Matt Rife Net worth, Wikipedia, Age, Career

Matt Rife, the American comedian, actor, and TikTok star, has taken the entertainment industry by storm with a net worth of $30 million. Born on September 10, 1995, in Columbus, Ohio, Rife’s journey from a small town to Hollywood is nothing short of inspiring. In this blog post, we’ll delve into his early life, television appearances, stand-up comedy specials, film career, TikTok success, and personal life.

Matt Rife Early Life:

Raised in North Lewisburg with three older stepsisters and one younger stepsister, Matt Rife discovered his passion for comedy at the age of 14. Tragically, at just a year-and-a-half old, he lost his father to suicide. Despite the challenges, Rife began performing professionally at 15, showcasing his comedic talent.

Television Appearances:

Rife’s television career kicked off in 2014 with a role in “Average Joe.” Subsequent appearances on “Gamer’s Guide to Pretty Much Everything,” “Wild ‘n Out,” and hosting MTV’s “Total Request Live” in 2017 paved the way for his diverse roles, including participating in “The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars” and competing on “Bring the Funny” in 2019.

Stand-up Comedy Specials:

After reaching the semi-final showcase on “Bring the Funny,” Rife released his first self-produced stand-up comedy special, “Only Fans.” The year 2023 saw the launch of two more specials: “Matthew Steven Rife” on Valentine’s Day and “Walking Red Flag” in June, solidifying his presence in the comedy scene.

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Film Career:

Rife made his film debut in 2015’s “Room 236” and gained momentum with appearances in various films, including “Black Pumpkin,” “The Elevator,” and “Just Swipe.” His 2022 BET+ dramedy film, “North of the 10,” showcased his versatility in portraying one of five friends aspiring to become a viral sensation in Chicago.

TikTok Success:

Beyond traditional media, Rife embraced the digital age and became a TikTok sensation, amassing over 17 million followers. His content predominantly features snippets of his stand-up comedy, captivating audiences with humor in bite-sized videos.

Matt Rife Influences:

Rife attributes his comedic prowess to influences like Ricky Gervais and Dave Chappelle, with admiration for stars like Adam Sandler, Robin Williams, David Spade, and Jim Carrey shaping his comedic style.

Matt Rife Networth

Discover the incredible journey of Matt Rife, the multi-talented American comedian, actor, and TikTok sensation whose meteoric rise to fame has landed him a staggering net worth of $30 million. From self-produced comedy specials to captivating appearances on the big screen, Rife’s career is a testament to his comedic prowess and entrepreneurial spirit.

Matt Rife Personal Life:

While briefly linked to British actress Kate Beckinsale, Rife maintains a single status due to his demanding schedule. Despite his success, he grapples with depression and anxiety, opening up about these struggles in his 2021 comedy special, “Only Fans.”


Matt Rife’s journey from a high school talent show to Hollywood stardom reflects not only his comedic talent but also his resilience in overcoming personal challenges. As he continues to thrive in various entertainment realms, Rife’s story inspires aspiring comedians and content creators worldwide.

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