How To Make Money On Onlyfans: The Smart Guide


Making money on onlyfans is a tricky topic. There are many ways to make money on onlyfans, and they don’t all involve work. If you’re looking for an alternattive way to monetize your account, then this post is for you!  In this article we’ll go over some of the best methods of making money on only fans that don’t involve some content – including tips and tricks from people who have used these strategies in the past successfully.

In today’s society where everyone has a camera phone it may come as no surprise  that people are now using the internet to make money with their bodies, and in some cases without clothes at all! It’s important to know what you’re

Making money through onlyfans is pretty easy. There are a few methods that seem to work the best, and I went ahead and tried them all so you don’t have to! Here they are:

Private shows

Private shows are the MOST popular type of content that OnlyFans users buy. They’re videos for one person, just you and whoever it is that chooses to watch your show. The only thing you need in order to do these private shows is a webcam! If you don’t have any other equipment or software , you can use the onlyfans app, which has all of these features and more.


Crowdfunding is a way to ask for donations (in this case it’s money) from people who want to support your work or need help with something that they’ve been struggling with in their life.

You can do live streaming, raffles and other things to help you get the word out about your campaign.


With a membership site, you upload content on a regular basis (videos, photosets, or both) for people who’ve paid a monthly fee that grants them access to those videos and more!  

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With onlyfans, you upload content for a fee and only those who pay to see the site have access to your posts.

There are some great benefits of using OnlyFANs as opposed to other social media sites like Facebook or Instagram. For example, with OnlyFans it’s easy enough to get in  touch with your audience, and you don’t have to worry about how many likes the posts get because only paying members can see them.


For example, if you’re a photographer who’s posting pictures on Instagram for free but would like people to pay for access or download their photoset in order to support your work full time , you can use a website like onlyfans to charge for access or download.

Payment Options

With OnlyFans, they several different payment methods that make it easy and convenient for anyone looking to support your work! You even get paid within 24 hours of first purchase in some cases.

What are the benefits?

-No one can see your posts if they’re not a paying member

-get paid within 24 hours of first purchase in some cases

-Followers: For example, photographers who are posting pictures for free on Instagram but would like people to pay for access or download their photoset.   -Payment Options: With  OnlyFans, they have several different payment methods that make it easy and convenient for anyone looking to support your work! You even get paid within 24 hours of first purchase in some cases.

How onlyfans works

Onlyfans allows creators to upload content, such as photos and videos. Fans of the page can subscribe for $20 per month or more, which removes ads from their account exchange for exclusive access to only-subscribers-can post on the photo feed.

Ways of making money on onlyfans – some of the ways you can make money on onlyfans are by creating posts for your page, sharing links to clips that may not be available elsewhere, and/or offering paid-only features like personal messages.

Tips and tricks of making money from onlyfans

post frequently – posting as often as possible is one of the best ways to encourage subscriptions and interactions on your page. Fans love getting new content from their favorite creators, so keep them coming by uploading at least three videos or photos per week.

– offer paid only features for $0.99-$25 each, sometimes people want a little more. Offer access to videos and photos that are only available for your paid followers – fans will be willing to pay for the content they can’t get anywhere else.

create posts – you can make money on onlyfans from either asking people to subscribe or sharing links with clips not available elsewhere (think exclusive previews). If it’s  a preview of a new video, make sure you’re offering the full clip in exchange for subscribers.

make sure your feed doesn’t look spammy -Don’t post too many photos of one thing in a row and only post photos that are different from one another.

share your onlyfans page on all social media – use hashtags and keywords to ensure that people can find your content wherever they are online. Make it easy for your fans to follow you by linking back to your main website or blog so that  they can find everything you’re posting in one place.

-blog posts – write a post to your only fans account and promote it on all social media channels – that way, people who subscribe will be getting the same content as everyone else while only paying for what they want.

be nice – if someone reaches out to your page with negative feedback or questions, don’t get defensive and lash back at them. Instead of acting like an ass online, show that you’re grateful they reached out to your page and try to clear up the situation.

link your other social media profiles – if someone has paid you $25 on onlyfans, it’s a great messages

reconnect with fans – onlyfans is all about building relationships with your followers and giving them what they want, so use the comment section to respond to questions or pleas from subscribers.

only offer access to high quality content – if you’re a photographer, for example, and someone is paying $25 per message, make sure they are getting the best of your work.

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People may ask how much should I charge per month?

