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Lagos Best Schools

According to the recent survey, carried by some highly esteem people in Lagos, there are about 17,000 private school operating on Lagos state. Amidst this 18,000 privately operating schools, only 5,105 of them are operating legally under the full consent of Lagos state constitution, leaving the rest of 12,895 secondary schools to be operating unlawfully without the consent of the Lagos state constitution.

While this survey has been heartbreaking and uncalled for, perhaps most of the interest of many parent or guardians in this year is to identify legally operating schools from the one that’s operating illegally.

Worse to come, when searching for a secondary school in Lagos for their children or child, most parent or guardians still rely on the description given to them by their referral or relative or they choose school based on the instinct or choose a school that’s nearer to their home or affordable school around them, thereby putting the future of their children at an alarming risk. For a competent parents in Lagos, moreover the story is a little different.

Out of the best interest of the parent to make sure their children’s attend a good secondary school and also to ensure the future of their children is secured, they go on a research to find out the best and the most affordable school which their pocket can contain without any disruption or inconvenience. Even if such parent cannot send their children to the best school which is mostly the expensive schools in the world, they make sure their children or child get the out of the school which their pocket or earning can afford Such parent or guardians don’t find their neighbor or relative suggestion appealing, they make their thorough research making sure their children or child interest and education career is well secured and bright.

As a brochure or manual to parent or guardians who are looking for the best secondary schools in surulere, Lagos, we have accrue the list of the top 15 best, affordable secondary schools in Lagos state in 2020 to be precise.

This survey is not a reliable one to some extend based on the fact that Lagos state and everything around it to subjected to change, but it will guide the zealous and distinct of most parents or guardians who want the best school for their children to have the basic clue of what good and affordable school look like in their structure, size and academic calendar.

Without further references and writing, here is the accrue lis of the best secondary schools in Lagos state in 2020


This school has an acronym known as (CIS) located in LEKKI, CIS is an award winning school and a leading providers of an outstanding student right from primary to secondary section, CIS is known for providing competent career for their student.

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They are indeed an international school with over thirty countries represent. CIS provides a nourishing, different and awesome extra activities program that would satisfy most of the student if not all.

The school follows the procedure of the national curriculum of england admitting both pupil and student ranging from the ages of two years up to sixteens years where student will be expected to sit for an examination in order to test their competence and IQ(intelligent quotient This school is situated at Address:plot 8, funke usman street, LEKKI phase one, Lagos.

2.Greensprings schools

Greensprings school is one of the award winning and most outthinking and students oriented that ever existed in the whole of Lagos and Nigeria to be precise . They provide undulated and raw when it comes to quality education and knowledge at an affordable rate and most of the time, the cost is pocket friendly without any inconvenience and disruption to parent or guardians.

Greensprings school is not a subordinate but an independent and non judgmental offering services for both day and boarding school for boys and girl from one years and thalf to 18 years.

The school grooms student to be an long thirsting learners by installing in them disciplines, conscience, confidence, patriotism and also the values and norm accepted by the society. The school is situated at

Address: Greensprings is a fast growing school all around Lagos and Nigeria with campuses in Victoria Island, lekki

3.Britush international school

As the name implies BIS is a multi national school offering a British extra curriculum activities to aspiring student between the age of 11 to 18 years. It provides knowledge for both Nigeria local biome and British ecosystem with an advance setting.

The school begins operation in September 2001 and occupies a vast and large whooping thirty acre land in Victoria island in the main heart of the city of Lagos. It provides essential school services . It offers both day and boarding with boarders occupying proportional one-third of the total school population At No, 1 land bridge avenue oniru estate, VI, Lagos

4.Grange school, Ikeja

Grange school is an all 5 to 16 days and interesting school in which student, teachers and parent interact and share knowledge in order to foster the integrity of the school.

The school operate as charity mostly operated as NGO, co-educational, non segmental, students oriented school situated on a beautiful and admirable grounds within the GRA Ikeja on the mainland portion of Lagos.

Just of recent a boarding facilities has been added to provide boarding offers to both student and parent… Don’t be surprised I mentioned parent.

