How To Check Spectranet Data Balance

How to check spectranet data balance is simple all you need to do is to Click on the word “Support” at the bottom of your screen and view self-care. After logging in through the Spectranet official portal at, find a balance which will tell you how much data is left from your package so that you know what’s available to use for today.

Log into your account and check out the data balance to see how much time you have left for spectranet usage.

Your expiry date is coming up in 2 days! Check it now so that you can use all of your remaining minutes before they expire on Saturday at midnight. You will be able to continue using Spectranet until then, but once this timer runs down, there are no more available minute packages for purchase from our website or app store.


Spectranet data is a prepaid data service that allows users to purchase, use and manage their data. To check your balance, you can visit the Spectranet website or download an application for your mobile device.

Spectranet offers two types of accounts: pre-paid and post-paid. The pre-paid account is ideal for people who do not want to incur any extra charges after they have depleted their monthly allowance while the post-paid account is best suited for those who are already subscribed to a fixed line telephone plan with Spectranet as it will be billed on top of that subscription.

The minimum amount needed for a pre-pay account is $3 while the minimum required payment for post paid accounts varies depending on the type of line you subscribe to. The standard post-paid account has a minimum monthly payment of $5 while the business post-paid pay requires a minimum $10 per month.

Users can purchase their data in various pack sizes starting from as little as $3 all the way up to 500mb with prices increasing depending on the volume purchased. For post-paid account holders, the first 60MB is offered at no cost and check your balance while for non-post paid users, they are available in $3 increments which do not expire. After purchase of any data pack, the user will receive an SMS notification once the data has been successfully activated as well as another SMS notification the data has been exhausted.

Spectranet Wifi

Spectranet wifi is Spectranet’s public wi-fi network, available for free throughout Uganda and its neighboring countries. The service was launched in June 2015 at Kampala Serena Hotel, where visitors deposited their details to receive an email with a temporary password to access the wifi network. Since once can be used to. V launch g, Spect ranet has expanded this offer to different locations, including various business centers in the country and is currently offering seven hours of free access per day.

Spectranet Business

Spectranet Business provides a reliable network for businesses large and small as well as other organisations such as government departments or NGOs who require reliable data services at affordable prices. The service includes an unlimited data package that is transparently priced so businesses can focus on running and growing their business without worrying about the cost of staying connected.

Spectranet’s Business account comes in two options: post-paid and pre-paid. The pre-paid option allows small or medium enterprises to pay for bulk data in advance, through a flexible credit line, which can be instantly activated on the spot. The post-paid option allows businesses to pay for services at the end of each month via an invoice generated by Spectranet.

Spectranet Access

Spectranet Access is a service that gives subscribers data connectivity when they are not within reach of a mobile network and need to connect to the Internet while on-the-move. The service comes with a free SIM card that is preloaded with data for 30 days. It is available in different denominations ranging from $10 USD to $50 USD, depending on the amount of time you want to have access to it and if you wish to recharge it.

Spectranet Access allows subscribers to use it with any compatible device, including Android and iOS smartphones. However, if the subscriber has an active LTE data plan paired with their phone, they can use both services simultaneously as long as the smartphone is using the Spectranet Access SIM card in your phone’s 2G or 3G slot.

Spectranet Talk

Spectranet Talk offers a new and unique calling experience with a wide range of connectivity options at an affordable price.

Talk is available in postpaid and prepaid options. Post-paid users can subscribe to the Unlimited Voice Data Package at Ksh 4499 ($35) a month which includes 500MB Data, 3,000 minutes voice calls, 100 SMS and unlimited email on the free webmail service, while the prepaid option includes 500MB Data, 3,000 minutes voice calls and 100 SMS for $5 a month.

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Spectranet’s Talk service is now available in three different calling modes: domestic , international and mobile.

Talk Domestic

Talk Domestic allows subscribers to call on each other within Uganda at around Ksh 0.06 a minute.

For international calls, subscribers can make premium rate calls to a number of countries including the US, UK and Canada at around Ksh 0.16 a minute. When there is no network coverage, Talk Mobile allows subscribers to place calls using the internet over UMTS/HSPA+ on compatible mobile phones with an active Spectranet data plan.

Talk Mobile

Talk Mobile can also be used by non-Spectranet subscribers through the use of a Wi-Fi network, which provides connectivity to users within range of over 3,000 free hot spots across Uganda and its neighboring countries.

Spectranet’s Talk comes with a free dialer app that allows users to make calls or send texts directly from their smartphone.

Spectranet Call Credit

Spectranet Call credit is a pre-paid option similar to prepaid airtime on standard mobile networks. With this, businesses can buy as little or as much call credit as they like before the validity period expires at Ksh 1 per minute for domestic calls and Ksh 2 per minute for international calls.

