Top 10 Ways To Make Money With Your Smartphone

This article is all about how to make money with your smartphone. There are many different ways you can do this.

We all know that smartphone is an  electronic device that is designed to be used for both voice and data communication. It has a touchscreen or other types of input buttons such as physical keyboard, trackball, touchpad, etc.

It can also have many different features including digital camera, video recorder, web browser and more depending on the model you choose. There are now billions of smartphones worldwide.

What you need to start.

• Smart phone

• SIM Card

• Access to internet (data)

Smart phone: Smart phone is an electronic device that you can’t be broke again with when you done reading.

SIM Card:  You need a SIM card to make the data connection for your phone.

Access to internet: You must have access  to the internet in order not to be broke again with when you done reading so that you can earn money from your smart phone.

The ways listed here to make money has nothing to do with the type of job you are doing. You can make money with your smartphone either you are into a part-time or  full-time job. It is just about the way you are using your time in order to generate money while pocketing some other benefits at the same time. Sometimes there will be a need for us to have extra income, and then it would surely come handy if we know that this post can help with ideas of how to do so.

You can share what you know and make some money on your smartphone. You don’t have to be a professional, or do something that requires an extensive knowledge of certain things in order for you to start earning money from it. Sometimes all you need is just a few ideas on what you have to do at hand, and people will gladly pay good cash if they find it useful.

Here are 10 of the most popular ones!

1) Sell your used textbooks back to Amazon

If you’re a student, then it’s likely that you have some old textbooks lying around in boxes somewhere in your house. You might as well turn them into cash by selling them on Amazon for a profit! Just remember, they will need to be in good condition and free from any markings or highlighting before submitting them to the site.

2) Use an app like OfferUp or Letgo

These apps allow users to post their items up for sale and offer deals on things like clothes, shoes, furniture and  electronics. It is free to download and use, but there are also some costs that come with using it, like paying for ad space or putting up a listing fee.

3) Read news and get paid

There are also sites like News Briefs that offer monetary rewards to those who read and summarize articles from a list of news sources. You can make money from different site by being a member and reading some articles. You can also make money from the News Briefs website by contributing to it!

The best things about these websites are that they do not cost anything, which means you won’t have to pay for access or use your own funds in order to get paid. Plus, there is no limit on how much you  can make – you can read as many articles as you want and still get paid!

4)  Make YouTube videos

YouTube is a huge site with billions of visitors every month, and if you can catch the attention of just some fraction of those viewers, there’s money to be made as one type or another.

It doesn’t cost anything to sign up for an account on YouTube  – in fact it actually pays $500 per thousand views! That means that  if you have a video that gets one million views, YouTube will pay $500 for it.

Some YouTubers are content creators – they share their thoughts and opinions about things that happen in the world or around them. Other people do vlogs (video logs) which serve as diaries of sorts to document what’s going on  in their lives.

You can also create channels that are dedicated to a certain topic or niche, such as how-to videos about fixing things around the house . Others focus on entertaining with different types of comedy skits and silly songs about anything from sports to politics to food!

YouTube is all about getting your message out there in  ways that are entertaining and informative.

Some YouTubers focus on DIY (do-it-yourself) projects, such as crafting or cooking tutorials . Other people make videos about crafts they’ve made themselves – showing you how to do it so you can also have access to these amazing ideas without spending a lot of money!

How to create YouTube channel

The best way to create a YouTube channel is with your smart phone or tablet.

It’s free and easy, so you can start making videos right away, even if you’re not an expert videographer!

You’ll need the latest version of Android KitKat (version 18) or iOS 11 for this feature. Next step  is to tap on the three horizontal lines in the upper left corner and select “New channel.”

Then follow these steps:

– Enter a title for your channel. Make it eye catching, creative, or informative so people will want to click and watch!

– Select a category that best suits what you’re going to upload. Is  it a cooking channel? A comedy show about your pet hamster, or a travel blog with daily vlogs around the world?

– Tap “I agree” to confirm that you meet YouTube’s community guidelines.

After touching “NEXT,” enter in what kind of videos you’ll be uploading and then tap on the camera icon at  the bottom of the screen.

