Angel Reese Net worth, Wikipedia, Age, Career

Angel Reese, the dynamic LSU guard, has taken the basketball world by storm with her exceptional performances, particularly during Women’s March Madness 2023. As she basks in the glory of leading LSU to its first-ever NCAA women’s Championship, Reese has become a household name at the young age of 20, earning the affectionate nickname “Bayou Barbie.” This blog post delves into Angel Reese’s net worth, the lucrative world of NIL deals, and the phenomenal journey that has propelled her to stardom.

Angel Reese’s Net Worth:

Angel Reese’s estimated net worth stands at an impressive $1 million, and it’s continually on the rise. The rising star has strategically capitalized on her popularity, securing numerous NIL (Name, Image, Likeness) partnerships with renowned brands such as Amazon, Xfinity, McDonald’s, and Coach. Following her historic victory in March Madness, projections indicate that Reese’s NIL earnings are poised to reach an impressive $876,000.

Wealth Ranking and Social Media Influence:

Currently positioned as the sixth-highest earner in women’s Division I college basketball, Angel Reese has become a millionaire at a remarkably young age. With a massive fan following across various social media platforms, Reese’s sponsored posts are estimated to generate over $2,974 each. Her exceptional on-court prowess and engaging persona have undoubtedly contributed to her meteoric rise in popularity and financial success.

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How Angel Reese Built Her Net Worth:

Angel Reese’s journey to a million-dollar net worth is marked by strategic partnerships and a keen business sense. The LSU star has inked a total of 17 NIL deals, including collaborations with Coach, Wingstop, Merch on Demand, and Sparkling Ice. Notably, Reese hasn’t signed with any sneaker label yet, but her existing NIL deals are already bringing in significant revenue, placing her as the sixth highest-earning women’s basketball player in terms of NIL revenue, with an impressive $392,000.

Key Partnerships:

Reese’s agent, Jeanine Ogbonnaya, reveals the depth of her brand associations. Notable partnerships include Coach (since August 2022), Giant Food, Wingstop, Xfinity, TurboTax, Sparkling Ice, McDonald’s, and Outback Steakhouse. These collaborations have contributed substantially to Reese’s growing net worth, showcasing her versatility as a brand ambassador.


Angel Reese’s journey from a college basketball sensation to a millionaire icon is a testament to her talent, charisma, and strategic approach to branding. As she continues to shine both on and off the court, Reese’s net worth is poised for further growth, solidifying her status as one of the most influential figures in women’s college basketball. Keep an eye on this rising star as she paves the way to greatness, leaving an indelible mark on the sports and business worlds alike.

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