Spectranet Dialer

Spectranet Dialer is a feature that allows subscribers to send texts from their PC. A call and SMS log are available on Spectranet’s website so customers can conveniently track all sent and received text messages, calls made or received on the phone.

The dialer also comes with several other features including:

– Call Waiting – The caller can receive a call while on the line and simply switch between calling parties.

– Multi-party conference – The person in the conference calls can be instantly added to or removed from the conversation by the Spectranet subscriber.

– Call forwarding – Enables users to forward all incoming calls to any international number or even another mobile phone or landline number of their choosing.

– Do not disturb – This function temporarily diverts all incoming calls to the voicemail so that you can concentrate on something else at the moment.

– SMS Export for Outlook – The dialer also allows users to export their text message conversations in PST format ready for importing into Microsoft Outlook email.

Spectranet Data

Spectranet data is a wireless hotspot that allows users to connect to the internet from their phone or laptop. If you are an existing user of spectranet, you can log in and check your balance through our website or app. Click on “My Account” at the top of this page and then click on “check my balance.” This will show you how much data is left before it resets. You can also view the date when it last reset, which varies depending on where you’re located. Spectranet has locations all around Nigeria so different areas have different periods between resets.

If you are not yet a user, please visit to activate and purchase your data plan. If you are tablet, laptop or any other mobile device that connects to the internet through Wi-Fi, Spectranet Data can connect you when there is no active network coverage in range.

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Spectranet has over 2,000 Mifi hotspots available for rental all around Nigeria and neighboring countries. These are very useful for when you want to browse the web while travelling to a specific destination within Nigeria or abroad, but do not have access to Wi-Fi at the airport, your hotel or anywhere else. The Mifi can be rented in different ways depending on how long you need it for as well as which country you’re on a visit to.

Spectranet Forms

Spectranet Forms is a cloud-based digital platform that offers businesses, organizations and institutions an affordable and reliable way of collecting data to be used for internal or external purposes via web forms. Spectranet Forms provides users with a simple, convenient and secure tool for managing their data collection needs.

With this feature, businesses can create and edit their forms to meet the needs of their customers, subscribers or any other target audience. It provides an easy and affordable way for users to submit data from anywhere allowing it to be collected instantly in a quick and convenient manner. Spectranet Forms allows customers to download their submitted information and export them to various formats including MS Excel, PDF or any other relevant data formats.

Spectranet Forms is now available on the web and via app for Android phones, iPhones and iPads. This application provides users with a tool to submit and manage their information at any time from anywhere through mobile devices. The Spectranet Forms app can be downloaded from Google Play Store, iTunes App Store or Amazon Appstore.

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Spectranet Forms is now available in South Africa through Active Network, a leading provider of cloud-based data collection solutions and services.

Spectranet NTMS

Spectranet NTMS is the SMS Marketing platform for Spectranet subscribers to reach out to potential customers via mobile phone or landline using text message (SMS). The subscriber can send out SMS messages, reminder messages, notifications and alerts to their customers as well as conduct polls or surveys.

NTMS allows users to create campaigns and segment them according to location (county), demographics, age group and more. Through the Spectranet NTMS platform, subscribers can manage customer segments either by sending individualized text message or by sending out bulk messages. It also allows users to create surveys that can be sent out to customers with multiple answers and questions. In addition, it offers an option for the subscriber to send out periodic alerts or reminder messages via SMS at a pre-defined time interval.

NTMS is offered as both free and paid version depending on how long you keep your subscription active.

Spectranet Cloud

Spectranet Cloud is a private cloud service that gives Spectranet subscribers an opportunity to store, sync and share their data with their colleagues and business partners on the cloud. Once subscribed, users can create their own storage account on the cloud and invite other users to access it too. They have the option of making public or private their stored files.

NTMS also gives users the option of backing up data on the cloud so that it can be accessed anytime from anywhere with an internet connection. This feature allows users to backup photos, documents and other personal or business related files for a quick restoration once needed.

Safaricom Wiper

Safaricom Wiper is an app that allows users to clean and clear unwanted pictures from their phones. It provides a user-friendly interface which makes it very easy for subscribers to make use of the app. Wiper allows users to wipe all data including pictures, videos, messages as well as call logs in just a few simple steps using a unique combination of menu options.

NTMS is also a platform that subscribers can use to send bulk messages which can be used to promote their business. This feature allows users to send out customized texts directly from the internet using an existing SIM card.

Spectranet Mobile

Spectranet Mobile is an application that works as a virtual SIM (vSIM) in mobiles phones giving them an option of accessing all network services including voice, internet, MMS and SMS. With this application users can connect to the internet using a self-generated password from their Spectranet account. The subscribers are therefore able to use one mobile phone for multiple connections at different locations. This ensures that more than one SIM card is not required for business or personal use.

