David Hundeyin Biography, wiki, age, career, wife, brother, tribe, Instagram

David Hundeyin is a prominent figure in the world of Nigerian journalism and literature.

As both a journalist and an author, he has made significant contributions to the field of media and literature in Nigeria and beyond.

Notably, David is the founder of the West Africa Weekly, a Substack newsletter that has garnered attention for its insightful commentary and analysis on a wide range of topics.

His work reflects a deep commitment to journalism and a passion for storytelling, making him a respected voice in the industry.

In this article, we will delve into David Hundeyin Biography, wiki, age, career, wife, brother, tribe, Instagram and achievements of David Hundeyin, shedding light on his and literary contributions.

David Hundeyin Early life

David Hundeyin’s Journey: From Nigeria to the World of Creative Writing.

David Hundeyin’s early life was marked by a pursuit of knowledge and a thirst for creative expression.

He embarked on his academic journey by studying mass communications at Igbinedion University, a path that would lay the foundation for his future endeavors.

However, his quest for broader horizons and a deeper understanding of the art of storytelling led him overseas to the University of Hull, where he immersed himself in the world of creative writing.

At the University of Hull, David honed his skills in the craft of creative writing, a field that would become a defining aspect of his career.

His dedication and passion for the written word culminated in his graduation in 2011, marking the completion of a significant chapter in his educational journey.

Following his studies, David Hundeyin ventured into the corporate world, securing a contract position at KPMG, a global leader in audit, tax, and advisory services.

While gaining valuable experience in the business realm, he continued to nurture his creative spirit, always mindful of his true calling as a writer.

In 2013, David made the pivotal decision to return to his homeland, Nigeria. This homecoming marked the beginning of a new chapter in his life, one where he would channel his diverse experiences and academic background into his work as a journalist and author.

His journey from the halls of academia to the corporate boardrooms and eventually back to Nigeria would shape his unique perspective and voice in the world of journalism and literature.

David Hundeyin’s early life and educational pursuits serve as a testament to his unwavering commitment to the art of storytelling and his determination to make a meaningful impact through his work.

David Hundeyin Career

David Hundeyin has carved a distinguished career path as an investigative journalist, fearlessly delving into stories that shed light on critical issues and challenge the status quo.

His reporting style, characterized by its open-sourced approach, has earned him accolades as well as criticism, showcasing his unwavering commitment to uncovering the truth.

One of David’s notable endeavors was his participation in the #EndSARS protest, a pivotal movement in Nigeria.

However, the courage to speak truth to power came at a cost, as he faced multiple threats that forced him to make the difficult decision to leave Nigeria for his safety.

Seeking asylum in Ghana, he continued his journalistic pursuits, undeterred by the challenges he encountered.

In 2020, David Hundeyin made headlines with an article for NewswireNGR that exposed the working conditions and treatment of Indian expatriate workers at Globacom, a telecom company.

His investigative work not only shed light on the plight of these workers but also led to them receiving their long-overdue pay.

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In a remarkable turn of events, India Prime Minister Narendra Modi personally commended Hundeyin for his impactful journalism.

His commitment to human rights and social justice was further exemplified in his investigation of a proposed infectious diseases bill in Nigeria’s House of Representatives during the Covid-19 lockdown.

This thought-provoking article earned David Hundeyin a People Journalism Prize for Africa, solidifying his reputation as a journalist dedicated to making a difference.

In 2021, Hundeyin’s reporting took on another significant issue—the rape and death of a 26-year-old woman. His article raised questions about the potential involvement of a hotel owned by the wife of Nigerian politician Godswill Akpabio.

This investigative piece drew attention and scrutiny, prompting Akpabio to demand a retraction and threaten legal action.

Embracing the changing landscape of journalism, David Hundeyin ventured into independent publishing. With the support of Substack Local, he launched the newsletter “West Africa Weekly” in 2021.

This shift allowed him greater creative and editorial freedom, as he aimed to continue his impactful work without the constraints he had faced.

In 2022, Hundeyin’s investigative prowess took center stage as he published articles scrutinizing Nigerian presidential candidate Bola Tinubu, tech start-up Flutterwave, and the BBC’s West Africa operations.

