Top 10 Richest Yahoo Boy’s In Nigeria| Top 10 Richest Boy’s in Nigeria

Richest Boy’s

You are highly welcome to this page. In this page you will find out the real fact about the Nigerian yahoo boys.

Whenever we are talking about biggest yahoo boys in Nigeria, we are referring to the set of guys that lives a luxurious lifestyle, drive expensive ride, drink and wear expensive clothes and spend lavishly, their night are mostly spent in night clubs spending lavishly.

These yahoo boys are the boys that make money from scamming people using another human picture to scam their victim, collecting money from the people most specially the white online.

We are going to update you the latest top ten Nigerian yahoo boys that like flaunting money everywhere and also update the way they lavish Money on social Media, some time also do give away. The top 10 richest yahoo boys in Nigeria are: Deskid wayne, Investor BJ, B Naira, Aremo Gucci, Opa 6ix, King Jide, Baddy Oosha, Shy Boss, Mompha, Ray Hushpuppi.

Let discuss briefly about everyone of them because I know you will be happy to know more about them, not only their names should be released.

Yahoo Boys list

1.Ray Hushpuppi


3.Shy Boss

4.Baddy Oosha

5.King Jide

6.Opa 6ix

7.Aremo Gucci

8.B Naira

9.Investor BJ

10.Deskid wayne

1.Ray Hushpuppi

Ray Hushpuppi is the richest Nigerian yahoo big boy that is still leading as of 2020, the richest Nigeria yahoo big boy(Hushpuppi) is also known as aja pupa in other countries. Being a socialite, he do brings up is lifestyle and social way of life on every social media. His wealth lead him to the first number in the top 10 richest yahoo boys.

Hushpuppi is one of the Gucci fans that love spending lavishly buying Gucci brands, this lead him to the why people do call him Gucci king then and now I think the richest big boy now rock on Fendi also, whenever is spending lavishly both on brands and any other things he do make his lavish spending transparent to his followers on Instagram.

The nigeria yahoo big boy based in Malaysia and he made us to understand that he work hard to make his wealth within 4 years in Malaysia. Hushpuppi do stand in line with the Nigerian richest musicians when it comes to spend lavishly, talk of musicians like Wizkid, Olamide, Phyno, Davido and the rest of them that love spending and always trends everytime.

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If you want to see the way he spend lavishly on designers, cars, drink, tour and every other things you can follow him on Instagram @hushpuppi and you can also join his Fan’s by following him on Instagram, he has huge followers on Instagram (2.1 million followers).

2. Mompha

Ismaila Mustapha popularly known as Mompha is a Nigerian yahoo big boy who also claim to be Bureau De Changer in Lagos State. His well known on Instagram for spending and uploading is pictures on Instagram with cash of different currency especially dollars with expensive car’s and exortic wears.

Mompha did not only spend money on brands and did not rely on scamming only. His a businessman  that  has a large business in Lagos State with massive income everynow and then but people did not still believe that all this mentioned above are is source of income due to the way the yahoo big boy do spend lavishly with the give away he do give his Fan’s on Instagram.

The nigeria yahoo big boy(Mompha) do advise is followers on Instagram to also work harder. he rock the Instagram with 828,000 followers on March.

3.Shy Boss

According to his name shy boss the name sounds innocent but when it comes to lavish spending on confirm stuff’s is one of the best. Shy boss, in respect to his name he do shy but when you come across this gentle looking in a place where is spending you will not believe what your eye see.

Shy Boss is also one of the Nigerian yahoo boys that make money online and claim to be dj, artist, real estate(sales & contraction) and Bitcoin trader with 295 thousand followers on Instagram and do give away to his Fan’s on Instagram.

If you really want to see more of his pictures and videos you can follow him on Instagram @Officialshyboss.

I know you will be happy to check him up on the Instagram is pictures and videos and this will keep your time for the day.

4.Baddy Oosha

Baddy Oosha is also one of the received Nigeria richest yahoo boy but based in Malaysia to hustle well being an internet gangster.

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Baddy Oosha birth name is badmus akeem. He has acted a film before with Toyin Aimakhu and is popularity and his lavish spending make is name to be hail in a song released by 9ice titled Living Things and other artists like Olamide , Lil kesh and others.

5.King Jide

King Jide is a nigeria yahoo boy. He based in South Africa, popularly known as Mayor of cape Town. He also have many followers as others do and always update is fans on how he lavish money.

King Jide came into spotlight when he spend lavishly in a club, buying a bottle of Dom Parignon and 30 Ace for 5million in Nigeria currency with the receipt back then.

6.Opa 6ix

Olusegun Akinola Opaogun famously known as Opa 6ix, Is also one of the biggest Nigeria yahoo boys that do spend money anyhow on exortic clothes, expensive drink and cars.

Opa 6ix also move with huge number of followers on Instagram, his way of life do encourage the youth that nothing bad or hard in engaging in the same work he engage himself to make the money to live the way of his own life as well.

Some of the top Nigerian musicians do mention is name also in there song’s. I guess is because he has make money that is why the Nigerian Musicians like 9ice, Small doctor, Reminisce don hail him in their song’s.

7.Aremo Gucci

Aremo Gucci has the same brand where he lavish is money along side with Hushpuppi. As is name implies Aremo Gucci, he love spending is money lavishly on Gucci brands.

On Instagram he has massive followers that do expect is pictures and videos that is not yet upload on the Instagram due to fun that his followers do catch when checking him on Instagram.

His also a Nigeria yahoo boy that make money through the logic of scamming others. His a yahoo boy that is all what we believe since he has no other sources of income that is transparent to the public.

8.B Naira

Adewale Adebayo popularly known on the street as B Naira is a Nigerian yahoo boy, he was born and brought up in Lagos State.

He was well known as a hip hop nigeria musician, he earn money for is living from is sales record and also own a studio for producing music where he earn too .

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His big break come through when he release a song title jasi with a large number of followers on Instagram where he posted all his pictures the way he spends heavily on expensive things. With the pictures of his luxurious life but people still don’t believe that the money is only made from his career with the way he spend lavishly.

9.Investor BJ

Investor BJ is one the Nigerian yahoo boys that based in Malaysia. He really try to be able to pop up on the list of the richest Nigerian yahoo big boys on board for now, hitting the number nine on the list.

He claims to be one of the Gucci Fan’s that is well recognized in Malaysia when he have some misunderstanding with the Gucci man called Hushpuppi, telling Hushpuppi that he only go to Gucci store to take  pictures with Gucci brands and he also show the proof that he remain most lover of Gucci  brands and he do spend money lavishly on Gucci brands.

He also grow and move with larger number of Instagram followers and if you want to see his latest pictures or videos you can check him on Instagram.

10.Deskid wayne

As you can see Deskid Wayne manage the 10th position on the list. Deskid Wayne is also a Nigerian big boy when it comes to money talk, the young rich guy maintain is one and only girlfriend.

Deskid Wayne Was well known when he storm the social media with hard Curry and they make us understand that he do make is cash every day that is transaction in a week will surely encourage you to follow the richest yahoo in Nigeria.

He also have alot of the ways he lavish money updated on the social media and you can also follow him on Instagram to testify to it too.

People Believe

People believe that anybody that dress well on the road now are now yahoo boy.

Is that true?

People also believe that anything that happen in the society today are also yahoo boys work. If driver drive recklessly, they will said is yahoo boy that is driving the car.


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