You’ll be able to record a video or take a photo directly from your phone and upload it right away for all of YouTube’s users to enjoy!

– Make sure you have good lighting, clear audio, and optional captions so people know what is being said in your videos. This will make them more  professional and enjoyable to watch.

– It’s a good idea to have your YouTube channel name, profile picture, and cover photo ready before you start uploading videos! The more professional it looks, the better viewers will be able to find your content in search engine results pages (SERPs).

– When you’re done recording or editing your video , highlight the video file that you want to upload, click “Upload,” and then tap on the camera icon at  the bottom of the screen. You’ll be able to record a video or take a photo directly from your phone and upload it right away for all of YouTube’s users to enjoy!

– Make sure you have good lighting, clear  sound, and you are in a quiet space before recording.

– Put your phone on airplane mode to avoid any interruptions during the video shoot! Airplane mode will turn all of your apps as well as wi-fi and bluetooth so your device won’t receive notifications that someone is trying to contact you or connect with you online.

– If you’ve got a tripod, set it up and try holding your phone with both hands to make the video more stable.

– Make sure that you’re looking in the direction of what’s are matters most in the frame. When shooting indoors, look for lamps or windows as natural light sources; when shooting outdoors, find an object that’s in the frame to act as a reference.

– Avoid editing your videos too much, like trimming them or changing their speed! The more you edit away parts of the video, the less authentic it will seem and make people feel. If they’re watching someone else’s footage and see red lines across where there should be movement , they’ll probably feel like the whole thing was faked.

– Make sure your videos are short and sweet! You don’t need to over complicate things – just a few seconds will do, even if it’s only of your hands or face at different angles.

– When publishing on social media channels like Instagram or Facebook, be sure that you have a complete profile that’s up to date. This includes your cover photo, intro and outro video clips, bio information , website URL (if you don’t have one yet)

– Don’t underestimate the power of good lighting! It can be tempting in some situations to turn off all the lights so people won’t see where you are, but it’s much better to leave a couple lights on so the video is clear.

– Change up your editing style! Changing from full screen to close ups and back again will make viewers feel like they’re actually watching something unfold in real time .

– Position the camera at eye level. If you’re not using a tripod, make sure to hold the phone straight up and down so it’s in line with your face.

– Create an intro video for people who have just subscribed to your channel but haven’t seen any of your content yet. This will help them feel more comfortable  diving in.

– When shooting videos outside, use the sun as your light source and avoid overcast days .

– Listen to music while filming! Some people swear that different types of tunes help them feel more creative and energized when editing their footage together.

– Use a filter on all your images so they don’t look too dark or too light.

– Edit the app store description for your application so it will come up in search results and help people find you more easily .

– Use YouTube’s analytics to see what videos are working best, then focus on creating content that has those same characteristics (length of video, topic).

– Each week set goals for yourself. It sounds easy but it can be hard if you don’t set them in advance .

– Test your app with as many people as possible so they know what to expect when using it, and give feedback on how to improve the experience for themselves and other users them.

– Ask someone who has more knowledge about design, graphics, or coding to review your app and give feedback on what could be improved.

– Create a blog so you can share updates with the world about yourself as an entrepreneur .

– Use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc to grow your network of friends/followers who will support you in future projects.

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5) Be a Freelancer

  If you have a skill that you know other people need, why not offer your services?

– Freelancers are in demand and there is always someone who would be willing to pay for a freelancer’s time.

– You can make money just by using your phone! Use apps like Fiverr or TaskRabbit to find freelance gigs and make money with your phone.

6) Get paid to use an app

Apps like AppNana allow you to get paid for downloading apps in order to test them out before the general public gets their hands on it.

– You can make money without having to invest any of your own cash by downloading apps that need beta testers.

– There are also plenty of other app testing services such as uTest, Applause and Testbirds which allow you to sign up for free online and get paid in return.

– On these sites all you have to do is sign a confidentiality agreement, download the app and then provide feedback about your experience with it.

– You will get paid in return for every app you test.

7) Watch Videos and get paid

You can make money watching videos by signing up to services like Inbox Dollars or Swagbucks.

