Who won Nasarawa governorship election? David Ombugadu Bio, age, career, wife, phone number, net worth

Who won Nasarawa governorship election?

The governorship election petition tribunal in Lafia, Nasarawa State, has issued a ruling that removes Abdullahi Sule from his position as the governor of Nasarawa State.

In its verdict, the tribunal has declared David Ombugadu, the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), as the rightful winner of the election.

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David Ombugadu: A Profile in Nigerian Politics

David Emmanuel Ombugadu, a prominent figure in Nigerian politics, has left an indelible mark on the political landscape through his dedicated service and commitment to his constituents.

With a career spanning several years, Ombugadu has earned a reputation as a steadfast advocate for the people.

Early Life and Political Journey

Born on January 10, 1978, David Emmanuel Ombugadu’s life is a testament to the transformative power of education and determination.

From his early years in Kaduna State to pursuing higher education, his journey reflects his unwavering commitment to personal growth and development.

Early Education

David Ombugadu’s educational odyssey commenced at LEA Primary School Kakuri in Kaduna State. It was here that he took his first steps towards acquiring knowledge and laying the foundation for his academic journey.

These early years instilled in him the value of education and the potential it held for a brighter future.

In 1995, Ombugadu embarked on a new chapter in his educational pursuit by enrolling at Government College Keffi.

It was at this institution that he diligently worked towards obtaining his Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (SSCE) certificate. His dedication to his studies during this period set the stage for his further academic endeavors.

University Years

With a solid educational foundation, David Ombugadu’s quest for knowledge led him to the University of Jos, where he pursued a Bachelor’s degree (B.Sc.) in Economics.

In 2001, he successfully completed his undergraduate studies, earning his degree. This achievement marked a significant milestone in his educational journey and paved the way for his future endeavors.

Following his undergraduate studies, Ombugadu embarked on his National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) service in 2003, where he further honed his skills and contributed to the community.

Mastering Knowledge

Determined to expand his horizons and deepen his understanding of his chosen field, David Ombugadu pursued a Master’s degree (M.Sc.) at the Rivers State University of Science and Technology.

This commitment to continuous learning demonstrated his dedication to academic excellence and his desire to contribute meaningfully to his profession and society.

David Ombugadu’s educational journey serves as an inspiring narrative of perseverance and the belief in the transformative power of education.

His humble beginnings in Kaduna State led him to attain not only a Bachelor’s degree but also a Master’s degree, demonstrating that with determination and hard work, one can overcome challenges and achieve academic excellence. His story is a reminder of the value of education as a catalyst for personal and societal progress.

Political Career

David Ombugadu embarked on his political journey by representing Akwanga, Wamba, and Nassarawa Eggon federal constituency in the House of Representatives of Nigeria.

His tenure, which extended from 2011 to 2019, allowed him to serve his constituents effectively and bring their concerns to the national stage.

As a member of the House of Representatives, Ombugadu displayed a deep sense of responsibility and a commitment to improving the lives of the people he represented.

He actively participated in legislative activities and used his position to address critical issues affecting his constituency and Nigeria as a whole.

The Gubernatorial Aspiration

In the 2019 general elections, David Ombugadu took a significant step forward in his political career by contesting as the governorship candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for Nasarawa State.

His decision to vie for the position reflected his desire to further impact the lives of the people of Nasarawa by serving in a higher capacity.

Ombugadu’s gubernatorial candidacy garnered attention and support from various quarters. He presented a vision for Nasarawa State that focused on development, inclusivity, and progress.

Throughout his campaign, he articulated his commitment to addressing the state’s challenges and building a brighter future for its residents.

Legacy of Service

While David Ombugadu’s gubernatorial bid did not result in victory, his legacy of service and dedication to the welfare of his constituents remains unwavering.

He continues to be a respected figure in Nigerian politics, known for his advocacy for good governance and the well-being of the Nigerian people.

Ombugadu’s journey in Nigerian politics serves as an inspiration to aspiring politicians, highlighting the importance of unwavering commitment, grassroots engagement, and a genuine desire to make a positive impact.

His story is a testament to the potential for change and progress that exists within the political sphere when driven by a sincere dedication to the betterment of society.

Net Worth

David Ombugadu, the Nigerian politician, has been a prominent figure in the country’s political landscape.

While specific financial details about his net worth are not publicly disclosed, it is estimated to fall within the range of $1,000,000 to $5,000,000.

As a seasoned politician who has served as a Member of the House of Representatives and contested in the governorship election in Nasarawa State, Ombugadu’s income and financial status have likely been influenced by his political roles and campaigns.

Additionally, politicians often have diversified financial portfolios that may include investments and business ventures.

It’s important to recognize that in the realm of Nigerian politics, estimating net worth can be challenging due to limited financial disclosures and the dynamic nature of political careers.

Various factors, including campaign expenditures and financial assets, can significantly impact a politician’s net worth.

Therefore, the provided estimation of David Ombugadu’s net worth should be considered as speculative, and the actual figure remains a private matter.

Like many politicians, he maintains a level of financial privacy while continuing his political endeavors in Nigeria.

Recently, Nasarawa State Government Disputes Claims of Tribunal Secretariat Attack

The Nasarawa State Government has firmly refuted claims of an attack on the secretariat of the Governorship Election Petition Tribunal (GEPT).

Contrary to reports circulating in certain media outlets, there is no evidence to substantiate allegations of vandalism following the tribunal’s verdict announcement concerning the governorship election.

According to the initial report, the alleged attackers were purportedly government officials loyal to Governor Abdullahi Sule.

These individuals were said to have displayed aggression, targeting the secretariat’s staff. The report further claimed that the attackers made off with a bus, important documents, and other valuables from the secretariat, which is situated on Shandam Road in Lafia.

It is essential to recall that a three-member panel led by Justice Ajayi had ruled in favor of David Ombugadu of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), leading to the removal of Governor Abdullahi Sule of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

In response to these allegations, Mr. Emmanuel Innocent Akwe, the Personal Assistant to Governor Sule on Media, categorically denied the report.

He emphasized that Governor Sule is an advocate for peace, even in the wake of an unfavorable tribunal verdict. Akwe stated that there was no truth to the claims that the APC had vandalized any secretariat.

In his words, “No one vandalized any secretariat anywhere. The governor, as you and I know, is a preacher of peace. Even after the outcome of the tribunal, he insisted that all his supporters remain calm.

Anyone alleging that APC vandalized any secretariat is only misleading the tribunal.” This statement from the Nasarawa State Government serves as a clear denial of the reported attack on the tribunal secretariat, reaffirming the commitment to maintaining peace and stability in the state.

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