These reports ignited intense social media discussions and debates, showcasing the impact of his journalism.

As a supporter of Peter Obi, who ran against Tinubu in the 2023 presidential race, Hundeyin remained deeply engaged in the political landscape.

His decision to publish Nigeria president-elect Tinubu’s Guinean passport on Twitter raised questions about eligibility and sparked further controversy.

Despite facing challenges, including having his Twitter account locked, David Hundeyin’s dedication to investigative journalism remains unwavering, making him a formidable force in the world of media and a champion of transparency and accountability.

The James Currey Fellowship Controversy Unveiled

In 2022, David Hundeyin made headlines when he was announced as The Distinguished James Currey Fellow for 2023, earning the privilege of becoming an academic visitor at the Centre of African Studies at the University of Cambridge.

This prestigious appointment was a result of a publishing deal he had signed with the program’s founder, Onyeka Nwelue, marking a significant milestone in his academic journey.

However, the path of the James Currey Fellowship took an unexpected turn in March 2023 when David Hundeyin found himself embroiled in controversy.

He was dismissed from Cambridge University following a thorough investigation into his conduct, particularly concerning his interactions with Nwelue during his book launch at Oxford University.

The controversy surrounding Hundeyin’s dismissal had multiple dimensions. Firstly, Nwelue faced accusations of misrepresenting himself as an Oxford University professor, despite holding an unpaid position as an Academic Visitor.

This misrepresentation raised questions about the credibility of the fellowship scheme associated with James Currey.

Secondly, during the aforementioned book launch event, attendees accused Hundeyin of making misogynistic and sexist comments. These allegations, if true, were deeply concerning and tarnished his reputation as a scholar and journalist.

On social media, Hundeyin had presented his fellowship as an award bestowed by Cambridge University, inadvertently misleading his followers. In reality, his status was that of an academic visitor, a fact that became clear as the controversy unfolded.

As the controversy deepened, David Hundeyin made allegations against Oxford professor Miles Larmer and Kaduna state Governor Nasir el-Rufai, who served as an advisor to Oxford’s African Studies Centre.

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He suggested that these individuals were behind the accusations and subsequent developments, adding further complexity to the situation.

The James Currey Fellowship controversy serves as a cautionary tale about the importance of transparency and integrity in academic and professional pursuits.

It highlights the consequences of misrepresentation, inappropriate conduct, and the need for accountability in scholarly endeavors.

Ultimately, this incident underscored the significance of upholding ethical standards in academia and journalism.

Awards and recognition

David Hundeyin’s Accolades and Recognition

Throughout his career, David Hundeyin has garnered several prestigious awards and recognitions that reflect his dedication to journalism and his commitment to shedding light on critical issues. Here are some of his notable accolades:

Royal Commonwealth Society “Write Around The World,” Class B (14-15 years old) 3rd Prize, 2006

In his early years, Hundeyin’s talent in writing was already shining bright. He earned the 3rd Prize in the Class B category of the Royal Commonwealth Society’s “Write Around The World” competition in 2006. This achievement marked the beginning of his journey as a writer and journalist.

People Journalism Prize for Africa, 2020

In 2020, Hundeyin’s impactful journalism earned him the People Journalism Prize for Africa. This recognition is a testament to his dedication to reporting on critical issues and giving voice to the voiceless through his work.

GRC & Anti-Financial Crime Reporter of the Year, 2021

Hundeyin’s commitment to investigative journalism was further acknowledged when he was named the GRC & Anti-Financial Crime Reporter of the Year in 2021.

This award highlights his expertise in exposing financial irregularities and shedding light on issues related to financial crimes.

James Currey Fellowship, 2023

In 2023, David Hundeyin received the prestigious James Currey Fellowship. Although this fellowship later became the center of controversy, it initially recognized his scholarly and literary contributions.

Hundeyin’s association with this fellowship showcased his commitment to advancing knowledge in the field of African Studies.

These awards and recognitions underscore David Hundeyin’s significant impact on the world of journalism and literature.

They reflect his dedication to addressing important societal issues and his ability to engage and inform his audience through his insightful and thought-provoking work.

