Top 10 Hotel In Nairobi

What are the best hotels in Nairobi? What should I look for when booking a hotel in Nairobi? These are common questions that many people ask themselves before visiting this beautiful city.

Luckily, we have done the research and can confidently say that these 10 hotels offer visitors the most comfort as well as an unbeatable location.
1) Intercontinental Hotel Nairobi  2) The Westin Safari Resort & Spa 3) Karen Blixen Camp 4) Ngong House 5) Hilton Garden Inn 6) Serena Hotels 7) Stanley Hotel 8 ) Radisson Blu 9 ) The Norfolk Hotel 10 ) Palm Tree Court.

Nairobi is a bustling city with plenty of hotels to choose from. It’s important, though, that you do your research before making any decisions on which one will be best for you and the needs that it may need to fulfill.

The following are the things we put into consider when picking out hotels in Nairobi, such as Prices and amenities, location within or outside of a city center. 

Price can also be based on how many stars it has been given by reviewers, The type of room you want (e.g., single bed vs double)  -Amenities available that cater to your needs, like availability for breakfast service and number of beds needed per bedroom.

1) Intercontinental Hotel Nairobi 

The InterContinental Nairobi is the perfect place to stay for a business trip or getaway. With beautiful surroundings, you will enjoy all of your short and long term stays at this hotel in Kenya’s capital city where hotels are scarce due to limited supply.

If you’re looking for a luxury hotel in Nairobi, InterContinental is the place to be. Go on an African safari or spend time with nature at our 18-hole golf course and world class spa.

If it’s an enchanting getaway that will make your dreams come true then head over to the luxurious confines of Intercontinental Hotel located near downtown Nairobi where leisurely pursuits are plentiful such as: taking refuge from city life by enjoying one of their many outdoor swimming pools including one just outside overlooking Mount Kenya; going out on safaris while surrounded by Africa’s majestic wildlife; venturing around town getting lost in its maze like streets experiencing first hand all this fascinating destination has offer.

2) The Westin Safari Resort & Spa

The Westin Safari Resort & Spa, located in the heart of Bali’s rainforest with easy access to Ubud and all its lush beauty, is perfect for those looking to get away from it all.

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Located on a beautiful expanse of land dotted with waterfalls and pools that provide plenty of space for wildlife sightings like monkeys swinging through trees or passing deer drinking at a creek edge.

Book a stay at the 5 star, Westin Safari Resort & Spa in Bali to explore all that this exotic island has to offer.

Visit nearby attractions like the famous Ubud Monkey Forest or check out animals native from your home country by visiting one of their 2 zoos on-site!

3) Karen Blixen Camp

Karen Blixen Camp in the Masai Mara offers an authentic “yesteryear” experience for visitors wishing to gain that little extra from their safari.

The camp’s location is just perfect- you get a good mix of wildlife viewing and cultural immersion with excursions like game drives, walking tours through nearby villages, or even by horseback into areas where buffalo roam freely amongst acres upon acres of land.

Guests can also enjoy traditional African meals prepared fresh every day using local ingredients as well as participate in yoga workshops alongside other travelers who are experiencing Africa firsthand- all overlooking vast savannahs filled with zebra and giraffe!

Some come to look at exotic wildlife, while others are looking for a safari of a lifetime. For those who want it all and love seeing something from yesteryear as well, Karen Blixen is your camp!

Karen Blixen Camp in the Masai Mara invites you on that ultimate African adventure – with both its modern amenities like comfortable accommodations or face-to-face encounters with big game animals; but also gives guests what they’re craving most: exploring Africa’s wild world where time seems to stand still just waiting until their return visit.

4) Ngong House

Ngong House is a private, serene and luxurious home-stay situated in Karen / Langata area of Nairobi. Ngong House lodge overlooks the beautiful landscapes with lush green trees while it offers an outstanding level of privacy that makes you feel like your own king and queen!

Ngong house gives off a feeling as if you are on vacation at your very own palace thanks to its sumptuous furnishings, exquisite paintings hanging from walls all around, charming patio garden where breakfast can be taken every morning for guests who want their peace before waking up or starting another day time adventure.

