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  1. Glory promise says

    When you want to know who truly loves u there are five factors I will shortlist.

    1.CARE: when someone loves u he or she cares for u at all times without conditions attached to it.

    2.PATIENT: when someone loves u he or she will always be patient no matter the circumstances and they say love is patient love conquer all this.

    3.COMMITMENT: when someone love you he or she will be committed to u he or she will have no time for amy other person what are mean by commitment is that he or she will never cheat lie or pretend I’m anyway he or she will always be committed and sincere I’m all things .
    The last but not the least

    4.CENTREDNESS FREE: when you are in love you should be centeredness free what do I mean by centeredness is self centeredness where by you care all about yourself and not minding if ur partner need care or attention but centeredness free is whereby u care about ur self and ur partner with this few factor I think we should be able to realise our partner loves us genuinely.

    5.Time/ Attention: when you are in love with one person no matter how busy the person is, he or she won’t tell you is busy instead such person will find time for the person he/she claim to love.

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