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Their capacious and spacious campuses consist of different well structure equipment which create an admirable scene for learning which facilitate assimilation.

Grange school was established in the year 1958 by an association of wells meaning British educational expert, to provide a substantial educational program similar to the ones in the united kingdom.

Grange School At Harlord shodipo crescent, Ikeja, Lagos

5.Lekki British international school, lagos

Lekki british international school is another awesome top flying school located in lagos under the full consent of the law of lagos state thereby make it a legally operating school, this is also a school both parent and guardian will want to consider for your children

This school started operation in the year 2000 on a whooping 25 acre of land campus within the lekki discrete part of Lagos in south western, Nigeria.

Lekki British school is the first boarding school ever established in Lagos.
It operates both primary, secondary and also pee school

Address Victoria arobieke street, lekki phase 1 Lagos

6.American international school, Lagos (AISL)

AISL is an exceptional and amazing international school with an attractive community. Parent and tutors, school board of member, alumni and other supporting members continually showers love and commitment to the school. The schools student are present in nearly fifty five countries all over the world.

Their teaching staffs are also present in nearly fourteen countries all over the world also. This unity in our student and staff bodies, along with their different knowledge and backgrounds is the symbol of AISL.

The address of this wonderful school cannot be yet specified because of the fact they occupy various location all over the world in which Nigeria is one of the beneficiary.

7.Dowen college, Lagos

Dowen college is a co-op stated secondary school in 2020 operating both day and boarding activities.

The school was established on the 6th of October 1997 according ACT of Incorporation thereby making it a legally operating school and provide both the Nigeria and the British curricula and extra curricula activities.

According to the statement professed by the school, “at Dowen college Lagos, the student and pupil is our integrity and priority. Everything we engaged in at Dowen college Lagos is based and focused on our students”.

Address: 18 Adedayo Doherty road, lekki phase 1.

8. Meadow hall, Lagos

Meadow hall is among of the outstanding and most prestigious school ever located in Lagos talking of all-round and best education.

This is a co-opertaed institution established on July 2002 where intimated scheme which consist of both Nigeria and British national curriculum and extra curriculum activities are being offered.

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The institution is dedicated to bringing up and grooming leader of tomorrow and God fearing children that will reach their highest ambition in the course of life. Meadow hall make emphasis on both importance of verbal and non verbal learning, and our world class activities supported this.

The meadow hall school is established up to the extreme that can be found in the best and outstanding schools in the world, thus the school is an awesome school that every caring parent and guardians would want their children to have the best learning experience

Address: meadow hall way, alma beach estate Lekki-Epe express way

9.Corona schools, Lagos

The name look some how don’t be afraid of the name of this school due the issue of corona pandemic which the world is tacking right no.

Corona schools is one of the oldest and the most outstanding private schools in Lagos with a awesome history as aged as the school. Any parent or guardians who want to tip of how a good and affordable school fees look like please I candidly advice you check out corona schools.

This school is co operated institution and situated in residential areas. We care for a multi cultural and multi task student’s ecosystem.

Corona curriculum is special as it is endowment of rich and valuable Nigerian curriculum and other major importance curricula in the world at large.

This school is situated in Nigeria and not China precisely as you might be thinking right now.

Address 72 Raymond Njoku, Ikoyi, Lagos Nigeria.

10. Lagoon school, Lekki

The lagoon school offers only a day school activities for girls only and the first major project of the Nigerian Association for Women’s Advancement (NAWA), a non-govermental educational determined to investing time and value in the girl children for the benefit of the society.

The lagoon school started operation as a girl secondary school only in the year 1995 according to the lagos state constitutional act with only 50 student in attendance. The school moved from their temporary site to their permanent site in lekki in April 200, with the whooping number of four hundred and nineteen students in attendance also. Today, lagoon school has a total population of nearly one thousand and thirty four students.

Address: ladipo omotesho cole street, off Adewumi Adebimpe Drive, lekki phase 1.

This brings us to the list of the top 10 best schools in lagos surulere constituency to be precise.

We look forward to hear your views on this and drop a comment where you are supposed to in order to bring to you more accurate and precise articles.

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