What Does News Stand For?


News is a word that has many different meanings. The definition of news can be changed depending on who you’re talking to, and what country they live in. In America, the term “news” is usually used to describe information about current events in politics or society. For example, when we say “what’s new?” we are typically asking for information about things that happened recently – like which celebrities are engaged or divorced, which countries have been affected by natural disasters etc.

News is a term that has many meanings as we said, but what does news stand for?  It can be defined as recent events, or notable and significant changes in the world.  This blog post will explore all of the possible meanings of the word “news.”

What Does News Stand For?

The first meaning of the word “news” is new events or notable changes in the world. 

The second definition of news is information about current happenings, especially when this information comes from newspapers and TV stations. News can also refer to what people have learned recently – for example, someone might tell a friend that she just heard some interesting  news.

The third meaning of the word “news” is any recent information that someone has heard, especially if this person doesn’t know for sure whether or not it’s true – usually people call these stories rumors (see what we mean?).  The fourth definition of news is a newspaper, magazine, radio program or other media outlet that reports on  events and facts of current interest.

This last definition of news is the one that most people usually think about when they hear this word – for example, if someone says “I read a lot of news today,” it probably means that she spent some time reading through articles in newspapers or on websites.

Other Answers

What does News stand for? 


– News is a public, global or national broadcast

– News are reports on recent events, which may be true or false.

– News is information about current events and issues.


– News are things that happen in the world.

– News are things that people read about from other places.

– News are false reports deliberately created to deceive people and make them believe something untrue.


– News stands for the five Ws.

– News stands for what I see.

– News is an abbreviation of North, East, West and South


– News stands for “Noteworthy Events of the Day”

– News stands for “Necessary Evils that Require Your Attention”

– News stands for “No End To Stupidity Ever!”


– News is a place where we get information about current events.

– News is a type of broadcast media that reports recent news and events.

– News stands for New England, which means it’s from Boston or New York.


– News is a way to share information with people.

– News is a form of journalism that presents recent events in order of importance.

– News stands for the National Geographic Channel.


– News is something that happens.

– It stands for ‘news’ and it’s a website where you can read news articles.

– I don’t know what it means, but I’m not reading the news anyway.


– Not Everything Seems Real

– Nerve Wrecking Stuff

– New and Old Stories


– News refers to any current event or information that is not known to the public.

– News stands for New England Sports

– News can also be a type of fabric


– A way of learning about what’s happening in the world

– Important information that I need to know

– Anything that will make a good story

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