Viktoh Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Biography, Career, Instagram And Other Facts in 2023

Viktoh Biography

Viktoh is a Nigerian singer who was born in Edo State, but he resides in Bariga, Lagos State. He is originally from Esanland in Edo State, but received his education in Lagos State. The year of his birth is under review because Viktoh has never disclose the year he was born publicly for now.

Viktoh Name

Viktoh’s real name is Victor, as you might have guessed. He simply changed some letters in his name – “c” to “k” and “r” to “h” – to make it sound more unique. That’s all he did!

Viktoh Career

Viktoh’s musical career kick started in Lagos State, where he met Olamide who is a famous Nigerian musician, who owns the record label YBNL.

Olamide was impressed by Viktoh’s talent and offered him a music contract. In April 2014, Viktoh joined the label.

Viktoh had already recorded some music before he was sign into the record label. However, being with a larger label means that the artist has to work harder to become successful and more popular.

Olamide gave him a helping hand to Viktoh by featuring him on his new album “Street Ot”. The young artist sang a part in Esan language.

Viktoh is one artist who truly stands out from the crowd. His music style is unique and he has very specific ways and ideas on how music should be.

This allows him to create songs that are truly one-of-a-kind. If you’re looking for something different in your music collection, be sure to check out Viktoh’s work.

Viktoh is a talented person, he also showcase his talent as a dancer in Olamide’s team. This information was revealed in the interview he had with Pulse TV.

But later, he fully concentrated on his music career. Viktoh later introduced Lil Kesh, whose real name is Olalode Keshinro, to the owner of YBNL record label.

Viktoh is a famous Nigerian musician. Some of his most popular tracks include “Skibi Dat” and “Me And My Guys”. He has collaborated with other well-known artists like Lil Kesh and Dj Jimmy Jatt.

For some of his songs, he has enlisted the help of other famous musicians, like Olamide and Small Doctor for “Instagram Police”, and Phyno for “All my ladies”.

2015 was a big year for Viktoh. Not only did he gain recognition in Africa, but he also gained notoriety all over the world.

It was a fabulous year full of opportunities and chances to conquer the music world. Viktoh is not only a great singer, but he is also an excellent rapper.

Another one of his distinctive features is that he raps in his dialect. During an exclusive interview for Pulse TV, he said that he is very close with Olamide and they are like brothers.

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He stated then that Olamide is even more important to him because he raised him as an artist and put in his effort and time.

Viktoh has been a guest artist on songs like “Efejoku” by Lil Kesh, Olamide’s “Up in The Club” and “Shoro Niyen” by the YBNL crew.

A music career is demanding and competitive, which deters many young and talented artists from pursuing it. Others try but fail to gain acknowledgment from fans.

Some even spend a great deal of money on songs, video clips and public relations services, but never reach the top charts positions. We expect Viktoh to continue his music career and gain even more popularity not only in Africa but in other countries as well.

We’re excited for Viktoh and all that he’ll achieve in the future. We can’t wait to see him grow as an artist and to continue to create new, innovative music.

Viktoh Instagram

Viktoh is one of the celebrities that make use of Instagram to update there fans about the latest things they want to show their fans.

If you are one of viktoh fans and you wish to be the first person to see the latest things he do drop on Instagram follow him on Instagram @Viktoh.

Viktoh Facts

• He is a young promising singer and musician who has already gained a lot of experience.

• Viktoh is known for his unique style of music.

• His songs have a special flavor and they attract everyone.

• His music touches everyone, it is soul-evoking, soothing and moving.

• His voice is a gift from above.

• He is the best singer we have ever heard.

• He is the best singer we have ever heard.
singer and musician Viktoh. He has already captured music lovers’ attention and built a fabulous music career.

• His music is popular and loved by his fans.

• Viktoh is a Nigerian singer, songwriter and performer that was signed to YBNL Nation under a record deal.

• He has produced and written songs for a number of prominent Nigerian musicians.

• He was sigh by Nigerian musician, who is also the CEO of his record label, YBNL Nation.

• Many have testified that he(Olamide) is a great motivator and always encourages his label mates to do their best.

• His record label boss often takes care of his artists and gives them nice surprises.

• He is very approachable and easy to talk to. His artistes are free to come and talk to him about anything said by viktoh

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• Olamide is very hardworking, dedicated, and passionate boss, that made to under by viktoh.

• He gives his all in everything he does.

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