NTMS is also a platform that subscribers can use to send bulk messages which can be used to promote their business. This feature allows users to send out customized texts directly from the internet using an existing SIM card.

Spectranet is in advanced stages of launching LTE services through Eutelsat 21B satellite, with expected frequency range 0.7-0.8 GHz (2300-2400 MHz). This is to be launched in Q3 2018 which will increase the broadband speeds and better coverage for customers in Kenya.

Spectranet currently provides services covering 40% of the Kenyan population, serving more than 10 million wireless devices. It has a combined total of 5G spectrum on both 1800 and 900Mhz. Spectranet is predominantly focused on providing voice and internet services to the corporate and in Kenya. The company’s target market are primarily the business owners, home users, government institutions as well as educational institutions around the regions of Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru and Eldoret.

Spectranet Business Solutions division of Spectranet formed in 2012 to cater for businesses and corporate users. It was established with the aim of making mobile broadband internet more affordable, accessible and easy to use in Kenya.

Spectranet Company

The company offers 3G wireless connectivity across different regions in Kenya including Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru and Eldoret. Spectranet is a prepaid service, allowing users to top up their accounts via mobile money platforms such as M-Pesa and Airtel Money.

Spectranet provides voice services in select regions of Kenya namely Nairobi, Kisumu, Kakamega, Eldoret, Kericho and Kitale. In this service, the company offers both residential landline connection and business line services. The target market for this service are mainly and a focus on regions around Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru and Eldoret. Users can connect to voice services via a local wireline telephone or dial through an internet connection on their mobile phone.

Spectranet provides both residential and business internet services in select regions of Kenya. This service is available within the areas covered by Spectranet voice services. The company provides DSL, ADSL and VDSL broadband services, allowing users to connect at various speeds depending on their location. These speeds range from 256 kbit/s up to the national broadband speed of 20 Mbit/s.

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Spectranet is the only mobile operator in Kenya to provide an official VoIP and call back service. This is in addition to their main landline and internet services mentioned above. Through its MobaMobi platform, customers can register for a Spectranet VoIP account directly through an app on their mobile phones. With this, they are able to use a virtual number from any part of the country and make calls to other mobiles or landlines at local call rates.

Spectranet Mobile offers a prepaid mobile service that uses a broadband Internet connection instead of voice network in order to provide 2G/3G/4G data connectivity to its customers. The product is sold in two ways: through a pre-pay SIM card or a post-paid data plan.

Spectranet Mobile prepaid services include the following:

Spectranet Mobile postpaid services are as follows;

The company has gone ahead to offer special social media bundles for its prepaid customers. The bundles are specifically tailored for social media, with different data allowances included in each bundle that can be used to access Twitter and Facebook as well as WhatsApp and other chat applications.

Spectranet’s network is powered by its own fiber optic network built by the company whose total length is more than 5,500 km (3,448 miles) and is made up of multiple network nodes. Spectranet’s mobile networks are seamlessly integrated with the company’s fixed broadband access network on a national scale (the first private operator in Kenya to do so).

This makes it possible for the company to offer its LTE data services as well as faster speeds on its fixed broadband access. Spectranet has established and is maintaining a large network of fiber optic cables that span the major parts of Kenya. The company’s main regional network nodes are in Mombasa, Nairobi and Eldoret thus increasing their by up to 20 times as compared to other wireless operators in Kenya that have a single or double network nodes.

These regional network nodes allow for a higher number of active customers within a single region at any given time thus increasing the data capacity per user and reducing congestion as well.

Since its inception, Spectranet has had to contend with limited spectrum which it uses to deploy its mobile broadband connections across Kenya. In order to increase cell capacity, Spectranet has developed a practice of network sharing and is in partnership with two other regional wireless operators. The first partner is E Zimb owns a 30% stake in the company and whose network architecture can be found in the Southern region of Kenya. The second operator is Zantel an ISP based in Zambia who provides, 2014 in)DAB ( Africa Daily Business from award” Year the of Provider Serviceband BroadMobile ” the, 2013 in Groupmedia Inter from award” Year the of CompanyicationsCommun ” the including, inception its since awards multiple won hasetranSpect.

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So, you’ve finally reached your data limit for the month and now need to find a way to check your balance. You can do this by logging into our website at

If that link is not working or if it seems inaccessible, please call us on 0800 111 4444 – we will be happy to help! Spectranet users are able to use up their full monthly data allowance with ease thanks in part due to some of the unlimited plans available on offer such as Unlimited Monthly Data Plan which includes all calls and texts too (subject only).

This plan also offers free international roaming so that customers never have any unexpected charges abroad when they travel outside Nigeria.

We hope this quick guide has helped you understand how to check your Spectranet data balance. If not, please reach out and we’ll be happy to help!

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