In terms of pricing, is a bit more expensive than some other social media sites like Snapchat or Instagram. You can also decide whether you want to offer the content for free and make money from sponsored ads on your page, or charge straight up for it upfront (with no ads).

offer more content for higher prices – if you want $25 per message instead  of $0.99, make sure you offer a lot more content for this higher price point .

offer discounts for longer subscriptions – some people might want one month access at a time and others might prefer an annual subscription,  so don’t be afraid to offer discounts for longer subscriptions.

offer discounts for longer subscriptions – some people might want one month access at a time and others might prefer an annual subscription, so don’t be afraid to offer discounts for longer subscriptions .

– only charge by rather than charging per post, some people prefer this option as they can control how much time and effort goes into  each post – you can offer a discount for the per-post option or only charge by subscription of  two or three times per year.

offer a discount for onlyfans members who comment on your posts – this will encourage more engagement and you’ll be able to better understand what people are most interested in seeing from  your page .

offer discounts on your products and merchandise – if you have a product that’s associated with what people like to see from your pages then it’s worth offering these services at discounted rates.

More Ideas for Making Money:

– create exclusive content for onlyfans, this can be in the form of video or photos.

– promote other peoples – if someone reaches out to your page with negative feedback or questions , it’s worth posting this on your onlyfans page and promoting their social media with a link to the individual.

– think about what you can offer that others don’t – if there are other pages or influencers in the same  interest as yours but they aren’t performing well, then consider offering more than them for a cheaper price.

– only offer things that are exclusive to your page – this is a really important point. If you don’t have anything exclusively for people on onlyfans then they’ll be less likely to follow and pay any attention to what you’re posting.

– make sure to have written content before making your account public on onlyfans – people need to know what they’re subscribing to and there needs to be some substance. Make sure that each photo is original, not just lifted from Instagram or somewhere else .

– try and find a niche that has potential for growth – the onlyfans audience is mainly guys, so if you’re making posts about something like makeup or fashion then it’s not going to perform as well.

– post content that is high in demand : photos of yourself, make-up tutorials, outfit posts.

– don’t post too many nude or sexy shots: people who only follow you there are expecting to see them and if they’re constantly bombarded with nudes and not much else then it’s going to turn some customers off.

– Onlyfans has a paywall so only your followers can see the content.

– This means that if you only have 100 followers, then your following will be limited to just those people .

– The more followers you have, the more exposure your content will get.

– You can post to onlyfans for free but if you want it to be exclusive and members only then you’ll need to pay a monthly fee of $20-$40 depending on how many posts per month are included in that price.

– As of now, OnlyFans is mostly a place for amateurs and adult performers: this limits your potential audience size but also gives them an opportunity to charge more per post than they would  like to do

– research keywords to target specific audiences

– have a plan for how and when you will get followers on your page & create posts accordingly (e.g., upload new photos every Sunday)

– offer paid only features like personal messages or videos of the creators performance, etc.

how onlyfan payments work – onlyfan has an automatic system that pays out creators on a monthly basis. After the only fan payment system has been  set up, onlyfans will be automatically deposited into a users account.

onlyfans hack 2021approved, creators are paid out of their account balance each month, onlyfans is an automatic system that pays out creators on a monthly basis.

Onlyfans hack 2021

Onlyfans hacks you should know are;

– onlyfans is a good way to generate  money  for content creators that do not have the time or resources to monetize their page with ads. A creator can upload videos, photos, and sell digital goods on onlyfan which they are paid from immediately (after approval of payment plan)

which celebs have onlyfans accounts?

Celebs like rihanna, justin bieber and iggy azaela have accounts on onlyfans. the most popular  onlyfan account belongs to kim Kardashian who has over 60 million followers.

How can this help me?

If you are a content creator with an active following on social media , onlyfans might be a good way to make money from your videos.

if you are an influencer with a large following, it may not be worth the time investment due to  low monetization rates and high competition

onlyfans is best for people who already have content on YouTube or Instagram, but don’t want  a following or are willing to spend lots of time building one

most importantly, onlyfans is great for people who want more control over the content they upload and how it’s monetized.  this can be appealing for creators who do not feel comfortable with their social media followers seeing explicit content.

how much money will you make on onlyfans?

if you have a following on other platforms, onlyfans will be great for your visibility and potentially lead to more money.  otherwise, it may not make sense financially for you.

You might be making about $500 – $1000 per month from onlyfan based on the content you upload there (mostly suggestive photos) which is about double what people make from their other social media platforms.

how to make money on onlyfans without showing your face

The idea of not showing one’s face to make money can seem daunting, but there are some caveats that need your attention. It might depend on the parts of your body you deem aesthetically pleasing and if people find them desirable in general-especially for those who create adult content. If this is something that interests you, then congratulations! There are many people out there too see what other things they enjoy (or don’t).