos along with easily editable vector graphics. You will also have access to premium fonts and borders which can be added to your completed images.

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The Picsart suite of photo editing apps has quickly become a popular choice for many social media stars and influencers, with the company offering tools to make your pictures or videos stand out.

Picsart offers an impressive set of features that allow users to take their photos from average-to-amazing in seconds! The app includes options like filters, stickers, frames (or “masks”), text overlays and more. And, once you’re happy with your edits, it’s easy to share to the social platform of your choice.

We’ve recently started seeing a rise in Picsart use on Instagram, and we wanted to dig deeper into why this photo editing app is a growing favorite among influencers. Here are some of the reasons why we see Picsart so often on popular Instagram accounts.

1. Picsart is free to download and use with no additional purchases required, making it a great choice for many influencers who are building their following from scratch.

2. The app offers users an impressive set of editing tools that can turn a normal image into something truly stand-out. Whether you want to quickly add a filter or a stamp, text overlay, splash of color or erase something from your photo, it’s easy to do with Picsart. Here’s an example:

3. The “Color Splash” and “Grunge” filters offer influencers who are looking for more dramatic look some fun options.

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4. In our last Instagram algorithm update, we saw a big change in how content with text performed compared to photos without it. While some of these “trending” photo editing apps come with pre-existing text overlays (we noticed a lot of them using the same snowflakes and greetings), Picsart’s text feature allows influencers to add text and edit it to be the perfect font, size, color and placement.

5. Picsart is a great choice for influencers who are looking to gain followers. The app includes social sharing options which can help you grow your following on other channels such as Facebook and Twitter. Here’s an example:

6. Picsart’s growing list of features is very impressive and the app is still in beta, meaning that new tools are being added regularly! Here’s one example of an update recently added by Picsart:

7. The app is easy-to for people who haven’t used many photo editing apps before to get started and understand. Here’s an example of a tool that Picsart added:

8. The company has been growing fast, with the app currently using 800 million DAUs across all platforms including Android, iOS, Amazon Alexa skills and more. In Q1 2018 alone, Picsart saw 300% growth in downloads, with a massive reach of over 135 million users.

9. Picsart has been getting some high-profile influencers on board with their app, including singer and actress Hailey Baldwin, who was an early adopter:

10. The company is growing worldwide, with many influencers in the US and elsewhere using Picsart, including some of the biggest names on Instagram.

Picsart is a great choice for anyone looking to make their Instagram photos stand out and get more likes while doing so! The app includes many popular features such as filters, text overlays and fun stickers that can help your Instagram go from average to awesome in seconds.


Creating a perfect Instagram photo is easier than ever with the Afterlight app for your phone, which has been updated to include new features like stickers. The user can take or load an image and edit it using one of many tools available such as: light leaks, frames & borders, textures & overlays and more!

Afterlight was just recently upgraded from being only on Android devices to now also working on iOS and Windows Phone too! This means you don’t need different apps depending what type of device you have – everything in all three types are included in this free download so that whether people use Apple products exclusively or something else entirely they’ll be able to make their photos look absolutely stunning.

Afterlight includes several basic editing tools for the beginner to the professional. For instance, you’ll be able to add text overlays and choose from over 150 of their most popular stickers. And if you’re a professional photographer or just want your photos to look like one, Afterlight is the perfect solution because it allows you to set up layers for editing. This is ideal for when you want to place a sticker on top of an image or change the lighting in your photo and more without losing quality.

Afterlight is easy enough for anyone to use so share it with your less tech-savvy friends! One thing that makes Afterlight stand out from some of the competition is that it allows you to create as many filters as you want and save them for later use. This makes it easy if you want to look like a professional photographer without paying someone else to do it or having special knowledge that most people don’t have access to.

Here’s how it works in a few simple steps: Afterlight needs to be downloaded, of course, and after you’ve done that, you can take a photo or choose one from your photo library. Then choose the filter you want to use (there is an unlimited number), make adjustments such as brightness and contrast depending on how dark or light you’d like to make it, select either black & white or color if you prefer one over the other, and add stickers or text!

Afterlight is free to download for Mac, Windows PC and your iOS/Android devices so you have no excuse to share these amazing photos with others. Don’t be afraid to let your creativity flow because you can also move layers around in Afterlight if you want to make edits. That’s why it’s so fun to use!

As an added bonus, Afterlight makes your photos look great for social media such as Facebook. It has been reported by current users that they have seen a noticeable increase in the amount of likes on their photos once they started using Afterlight to edit them. If you’re tired of seeing blurry or grainy photos in your feed, download Afterlight today and see how you can make things better with just a few simple taps of the screen.


TouchRetouch is a photo-editing app that lets you remove unwanted content or objects from your pictures using just the touch of your finger.

With TouchRetouch, it’s easy to turn any picture into an award winning masterpiece! Just tap on what needs fixing and move around until you find the perfect spot for them. You can even change their size by pinching in/out with two fingers straight away after touching down on something so they fit perfectly next to other elements within the frame.

TouchRetouch comes with some of the most popular tools from Photoshop and other editing apps such as: Clone Stamp Tool, Red Eye Removal Tool, Selective Blur and many more! And don’t worry about a steep learning curve; it’s as simple as using an eraser.

In addition to that, TouchRetouch comes with a wide variety of effects that let you add your own touch to the photo. These include: Black & White, Sepia, Cool & Warm Filter, Vignette and many more!

Voila! You have made the perfect shot using TouchRetouch. Now you can share it with friends via Facebook, Twitter or e-mail. If you’re feeling generous, why not share your work with the world and earn some of those sweet Likes/Favorites/Retweets?

If you are a photographer or just enjoy digitizing precious memories for yourself or loved ones then TouchRetouch will be essential in making your photos look their absolute best!


