Top 10 Universities in United States

These ranking list are compiled by Forbes, and are based on various factors including tuition rates, student-faculty ratio, the percentage of admitted students who attend the school (i.e. “yield”), graduation rate.

All top ten universities have a high admission yield for undergraduate programs: Columbia University has an 89% acceptance rate; University of Chicago has an 87% acceptance rate; Stanford University has a 92% acceptance rate.

Harvard’s graduation rates are also remarkably high: 98% for undergraduates and 96% for graduates of the professional school (including MBA, MD). Yale College’s undergraduate program is close behind Harvard with 97%, but it falls short in its graduate programs.

In order to get accepted into any top ten best schools in USA, you need a good GPA (grade point average) which ranges fromigh 90s to low 100s, and SAT/ACT results.

The top ten best schools in the United States are: Princeton University, Harvard University, Columbia University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Yale University, Stanford University, University of Chicago, University of Pennsylvania, California institute of Technology, John’s Hopkins University.

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Princeton University:


Ranked third on College Prowler’s list of top schools, Princeton has received praise for its academic excellence in a number of fields including science and engineering. Located near New York City, this Ivy League school is consistently ranked among America’s best colleges by many different publications.

Harvard University:


Ranked number two in the nation for its undergraduate business program, Harvard is a top pick among many students vying for admission into America’s best schools. The university has also been ranked number one in the world by QS World Rankings, so high education standards are given.

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The Harvard Crimson is one of the oldest newspapers in America and it’s been around for about 140 years now. They are an independent paper that has won many awards on its way to being one of the best student publications in the country. Students at this top school have access to some of the most advanced technology and equipment in the world.

Columbia University:


Ranked number one in the nation for its undergraduate engineering program, Columbia University is also ranked as a top five school nationally. There are many graduate programs offered at this prestigious university that have led to the establishment of some of today’s most well known enterprises and companies like Google, Facebook, IBM and General Electric.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology:


This top school in America is known for its science and engineering programs, but it’s also one of the most prestigious schools on this list because they focus heavily on humanities too. MIT has a campus that spans five cities with over 130 buildings making up their academic space as well as having some of the best professors in the world.

Yale University:


One of the most prestigious schools in the country, Yale also has a top-ranked business school. The undergraduate engineering program is ranked as one of the best programs for producing leaders who will change and innovate society. The “most innovative” designations from Forbes are based on research funding per faculty member, patent applications per faculty member, and three-year average alumni start ups.

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Yale University bitting on over 350 acres of land in New Haven, Connecticut Yale University also provides graduate and undergraduate programs that are unmatched by any other school. This prestigious university is one of the best schools for students looking to study literature or history as well as getting their law degree from there too.

Some say Yale’s best attribute might be its small size. Undergraduate classes, for example are capped at 18 students. The intimate environment provides a setting for professors to get to know their students and vice versa.

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Stanford University:


The university has been ranked first in the nation for its STEM programs, including a top-ten ranking from US News & World Report. Stanford also ranks highly as one of the best undergraduate universities in America and is home to some of the world’s brightest minds. The school offers both residential and commuter options with students having access to more than 450 student clubs and organizations.

The top public research university, Stanford is a private school based on Palo Alto, California that has been called one of America’s most prestigious universities for decades. One of their main claims to fame is having created Silicon Valley, which now houses some of the biggest tech companies in North America.

Out of top ten best University in the USA, Stanford offers a student body that is diverse and international with more than 40 countries represented on campus. The architecture of the university has been lauded by many who have visited it, because of the Spanish Colonial Revival style which blends well with its surroundings. It also houses the largest university endowment in the world.

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Stanford was established in 11 November 1885 after the death of Leland and Jane Stanford. It is one of two universities named for the founders of Silicon Valley, it was also established as a coeducational school back when that wasn’t so common. It has a very low student to facult ratio.

University of Chicago:


The University of Chicago is ranked as the number one school in America for its graduate programs. Graduate students at this top-ranked university have access to some of the best faculty, scholars and speakers in their field.

University of Pennsylvania:


Pennsylvania is ranked as a top ten school in the country and its undergraduate engineering program ranks among the best. The University of Pennsylvania also offers graduate programs, which include design technology that have yielded some very impressive results such as liquid crystal displays (LCDs) for laptop computers, color televisions and smartphones.

California institution of Technology:


The California Institute of Technology is a top-ranked school in the country. The undergraduate program has eight departments that offer degrees for students who want to work in many different fields including engineering, biology and computer science.

John’s Hopkins University:


John’s Hopkins University is the top ranked school in Maryland and has been recognized as one of the best universities in America. It offers many different programs for undergraduate students including engineering, nursing and medicine to name a few.