Apostle Johnson Suleman biography, Wiki, Education, Age, Family and net worth

Apostle Johnson Suleman, the renowned Nigerian televangelist and founder of Omega Fire Ministries International, has been a prominent figure in the realm of Christian ministry. Despite his impactful career, there have been persistent rumors and speculations surrounding his marital status. In this blog post, we will delve into the early life, education, career, and most importantly, clarify the question that has intrigued many: “Is Apostle Johnson Suleman Married?”

Apostle Johnson Suleman Early Life and Education:

Born on March 24, 1971, in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria, Apostle Johnson Suleman pursued his education at Ambrose Alli University, where he studied Mass Communication. His academic journey culminated in a Ph.D. in Human Resource Development from the prestigious European-American University in the Commonwealth of Dominica.

Apostle Johnson Suleman Career and Ministry:

Apostle Johnson Suleman’s journey extends beyond borders, with his impactful ministry reaching countries such as the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. His global travels involve preaching the gospel and hosting revival meetings. Notably, he is recognized for his philanthropic endeavors, contributing significantly to charitable causes both in Nigeria and abroad.

Is Apostle Johnson Suleman Married?

Dispelling the rumors, Apostle Johnson Suleman is indeed married to Lizzy Johnson Suleman, an integral part of his ministry. Their union, lasting over two decades, has been blessed with five children. However, controversy arose in 2017 when Stephanie Otobo, a Canadian-based Nigerian, claimed to be romantically involved with the televangelist and asserted promises of marriage. These allegations were later discredited, leading to charges of blackmail and criminal defamation against Ms. Otobo.

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Apostle Johnson Suleman stands as a influential televangelist who has significantly impacted the Christian community in Nigeria and globally. While rumors and controversies have swirled around his marital life, it is unequivocal that he is happily married to Lizzy Johnson Suleman. The importance of treating rumors with caution and verifying information before acceptance cannot be overstated.

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