Ngong House, a private home stay in the Karen/Langata area of Nairobi. The Ngong House lodge is set up to overlook both lush gardens and city views from its location on top of a hilltop overlooking Lake Victoria – giving it an idyllic atmosphere for guests looking for peace and quiet amidst nature or those seeking some downtime while exploring Kenya’s capital region.

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5) Hilton Garden Inn

Hilton Garden Inn is an American chain of hotels that offer the perfect blend of comfort and convenience for a modern traveler. They have 862 properties in 49 countries, including 126,086 rooms across all their locations.

As well as offering mid-priced service with amenities like free Wi-Fi access throughout your stay or complimentary breakfast every day from 6 AM to 10:30 AM local time (depending on location), Hilton Garden Inn also provides many services through its partnership with Marriott Rewards® members such as earning points just by checking into a hotel!

They aim to provide the best service possible for their customers by having both franchised hotels as well as managed ones, which ensures that they can tailor rooms according to need. The American-based company has 862 properties worldwide with 126,086 total rooms available; 81 of those are under management while 781 are franchises all across the globe.

6) Serena Hotels

Serena is one of Africa’s best luxury travel destinations, with an impressive portfolio that includes 36 establishments located in Kenya (Nairobi), Tanzania and Rwanda.

Serena has been operating for decades and was founded by the Tourism Promotion Services Ltd to promote tourism across East African countries. If you are looking for a comfortable getaway from your busy life or want to explore new scenic locations, then this brand will not disappoint!

7) Stanley’s Hotel

Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, CO is not your typical hotel. There are 4 types of accommodations to choose from: historic rooms that overlook a beautiful mountain range, bed and breakfast boutique hotels with cozy fireplaces for those cold winter nights, modern suites perfect for business travelers who want the best amenities but don’t have time to explore any local culture before leaving town again the next day – or even if they just enjoy their privacy!

The Stanley Hotel offers its guests four different options when it comes down to where you’ll stay. You can either take advantage of one of our Historic Rooms perched on top hill overlooking an amazing view (perfect choice if you’re looking for romantic getaway), book yourself into some Bed & Breakfast Boutique Hotels.

8) Radisson Blu

Radisson Blu is a hotel chain that offers luxury accommodations to major cities and leisure destinations. The brand dates back almost fifty years, but was recently rebranded in 2009 with their bold new logo as Radisson SAS changed its name due to changing business practices across the industry.

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If you’re looking for an international experience of true comfort and style while visiting your favorite destination or exploring unfamiliar places, look no further than Radison Blu Hotels!

They have hotels located throughout North America including New York City’s Central Park area where hassle-free parking can be found on site at the Mayfair Hotel location just steps away from Columbus Circle subway station so guests never need worry about transportation again!

9) The Norfolk Hotel

The Fairmont The Norfolk is a luxury hotel in Nairobi, Kenya which offers guests spacious and comfortable rooms. Choose from four room types- Standard Rooms with Balconies or Views of the Park; Deluxe Family Room that accommodate up to 4 people; Executive Suite for families traveling on business who want more space than just two bedrooms offer.; Presidential Suites are perfect if you’re looking for an opulent experience complete with private lounge area, concierge service 24/7 and stunning views of Mt Kilimanjaro

Discover this luxurious hotel nestled near the equator where family vacations come true!

10) Palm Tree Court

Mimosa Court Apartments is a luxury apartment complex in Nairobi. Residents can enjoy the picturesque views of palm trees and pools from their balcony, which span across green lawns that are flanked by white stone buildings framed with lush vegetation.

The apartments also come fully furnished to provide you everything you need for your time abroad!

Mimosa Court Apartment Complexes – Come home to comfort after a day exploring the city’s many cultural attractions or enjoying its pristine wildlife sanctuaries.

The 10 best hotels in Nairobi are listed below. All of these properties offer excellent amenities and a comfortable stay for travelers looking to experience the beauty and history of Kenya’s capital city.

Whether you want to explore the bustling markets, climb Mount Kilimanjaro or watch giraffes at the National Park, there is something here to suit your needs!

If you’re considering visiting this magnificent country soon then make sure that one of these top-rated accommodations is on your list so you can have an unforgettable trip too!

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