How To Share Airtime On Airtel

Airtel is a cellular company that provides mobile phone services in over 20 countries. Airtime can be shared with friends and family on the same network or different networks. This blog post will explain how to share airtime on your Airtel account using Mobile Money.

Airtel is a popular telecommunications company in Nigeria. Airtel has been around since 1994 and is known for providing high-quality services to its customers. With over 200 million subscribers, Airtel offers different packages like Family Share, Data Plans and many more. This blog post will explore how you can share your airtime with other users on the same network of Airtel.

A lot of people that use the internet have an account with Facebook or Twitter, but what about those who do not? It’s easy to get lost in everything we see on social media without ever taking time for ourselves. That’s why today I want to show you how you can share some of your airtime so that someone else might be.

Airtel is the leading telecommunications company in Nigeria. It’s a multinational company with its headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria. Airtel offers mobile voice and data services to consumers through both prepaid and postpaid plans. Airtel has been operating since 1994 when it was first launched as Celtel International by Amos Nzeogwu, Dr. Agbani Darego, Ade Omidiran, Ralph Denham and others who had established an international consortium of investors from different countries including South Africa which became Celtel International Limited.

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Airtel has grown tremendously over the years but still retains the original vision of being a Nigerian-led organisation that is committed to providing quality service at affordable rates for all Nigerians.

Airtel is the world’s leading telecom company that provides wireless and internet services to its customers. Airtime or credit on your account can be transferred among fellow subscribers, so if you have a little extra airtime but not enough for what you want it for then buy more time from either an agent location or website by entering user ID number and password – this will make sure no third party gets access to your data!

A lot of us are stuck with phones without any kind of contract at all nowadays, which means we only get service when our minutes last. But in order stay connected every day there’s something called “airtime” (the term used whenever someone makes another person within their network; like family) available.

Do you have an Airtel sim and don’t know how to transfer airtime from one line of your account to another? It’s not difficult at all, this article is going walk through the steps on how. With close to 60 million subscribers, Airtel remains one of the largest telecommunication networks in Nigeria. The special codes for transferring credit or data are called “Airtime Transfer Codes.”

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Airtime is an important part of any cell phone plan because it determines how long people can talk on their phones or use data. If you want to give someone a really great gift, like sending them money for the time in which they cannot be with family and friends- then Airtel has just made that possible! With such fast service, there’s no need to wait weeks before your loved one gets airtime from another company; now all you have to do is click “transfer” and boom -they’re set up as if they were never without this precious commodity.”

How to share Airtel account to another. But luckily, ME2U transactions are irreversible and you’re able to check your previous transaction before initiating the new one!

If somehow along the line (say you forgot your PIN) then there’s always customer care at 111 for help with prompts that might come up during any of those pesky transfers and should be treated with the utmost care when transferring money from your account into someone else’s bank account or even sending a text message as they will charge for each transaction.

To avoid forgetting these PINs, write them down in an easily accessible place such as on paper around your house so if it slips out of mind all you have to do is search where he wrote it last time and get back up!

Airtel Me2U

Airtel Me2U is a special service that allows an Airtel subscriber to show love by transferring credit from their account. You can recharge your own card and share it with family members, friends or even colleagues as long as they are on the network but you can only transfer up to N5000 per day.

If You Wish To Change the Default Me2U Transfer PIN

A default PIN is four digits long. Follow these steps to change your password:

– Go into the SMS menu on your phone and write “PIN” followed by a space, then enter your current number (1234) as well as the 4 digit code you want for future transactions in one text message; send it to 432 at any time of day or night. You’ll get notification that confirms if everything was successful after five minutes have passed since sending it off!

How To Change your MTN Share PIN From Default Pin


How To Transfer Airtime On Airtel Line

never been easier to transfer credit on your Airtel lines. Just dial *432# and follow the steps listed below:

1. Dial *432# from the phone you wish to send credits away from (not where they’ll go).

2. Select ‘transfer airtime’. You should be prompted for a PIN, this is what identifies your account in order for them not get mysteriously sent somewhere else by mistake! Enter it here and hit confirm; just make sure that both numbers are correct before proceeding with any transactions like this one or there may be repercussions down the line if something goes wrong – we don’t want anything bad happening now do we? 😉 Now once confirmed, enter how much of their balance you wish to take away from them and confirm it by hitting next.

3. Select how much of your balance you wish to send from the phone number that’ll be getting the credit (the account where the receiving airtime will be sent too). Confirm once more, if everything’s fine proceed with confirming payment by putting in a confirmation code that should be sent to you via SMS by Airtel. Once the confirmation code has been entered, hit confirm and enjoy your new free airtime!

To Borrow Airtel Credit(Credit Me Service)

Airtel is an amazing service that allows subscribers to request airtime from friends and family. This has been called the “Credit Me Service”, which makes it possible for you to make a call even when your balance runs out or if there’s some other emergency without having to pay any extra money. So next time someone in need of credit asks you on Airtel, don’t hesitate – just “credit me”!

Yes, you heard that right! Requesting for airtime on Airtel is called the ‘credit me’ service. The credit me service allows an airtime subscriber to request for some extra time from a friend or family member who has enough balance left in their account by sending them free credits through Airtel’s Credit Me Service.

So if you happen to be in such a situation whereby you don’t have enough balance and need urgently make call but cannot do so due lack of funds, ask someone with whom either friends or families are subscribed with same network like yours (Airlink) because they can send your way some ‘free’ minutes which will enable one to complete calling without compromising his/her privacy at all.

You can use this article to transfer airtime from one Airtel number to another. This is a very convenient way of transferring money between two numbers without incurring any charges for the transaction, and it takes less than 2 minutes!

Just follow these simple steps: dial *141*8* recipient number # (that’s 141 followed by 8), then send in your recipient’s ID or phone no., which should be written as 11 digits with an area code that starts at the number. Finally press SEND NOW (#) button on the keypad when you are ready. You will receive confirmation SMS from our system confirming successful credit request; please wait up until 4 hours before calling customer care team if still not received alert message via text sms.

The process is instant and you will not be charged anything much for the transaction, but the recipient number will be crebited by exactly the amount that you requested.

NOTE: This service is available only for Airtel subscribers.

To Get Your Airtel Number

If your phone is a part of the airtel network, you can request for your nunuber which you will get through SMS with your number by dialing *282# on your phone. Once they send it to you in return, don’t forget to save that information as well!

Meanwhile, if you want to know your mobile number without having to type in the USSD code. Simply dial *282# on a phone and click call button. You will see an AirTel flash message containing your telephone number displayed which says “Hi! Your Mobile no is: eleven digit” Make sure not to forget recording down this information because it could be useful for all sorts of reasons like forgetting numbers or making future calls when you are outside home where there is no internet connection.


Sharing your mobile data is a great way to help friends and family when they are traveling or need some extra bandwidth. It’s also an easy way to be more responsible about how you consume data on your own device. With Airtel, it’s simple and convenient to share minutes, messages, or gigabytes of 4G internet with others in places like India (where the company was founded). You can even buy scratch cards for more shared time if you want! I hope this post has been helpful- please feel free to comment down below with any questions you might have before signing up for service.

The Airtel Nigeria postpaid and prepaid customers are now able to share their data airtime with friends, family members or co-workers. This means the person sharing his/her data will receive a text from Airtel informing them of how much they have left on their account. If you need more information about this new feature, please visit our website for help!

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