David Hundeyin Instagram

David Hundeyin’s Instagram page offers a captivating glimpse into the life and work of this accomplished journalist and investigative storyteller.

With a bio that proudly proclaims him as a “Journalist” and an “Investigative storyteller,” it’s clear that his commitment to journalism and storytelling is at the heart of his digital presence. You can follow him on Instagram @davidhundeyin

Here’s what you can expect to discover on his Instagram:

Professional Journey

Hundeyin’s Instagram showcases his professional journey as a journalist. He provides insights into the investigative stories he pursues, shedding light on the issues that matter most to him and his audience.

Founder of West Africa Weekly

As the founder of “West Africa Weekly,” he shares updates and highlights from this platform, which is dedicated to in-depth coverage of West African affairs. Followers can stay informed about the latest stories and issues from the region.

James Currey Fellowship, Cambridge University

Hundeyin proudly mentions his 2023 James Currey Fellowship at Cambridge University in his bio. This fellowship reflects his dedication to academic pursuits and his commitment to advancing knowledge in African Studies.

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Engaging Content

Expect engaging and thought-provoking content that delves into various aspects of African society, politics, and culture. Hundeyin’s storytelling skills come to life through his Instagram posts and captions.

Advocacy and Awareness

Hundeyin often uses his platform to raise awareness about critical issues and advocate for positive change. His posts may highlight human rights concerns, social justice topics, or stories that demand attention.


Followers get a behind-the-scenes look at Hundeyin’s life as a journalist and author. Whether it’s snapshots from his research trips, interviews, or moments of reflection, his Instagram provides a more personal perspective.

Community Engagement

Hundeyin’s Instagram fosters a sense of community among his followers. It’s a space where people can engage in meaningful discussions, share their thoughts, and join the conversation on important subjects.

David Hundeyin’s Instagram page is more than just a collection of photos; it’s a dynamic platform where journalism, storytelling, and advocacy converge.

It offers an opportunity to connect with a journalist who is passionate about making a difference in the world through the power of words and storytelling.


In the realm of Nigerian journalism and literature, David Hundeyin stands as a prominent figure, leaving an indelible mark through his work as both a journalist and author.

His contributions have extended far beyond the borders of Nigeria, resonating with audiences worldwide.

As the founder of West Africa Weekly, a Substack newsletter known for its insightful commentary and analysis, Hundeyin has provided a platform for in-depth exploration of a wide range of topics.

His dedication to journalism and his fervor for storytelling have positioned him as a respected voice in the industry.

From his early life and educational journey, characterized by a pursuit of knowledge and a passion for creative expression, to his venture into the corporate world and eventual return to Nigeria, David Hundeyin’s experiences have shaped his unique perspective and voice as a journalist and author.

His career has been marked by fearless investigative journalism, delving into stories that unveil critical issues and challenge the status quo.

Hundeyin’s open-sourced reporting style has garnered both acclaim and criticism, reflecting his unwavering commitment to uncovering the truth.

The #EndSARS protest, a pivotal movement in Nigeria, became a platform for Hundeyin to speak truth to power, but it also exposed him to multiple threats, leading to his relocation and the seeking of asylum in Ghana.

Throughout his career, Hundeyin has received recognition for his impactful journalism. Awards such as the People Journalism Prize for Africa and the GRC & Anti-Financial Crime Reporter of the Year underscore his dedication to reporting on critical issues and financial irregularities.

The controversy surrounding the James Currey Fellowship serves as a cautionary tale, highlighting the importance of transparency and integrity in academia and journalism.

It reminds us of the consequences of misrepresentation and inappropriate conduct. In the digital realm, David Hundeyin’s Instagram page provides a captivating window into his life and work.

It showcases his professional journey, advocacy, and behind-the-scenes moments, fostering a sense of community among his followers.

In summary, David Hundeyin’s journey, marked by unwavering dedication to journalism and storytelling, underscores the power of the written word to ignite change and bring critical issues to the forefront.

His impact on the world of media and literature continues to resonate, making him a formidable force in the pursuit of transparency, accountability, and social justice.

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