– These sites allow you to watch adverts in your web browser and earn cash, usually around $0.25-$0.75 for every video watched within a 24 hour period of time (it will vary depending on the site).

Inbox Dollars: Inbox Dollars is an online rewards club, where members get paid to read emails and take surveys, shop online, play games, watch videos, refer friends, complete special offers and more.

Swagbucks: Swagbucks is a search engine that pays you for watching TV on their website. The longer your video is the more money you will make.

– It’s a way to earn money by staying home and watching videos online!

Tip: Earn Money Watching Videos with Swagbucks or Inbox Dollar

The tip to make money with your phone is to earn cash by watching videos. Swagbucks and Inbox Dollar are two sites that allow you to watch adverts in your web browser and earn cash, usually around $0.25-$0.75 for every video watched within a 24 hour period of time (it will vary depending on the site).

– The average user will earn $300 a year.


– Swagbucks is an easy way to make money with your phone! It’s free and you’ll receive bonus points for referring friends who also sign up. You can redeem the points for gift cards, prizes or donate them which will help raise funds for your favorite charity.

– Swagbucks offers surveys, watching videos, shopping online and more to earn points toward their rewards. You’ll also receive a $0.25 bonus for every survey you complete!

Inbox Dollars:

– Inbox Dollar’s motto is “earn while you read.” It works just like the other survey mobile apps, but they will also pay you to watch videos and reply to emails.

8) Play game and get paid

Playing games is now more than what will do for fun only, you can now make money from this too! Games are a great way to kill time and they’re perfect for long commutes as well.

– Tapjoy offers rewards in the form of cash, gift cards or free phone apps with just a few taps. You’ll receive points when watching videos, downloading games, using apps and more!

Fun app that allows users to make money by giving their opinion on products and services.

– Companies are now monetizing mobile games and players can earn cash prizes for competing in tournaments.

– Major gaming companies like EA allow gamers to play their newest release, Madden 2016 Mobile, for free but there’s also an option to pay a one time $0.99 fee that will permanently unlock the game with no ads.”

– OpinionWorld pays its members to take surveys for points which can be exchanged for cash, gift cards or rewards like coupons from popular retailers.

Money Pouch:

– Money Pouches is a fun app that allows users to make money by playing games on their phones. The more points you earn, the higher your rank becomes and the better rewards are available for purchase!

9) Sell out your old items

Smart phones has made it easier to sell out our old items in exchange for cash. There are variety of apps such as OfferUp and Facebook Marketplace that can be used to sell our old items.

– Selling your old clothes on Poshmark is a great way to make some quick cash. Sellers can sell their clothes, shoes and accessories for as low as $0.99 in many cases!

– Selling your old items on eBay is an easy process that’s actually quite fun if you enjoy shopping around and browsing through the site.

Here are some sites where you can sell your old items with the use of your smart phone. The sites are: Poshmark, eBay, Craigslist,  OfferUp, Facebook Marketplace.

The better rewards are available for purchase!

Sell out your old items: Smart phones has made it easier to sell out our old items in exchange for cash. There are variety of apps such as Poshmark, eBay, Craigslist, OfferUp, Facebook Marketplace that can be used to sell our old items.

Selling your old clothe:  Don’t have any old clothes or shoes? Once you have old clothes no worries, you can sell your items on Poshmark for as low as $0.99 in most cases! This is a great way to make some quick cash when you need it the most.

Rent out your place: Another easy and profitable way of making money with smart phone.


Poshmark is an online marketplace that has over 25 million members and offers a variety of ways to make money.

Renting your place: Poshmark is the fastest way for you to list your space, set a price on it and start earning cash quickly! You can also use this app when you ‘re on the go to find a space and book it.

Being an influencer: The more followers you have, the higher chance that companies will want to work with you! Poshmark offers paid partnership opportunities for people who are interested in promoting products from our partner brands.


eBay is a fun and easy way to make money with smart phone.

Sell your old items: Simply set up an eBay account, list the item for sale and get it in front of millions of potential buyers!

Become a power seller: The more you sell on eBay, the higher rank you’ll earn which comes with other perks like seller protection.

Sell your product: If you have a cool new invention or are looking to invest in stocks, this could be the perfect way for you to make money with smart phone!

