What are the best questions to ask on a first date

When it comes to first dates, the first 10 minutes are the most critical. You have to make a good first impression and leave a lasting memory.

There are some tips for making a good first date. Some might be obvious, but others might not be so obvious.

The first date starts with getting to know each other and it is an important time to learn about the person’s interests, values, and goals. There are many questions that can help you to get to know the person better.

Top 5 questions for a first date:

– What do your best friends think of you?

If you think your friends love you unconditionally and see the best in you, think again. Friends often bring up things they don’t like about you and share their honest opinions. Make sure to ask your friends what they think about the way you’ve been acting to ensure that they’re on board with your goals and decisions.

– What is the most embarrassing moment in your life?

We all have embarrassing moments in our lives, but what about the embarrassing moment that you found the most embarrassing? For example, maybe you tripped and fell on your face at a dinner party or you got caught making out with your best friend’s ex-boyfriend.

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– What kind of movies do you like?

Movies are a great way to escape your daily life, take a break and forget about all the stress. When you’re feeling stressed, take a walk with your pet to clear your head! If you’re looking for something new to watch this weekend, check out the Best Picture Nominees at the theater.

– Who’s your favorite celebrity or fictional character?

People are constantly bombarded with images of celebrities and fictional characters on social media, billboards, TV commercials, magazines, and more. These images are often portrayed as perfect beings who have the perfect life. However, it is impossible for people to live up to these unrealistic expectations. Celebrities are no different from anyone else in that they too have their ups and downs.

– How would you describe yourself in five words or less?

It’s a simple question but one that can be difficult to answer. For most people, “I’m funny, charming and easy-going.” is an easy description to remember, but it doesn’t give us much insight into who they really are.

This section invites you to share your thoughts about yourself in five words or less. There are no wrong answers, but try not to use words like “unique” or “awesome.”

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What is your idea of love?

Let’s break down the word “love” into its component parts:

1. The experience of being in a state of intense positive emotions, with thoughts and feelings that are out of one’s control.

2. An action or feeling that is experienced as a need or desire to protect, nurture, and provide for another person or animal.

3. The feeling associated with the mental state of attachment, care, trust, worry about someone else’s well-being.

4. To make an unconditional commitment to someone without expecting anything back in return – to be loyal and trustworthy to them through thick and thin.


Love is often described as something that is hard to understand. While there are many different kinds of love.

There are different type of love.

This is true for both romantic love and platonic love.

Romantic love is the act of feeling deeply and passionately in love with another person, is usually determined by physical attraction while platonic love is typically based on affection.

Platonic Love: Platonic love can be defined as a feeling of deep affection for someone that isn’t sexual or romantic in nature. It’s typically between people who care about each other or have a strong connection but don’t necessarily like each other (think friends, family members).

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Platonic Love is often confused with Romantic Love which often leads to the assumption that they are the same thing. However, there are some key differences between these two types of love which should be made clear when it comes to understanding.

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