GIMP is an open-source graphics program that allows you to edit and manipulate photographs. It can be used for anything, from simple editing like cropping or adding text on top of a photo, to more complex tasks such as applying different effects through various filters which are available within GIMP’s wide range of tools!

Gimp is free software released under GPL 3 license it is available for Linux, Windows and Mac. Many awesome filters exist for Gimp but they are not officially supported by the developers (they may be included in the official distribution packages). Guys from gimpedit.org made a collection of some great plugins which can be downloaded here .

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Facetune is a revolutionary photo editing application that operates on your iPhone or Android device. The app is often used to edit selfies and portraits, with the ability to easily change their angles, makeup quality, skin brightness levels for those who have acne scars or other blemishes.

Facetune is an app that can take your ugly selfie and transform it into the perfect poster for Tinder. The application, created by Lightricks, offers many different features to edit photos such as face retouching and enhancing images with tools like teeth whitening or erasing a pimple from someone’s forehead.

The Facetune photo editing application has done wonders on people’s social media profiles all over Instagram- even turning some of them into celebrities overnight! Created by Israeli startup company Lightricks in 2012, this free iPhone app enables users to make edits not just through simple touch ups but also creative enhancements with features including teeth whitening or deleting blemishes using their fingertips – no need for any expensive Photoshop software anymore!


Instasize is the perfect way to spice up your selfies with a single tap. With their premium filters, picture borders, and collage maker it’s easy as pie! It’s the new way to personalize every photo you take!

Some of Instasize ‘s Features: A wide variety of borders and filters, including unique vintage effects & Instagram-style filters.

Choose from nine different frame styles, all expert a professional graphic designer for that extra touch of class.


Capture your best moments with Lensa, and never worry about out-of-focus or unflattering angles again. Features like Prism Mode adjust the focus of an image to make it more visually appealing for different subjects such as portraits, landscapes, objects in motion etc., all without requiring any technical knowledge.

Building a better future is what we’re here for at Lensa! We believe that everyone deserves beautiful photos they can be proud of so you don’t need decades worth of photography experience to get there anymore – just our free photo editing app!


Pixelmator is a graphic editing software that was developed by Lithuanian brothers Saulius and Aidas Dailide. This powerful program combines open-source technologies with the Mac OS in order to provide users an easy and creative way of creating graphics, illustrations, comics as well as more conventional images for school projects or family albums.

Pixelmator provides users with all their drawing needs from detailed photographs using precise brushes and color choices; to artistic creations through textures like chalkboard artworks on paper sketches complete with realistic shadows .

14.Adobe Photoshop Fix

Abode photoshop fix is the perfect desktop and iPad app for anyone who wants to create beautiful images, graphics, paintings or 3D artwork. Regardless of your skill level in design software like Photoshop it’s easy enough that you can use Abode on your mobile device!

Abode photoshop fix is a multi-award winning app that has been featured in the App Store, iPad top 20 must have apps, Creative Pro magazine one of the best photo editing tools for iOS devices. Abode is the only photo editing app that lets you combine all three of these design apps in an easy to learn, user friendly way.

Abode photoshop fix is a unique creative tool for iPad and desktop that contains features found in all three Adobe programs. Abode allows users to work directly on the canvas with vector illustrations, text boxes and brushes; or add images from your device, photos or web.

The vector illustrations allow layers of adding and adjusting text, images, brushes for an awesome composition. You can also make layer adjustments to refine designs. Adding and removing image layers are easy with the ability to hide or show individual layers at any time while producing artwork. The brush tools in Abode photoshop fix desktop and iPad app let you add textures, ambiance and shading to any image or artwork. The brush adjustments are also easy to use with a wide range of brush styles that can be blended in different ways for unique results.

Each feature of the Abode app will allow creative people from beginning designers all the way up to professional photographers to create some amazing designs. Abode photoshop fix design with Artboards is easy to use and can be as simple or complex as your imagination allows. Each aspect of an image’s design can be customized for virtually endless possibilities in bringing great works of art to life.

The ability to create a masterpiece using the three Adobe programs will make Abode photoshop fix design with Artboards app an essential tool for digital imaging. Whether you’re a professional photographer, hobbyist or just enjoy creating art Abode is your one-stop creative design studio that works from mobile devices to the desktop!

15.Mextures Photo Editor

Mextures is a new and advanced photo editing app for iPhone that allows you to create the perfect picture. You can apply multiple filters, textures, gradients, grunge filters and film scans using various layers which will allow you to blend your photos in creative ways!


Aviary is a free photo editing app that comes with cool filters and effects such as Cartoonify, Lomo-fi, Motion Blur. This simple to use application will be an excellent choice for those who may not know how to create perfect photos the first time around. The great news is that Aviary can be used as photo editor for android and as photo editor for pc .

It’s just so easy to make those photos look professional-looking with these effects. It also supports video files, which at this time, not many popular apps do. Overall it’s a pretty simple app without all the advanced features you might want to look for in a photo editing application. Aviary is one of the best free app, and you should definitely try it if you’re looking for an easy-to-use photo editor that can make your pictures stand out from the rest.


The best apps for editing pictures are the ones that allow you to edit your photos on any device and at anytime. It doesn’t matter if it is a desktop, laptop or tablet computer as long as you have access to internet. If this sounds like something you need then check out our blog post about how to choose an app which has been tailored especially with photographers in mind.

If you want to edit your pictures on the go, these are some of our favorite apps.  We hope this post was helpful in helping you find a way to make your photos look better! Do any of these photography editing tools sound like they would work for what you need? Let us know and we’ll help connect you with someone who can provide more advice about which app will be best for your needs.

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