Craigslist: Craigslist  is a popular way to find jobs, sell products and even buy cars.

Sell your stuff: List the items you’re selling for free on Craigslist. They may be gone before the day is done!

Get paid to take surveys: Some organizations will actually pay you in cash or gift cards just for answering questions about what’s important  to you.

Invest in Bitcoin: What’s the next big thing? It could be bitcoin!

Sell your photos and videos: You never know where they might end up, so make sure to keep good quality versions of all your images and video footage on a hard drive somewhere.

OfferUp: This is a great way to trade items, meet people and make some money.

Sell your stuff: List the items you’re selling for free on OfferUp! They may be gone before the day is done!

Facebook Marketplace: Facebook Marketplace is a popular way to buy and sell items.

Sell your stuff: List the items you’re selling for free on Craigslist. They may be gone before the day is done!

10) Online customer service

You can work from home and make money by doing digital marketing, which includes social media posts. There are tons of ways to make money from your smart phone – signing up for a customer service app is one way.

Offer coupons: You can offer discounts and promotions using an app like Groupon or Foursquare.

Sell unused items in your closet: List the items you’re selling on eBay!

Sell  your items on eBay: List the items you’re selling for free on eBay. They may be gone before the day is done!

Sell your skills and time:  You can offer to do tasks as a freelancer using an app like UpWork.

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Are you ready?

Other things you can do with your smart phone paid to play games: There are many different apps that will pay you for time spent playing your favorite mobile game, and some of these offer in-game currency as well.

Get a side hustle

You can score extra money by doing something you like, but no longer have time to do.

Get paid for reading emails: Sign up with an email app like Perk or Inbox Dollars and get rewarded when you open a message!

Sell items

Get paid to take surveys: Some organizations will actually pay you in cash or gift cards just for answering questions about what’s important  to you. Earn cash from your car: You can sell it, rent it out or turn into a taxi service!

Sell old clothes and shoes: Take them to the nearest consignment store where they’ll be sold in no time at all.

Get paid for testing apps: If you have an iPhone with spare storage capacity, download  the free AppRaisin app and get paid for testing apps .

List items on eBay: It’s free to list an item for sale on eBay! Be sure you know how much your time is worth per hour before selling it so that the listing price reflects a realistic value. When someone buys one of your items, you’ll be paid within 24 hours.

Sell products to make money on Amazon: If you’re looking for a platform with more exposure than eBay or Etsy but less competition than Shopify, consider selling on Amazon. You can set up an account and start listing products in just five minutes!

Offer any service like pet sitting, dog walking or house sitting: If you’re an animal lover with a flexible schedule and can handle pets for short periods of time, then pet-sitting might be the perfect side hustle!

Offer design services on Most people don’t have a background in website design but most websites need some sort of design work. So, if you want to make money online by offering your design skills on Fiverr, start with a website design service that is low-cost and high in demand.

Offer services such as photography: If you have a DSLR camera or can borrow one for the day (or even an old point & shoot), then you can offer your services to document the lives of others.

Offer writing and design services on Upwork: If you want to get started maling money with yoir smart phone by offering Writing and design serices on Upwork, first sign up for free and then start reading projects to see if there are any that are a good fit.

Become a virtual assistant: If you’re skilled at administrative tasks and can type quickly, consider becoming an online virtual assistant. You could start by offering your services on Zirtual or Simply Hired’s website–both sites offer opportunities for web assistants looking to make some extra cash.

Offer freelance photography services: If you have a good camera (even an old point & shoot), then you can offer your services to document the lives of others.

Offer web design and development skills: As long as you know how to build websites, it’s simple enough to start building them for other people on sites like Elance or oDesk.

Offer services on TaskRabbit: You can offer your skills and time to complete tasks as a freelancer using an app like UpWork or TaskRabbit, which connects people with jobs that need doing!

Offer ridesharing services via Uber or Lyft: I love driving strangers around in my car and getting paid for it.

Become a dog walker: Offer to walk dogs in your spare time and make some cash!

In conclusion, these were the Top Ten ways to make money with your smartphone! Take note of them so you can remember how in case you ever need an extra bit of cash.

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