Ekene Umenwa biography, Wiki, Education, Age, Family and net worth

In the vibrant world of Nollywood, Ekene Umenwa Cynthia, popularly known as Angel Palazzo or “Jesus Last Born,” has carved a niche for herself as a multifaceted talent. Beyond her comedic prowess, she is an entrepreneur, filmmaker, content creator, and event planner. This blog post delves into the fascinating journey of this prominent actress, from her early life to her thriving career and personal milestones.

Ekene Umenwa Early Life and Education:

Ekene Umenwa, born on August 27th in the 1990s in Benin City, hails from Anambra State. Raised in a supportive family, her father, Mr. Nmenwa, played a crucial role in fostering her dreams. Despite facing opposition from some relatives who labeled the film industry as a “prostitute” profession, Ekene pursued her passion for acting.

She obtained a bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry from Ebonyi State University, showcasing her commitment to education alongside her artistic pursuits. Her unique journey, coupled with her father’s residence in London for 9 years, adds an intriguing layer to her narrative.

Ekene Umenwa Career Beginnings and Challenges:

Angel Palazzo’s journey into acting began at the age of 13 when she received a divine calling to pursue a career in the industry. Despite initial family opposition, she debuted in 2011 alongside seasoned actors in the film “King After Kings.” Her talent shone even before university, establishing her as a star in the making.

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Throughout her career, Ekene faced challenges, including the struggles of her acting career and her sister’s illness. However, her comedic flair and ability to embody diverse characters endeared her to fans, producers, and directors in the industry.

Nollywood Influence and Advocacy:

Angel Palazzo’s prominence in Nollywood is marked by her comedic and romantic roles alongside renowned actors like Zubby Michael and Flash Boy. Beyond entertainment, her primary goal is to inspire and lead others to Christ. She passionately advocates for abstinence until marriage, particularly among young girls.

Entrepreneurial Ventures:

Ekene Umenwa is not just an actress; she is also a successful entrepreneur. As the CEO of Ekene Confectionery, she has ventured into event planning, decoration, and pastry making. In August 2023, she celebrated a significant milestone with her YouTube channel, Ekene Umenwa TV, reaching 100,000 subscribers.

Ekene Umenwa Personal Life and Marriage:

Happily married to Ifeanyi Ogbodo, Ekene made her engagement announcement on October 22, 2023. Their splendid white wedding ceremony took place on November 4, 2023, in Benin City, Edo State, following a traditional marriage ceremony on April 16, 2023. Ekene’s radiant personality and commitment to her shared life mission with her husband are evident in their journey.

Ekene Umenwa Net Worth and Achievements:

As a famous comic actress and relentless personality, Ekene Umenwa has amassed an estimated net worth of about $200,000. Her thriving career, coupled with entrepreneurial ventures and a growing online presence, contributes to her financial success.


In the dynamic world of Nollywood, Angel Palazzo, aka Ekene Umenwa Cynthia, stands out as a rising star with a passion for both entertainment and inspiring positive change. From overcoming challenges to advocating for important causes, she continues to captivate audiences and leave an indelible mark on the Nigerian entertainment industry.

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