Top 5 African Startups You Need To Follow On Social Media

The top 5 African startups are not just starting to have an impact on the market, but are set to disrupt the way things are done.

When it comes to Africa, there has been a lot of talk about innovation and startup culture. However, many people still don’t understand what is going on. They think that these startups are just trying to copy Silicon Valley technology and apply it in Africa. But this is not true at all!

Each company has its own approach and they all have an impact on society in their own way.

Furthermore, many people don’t know that there are actually more than five African startups worth following on social media, but these five should be enough for now.

Social media has become an important means for brands to gain traction in the African market. Many startups are using social media to promote their products and services.

Segments of the population are under-served by mainstream banking institutions. These underserved communities are bankable, but are not targeted by banks because of their limited financial contribution. Bankless provides alternative financial services by leveraging mobile money wallets and digital payments solutions to reach these underserved communities.

The company was founded in 2014 with a mission to provide access to high-quality affordable healthcare for people living in rural villages across Africa. The startup has expanded into over 35 countries, including Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal, Tanzania and Uganda where they have reached more than 7 million people so far.

We’ve outlined five African startups that you should be following on social media.

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CNN’s 2018 list of the world’s 100 most innovative companies included 10 African firms, illustrating an expanding ecosystem of talent and competitiveness that is a source of pride for a continent that is often overlooked in the global innovation conversation.

Africa has a lot going for it, from rapidly growing populations to one-fifth of global GDP growth. It also has a rapidly growing generation of entrepreneurs who are building innovative companies across industries.

In this article we will look at five African startups that are worth your time and attention as they grow their brands on social media.

Africa is a continent with an extremely diverse population and unique cultural heritage. There are many African companies that you should follow on social media to get an insight into this rich and vibrant culture and to find out about the latest trends in the African economy.

1. Ndani TV: Nigerian Entertainment Company – Ndani TV is a Nigerian entertainment company that was founded in 2010 by Hakeem “Kemi” Sadare, Akin Alabi, and Pete Edochie. Their YouTube channel has more than 1 million subscribers.

Africa has been a fertile ground for startups in recent years.

This is mainly due to the continent’s growth in population, improved internet connectivity, and economic growth.

The continent is now home to the world’s youngest population.

As a result, there are more people with higher disposable incomes who are looking for innovative solutions in various industries including health care, e-commerce, agriculture and financial services.

Startups in Africa have become more competitive on the international stage as they reach out to new markets with innovative solutions that can bring about change at scale.

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They are also getting help from stakeholders like governments, enabling agencies and venture capitalists that are eager to invest in startups that can create wealth for their communities or countries.

In the past few years, African startups have been emerging and there is a lot of potential to turn them into sustainable businesses.

As more and more entrepreneurs in Africa are taking the plunge and trying their hand at entrepreneurship, they are quickly becoming a significant force in the tech world.

African startups have been contributing significantly to the tech industry with innovations such as mobile applications, banking solutions for low-income populations, electricity generation systems and various innovative financial products.

African startups are not just a trend.

Africa is an emerging market with a great potential for development.

It is also the fastest-growing knowledge economy in the world.

The continent is home to technology hubs that are outgrowing cities, and globally competitive companies that are redefining industries.

This is why investments in African startups have tripled since 2013.

Africa is a continent with significant opportunities. It is home to the fastest-growing economies in the world, and it has a population of 1.2 billion people, more than any other continent.

Africa has also had the most startups of any region in 2017, at 695 companies. This was more than triple the number of startups that have been founded since 2009. African startups are seeing an increase in funding from investors, with $2 billion being invested into African startups in 2017 alone.

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African entrepreneurs are growing by leaps and bounds as well–the number of African entrepreneurs grew by 20% between 2008 and 2014. The environment for African entrepreneurs is very supportive as well–with available funding, low competition from other businesses due to less competition on this side of the world.

The Top 5 African Startups You Need To Follow On Social Media

1. Saraba Capital

They are an investment company that is focused on growing Africa’s startup ecosystem, integrating with the international investment community, and delivering outsized returns to its investors.

2. Kyte

A global network of interactive service providers delivering customer service on demand in eleven languages to more than 220 countries and territories across the globe.

3. Mettl

Mettl is a provider of online talent management software designed for hiring, talent development, compensation & benefits administration, human resources administrative services, payroll processing and more.

4. African Apprenticeship Program (AAP)

The program partners with leading employers to create new training pathways for Africa’s youth population into digital skills that are in demand by employers today & tomorrow.  AAP apprentises provide world class skills training through live delivery of blended learning programs over mobile phone.

5. Streetgist

Kenyan News Company – Streetgist was founded by Juliana Rotich, who is also the co-creator of Ushahidi. They cover topics such as health, business, travel, jobs and education in Kenya as well.

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