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Lavisha Malik has currently captured the spotlight along with her extraordinary income talents at 22g car, a prestigious automobile dealership in Brampton, Canada. A viral video showcasing her charismatic presentation style and fluency in Punjabi speedy propelled her to fame on structures like Twitter and Telegram.

Born in Chandigarh, India, Lavi Malik migrated to Canada with her family at the age of ten, she grew up Brampton, a city with a vibrant Sikh and Indian community, where she showed interest in automobile. Lavisha acquired a business administration at Sheridan college, but her real journey started out whilst she started out creating content material on Instagram and TikTok, showcasing her lifestyle, garb, and car valuations.

 Malik’s Bio, WIki and Facts

Name Lavisha Malik
Age 25 year old
Birth Date 1999
Birth Place India
Material status Unmarried
Boyfriend Name NA
Nationality Canadian
Father Name Not known
Mother Name Unknown
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Height 5 Feet 5 Inches
Weight 55 kg
Net Worth $100K
Social Media Account FacebookInstagramTwitter

The video, which was first shared on the 22g Auto Instagram account, has received millions of views and reactions from viewers drawn to Malik’s charisma, confidence, and Punjabi fluency. But who is Lavisha, and how did she become the viral hit at 22g Auto Sales? Here’s everything you should know about her.

Levisha Malik Net Worth and Earnings

Malik’s net worth is unknown, although it is believed that she gets a good living from her numerous sources of earnings. She works as a part-time sales agent at 22g Auto, a premium and exotic car dealership. Lavisha earns money through her social media channels, with over 122K Instagram followers and a rising TikTok fan base.

She produces material on areas such as vehicles, fashion, lifestyle, and entertainment, and works with a variety of brands and sponsors. Although she also has a YouTube account, where she shares videos of her automobile reviews and other activities. She is also seeking a modeling career, having gotten offers from a variety of brands and magazines. Although her Net Worth would be $100 K as of 2024.

Early Life and Background

Lavisha is a 24-year-old digital content developer, social media influencer, and model of Indian heritage. She was born in Chandigarh, India, and migrated to Canada with her family when she was ten years old.

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She grew up in Brampton, a city with a substantial Sikh and Indian community, and attended Sheridan College to study business administration.

Levisha making videos, Photo SOurce; Instagram

She has always been interested in cars and fashion, and she began generating material for social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok, where she shares her lifestyle, clothing, and car reviews. She has over 122K Instagram followers and goes by the username @lavi_malik04.

How did she become the 22g Auto Sales Girl?

Malik’s relationship with 22g Auto, a luxury and exotic car dealership, began in 2022 when she purchased her first vehicle from them. She was thrilled with their service and range and became a regular customer.

Levisha became friends with the proprietor of 22g Auto, Photo Source: Instagram

She also became friends with the proprietor of 22g Auto, who offered her a part-time position as a sales representative. Malik accepted the offer and began working at 22g Auto on weekends, while continuing to create material throughout the week.

She enjoyed her job and used her sales talents and social media presence to bring in more consumers to 22g Auto. She also made advertising movies for 22g Auto, highlighting the cars and their amenities in Punjabi to appeal to the local people.

What viral video made her famous?

On February 15, 2024, the 22g Auto Instagram account shared the viral video that made Malik famous. In the video, Malik introduces herself as the 22g Auto Sales Girl while standing in front of a red Ferrari. She then gives a thorough overview of the car, including characteristics, price, and financing options, in Punjabi.

She speaks with confidence, energy, and fun, and concludes the film by asking viewers to visit 22g Auto and purchase their ideal car. The video was intended to be a fun and instructive promo, but it quickly went viral on social media platforms such as Twitter and Telegram, with fans impressed by Malik’s sales presentation and personality.

The video gained millions of views, likes, comments, and shares, catapulting Malik to instant fame. Many users commended her sales ability, Punjabi fluency, and beauty. Some readers even compared her to popular Bollywood actresses such as Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone. The video also increased the popularity and sales of 22g Auto, as many consumers came to see Malik and purchase a car from her.


Lavisha Malik Viral Video with Instagram Account Link

In February 2024, a leaked video of a Canadian model and influencer marketing a car dealership in Punjabi sparked uproar online. The video, first put on YouTube by 22g Auto Sales, a dealership in Brampton, Ontario, went viral on social media platforms such as Twitter and Telegram, garnering millions of views and reactions from people who applauded her talent and personality. However, the video attracted controversy and outrage from some viewers, who accused her of being improper, indecent, and disrespectful to Sikh and Indian culture.


The uproar erupted after it was revealed that the video did not include Lavisha, but rather another unknown girl who resembled her. Malik, a renowned social media influencer with over 500,000 Instagram followers, denied being involved in the video and said she was the victim of identity theft and slander. She also warned legal action against those who circulated the bogus stories and video.

The incident has called into question the ethics and morality of using someone is likeness and name without their permission, as well as the influence of viral videos on people’s reputations and privacy. It also emphasizes the difficulties and pitfalls of producing and consuming material in the digital age. Where authenticity and relatability are readily manipulated and exploited. Lavisha Malik’s viral video dispute is a complicated and contentious matter. That has caused much debate and discussion in the online community.

Future Plans

Malik expresses gratitude for the attention and support she has received as a result of the viral video. Which has opened up numerous chances for her. She intends to continue working at 22g Auto as well as creating content for social media.

She also wants to pursue a modeling career and has received offers from a number of brands and magazines. Then she says she enjoys engaging with consumers and assisting them in finding their ideal vehicle. Also she expresses pride in her Indian origin and a desire to positively represent her culture and community. She expresses happiness and contentment with her life and looks forward to the future.

Boyfriends and Relationships status of Lavisha Malik:

However, Lavisha Malik is very quiet about her personal life and does not reveal anything about her partner or relationship status.

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She chooses to keep her love life private so that she can focus on her profession and pastimes. She has neither acknowledged nor refuted any reports or speculations concerning her romantic relationships. Also she has not shared any photos or videos of her spouse on her social media platforms.

Levisha Malik Body Measurements:

Lavisha is a stunning young woman with a thin and fit body. She is of Indian heritage, with brown eyes and black hair. She frequently wears traditional Indian apparel, such as sarees and lehengas, as well as Western outfits, such dresses and jeans.

Also she enjoys wearing accessories like earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Her actual height, weight, and physical stats are unknown. However she appears to be 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighs approximately 55 kilograms.

Lavisha Malik Controversies

Malik has been involved in some controversy, owing primarily to the viral video that made her famous. The video, which was released on the 22g Auto Instagram account, shows her selling a Ferrari in Punjabi and has received millions of views and reactions from viewers drawn to her charisma, confidence, and Punjabi fluency.

However, the video drew criticism, with some viewers accusing her of being false, vulgar, and disrespectful to the car and culture. Some commenters also claimed that the video was produced and that she was a paid model or actress, rather than a real sales representative. Some people also leaked a private video of her.. 22g auto sales girl,22g auto sales,Lavisha Malik,Lavisha Malik viral video,22g auto sales girl viral video,Lavisha Malik video,lavi malik 04,22g auto sales girl lavi malik,22g auto sales lavisha malik,lavisha malik tik tok

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