Top 10 Best places For Honeymoon In Nigeria

Are you  about traveling to Nigeria for your honeymoon? There are so many great places to choose from with something sure to match everyone’s tastes.

One of the most popular destinations is Lagos which has a more urban feel and you can experience both modern city life and traditional Nigerian village. This bustling metropolis will impress even those who aren’t culture.

Nigeria is one of the most beautiful countries in Africa. This country has a diversity of natural beauty, from beaches to mountains and rainforest swamps. Nigeria offers many great opportunities for honeymooners who want their getaway to have more than sunshine on offer!

Lagos is the most populous metropolitan area in Africa – with over 20 million residents! This economic centre has a multitude of diverse cultures that have shaped this city into one of the best places for honeymooners from all around the world to visit.

Here are ten top places where you can find some peace and tranquilityana your honeymoon.

1. Sencillo, Lagos

2. La Manga Luxury Villa, Lagos

3. Epe Resort and Spa, Lagos

4. Inagbe Grand Resort & Leisure, Lagos

5. HOV Beach Resort, Lagos

6. Oyster Bay, Lagos

7. Obudu Mountain Resort, Calabar

8. Yankari Game Reserve, Bauchi

9. La Campagne Tropicana, Lagos

10. The Whispering Palms, Badagry

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Sencillo, Lagos:

Sencillo is a retreat and spa resort on the outskirts of Lagos. This place offers guests soothing treatments in their natural, with an abundance of palm trees, waterfalls, streams and gardens full of flowers to enjoy. Sencille has many activities for honeymooners that include fishing trips, boat rides as well as places For Honeymoon in Nigeria.

La Manga Luxury Villa, Lagos: 

La Manga is one of the most luxurious resorts in Lagos. They offer private villas that are equipped with a personal pool as well as some suites which have their own swimming pools and decks overlooking the sea.

La Manga has many facilities available for guests to enjoy such as tennis courts, cycling tracks, an onsite equestrian center, There is also a spa, salon and fitness center for those looking to relax or workout Many activities are offered in the area such as horseback riding, fishing excursions, boat rides as well as places For Honeymoon in Nigeria.

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Epe Resort and Spa, Lagos: 

Epe Resort and Spa is situated in a picturesque location on the eastern side of Lagos Island. The hotel offers spacious rooms, some with sweeping views of the lagoon or Mangrove trees that line its shores.

There are also two outdoor pools for those looking to enjoy some time outdoors. Epe has many activity to offer guests such as boat rides, fishing excursions and horseback riding.

Inagbe Grand Resort & Leisure, Lagos:

Inagbe offers luxurious accommodations with a private beach. It is situated on the secluded northern end of Lagos Island, close to Tarkwa Bay and has views Of The Gulf of Guinea from its balconies.

HOV  Beach Resort, Lagos:  

HOV Beach Resort is Lagos’s newest beach resort, situated on the part of Lekki Peninsula that juts out into the Gulf of Guinea.

The hotel offers five-star luxury with stunning views and a private beach. There are tennis courts for those looking to play, as well as complimentary water sports equipment available to guests.

Oyster Bay, Lagos:

Oyster Bay is a stylish beach resort with an extensive range of luxurious guest rooms. The hotel’s location on the Oyemekun Beach means guests can enjoy impressive views and easy access to the water.

Obudu Mountain Resort, Calabar: 

Obudu is a mountain resort in Cross River State, Nigeria. It offers accommodation with the option of self-catering apartments or five star hotel rooms. The resort has its own 18 hole golf course and spa services for guests to enjoy.

Yankari Game Reserve, Bauchi: 

Yankari is a game reserve in Nigeria, Africa. It was originally established to provide sanctuary for animals and birds from the surrounding region that had been hunted close to extinction. Today it offers accommodation with elegant tents or luxury villas for guests to enjoy on their visit.

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La Campagne Tropicana, Lagos: 

La Campagne Tropicana is a resort in Badagry, Lagos State. It features a range of accommodation from budget to luxury for guests to enjoy their stay whilst exploring the area or relaxing by the poolside with drinks and food on offer.

The Whispering Palms, Badagry:

The Whispering Palms is an exclusive resort in Badagry, Lagos State. It has a range of accommodation on offer for guests to enjoy and offers pristine beaches, water sports facilities and nightlife entertainment options as well as other amenities with 24 hour security services available for added protection.

Other places are:

The Palms Beach Hotel & Spa, Apapa:

Located in one of Nigeria’s busiest cities, Apapa features spacious suites  and a private beach. The hotel also has a fully-equipped gym, outdoor pool and tennis courts.

Makoko Floating School:

Designed by Karim Abouelnaga of Makoko Architectural Group in 2009 with the purpose to provide sustainable education for children living on water, Makoko floating school is an innovative solution for those who are challenged.

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Are you looking for Place in Nigeria for a honeymoon so I’ve narrowed it down to places! If you want some warm sun without being too.

This is a list of some best places for honeymoon in Nigeria. I have been to most of these locations, so it could be considered useful advice on where you should go if you are planning your own trip. Let me know what kind of location and activities that interest you below!

• The first location is the city of Lagos. It’s not only a beautiful and vibrant capital, it has an array of stunning beaches that are perfect for sunsets and surfing! I recommend Adams beach or Shangri La Beach Resort if you’re looking to get away from the crowds on Victoria Island, Apapa or Lekki.

• we have the beautiful city of Abuja with its many parks and gardens that offer a great time outdoors for honeymooners to explore. I recommend going to The Royal Garden or Sheraton Hotel & Towers if you’re looking for an upscale hotel experience in the capital!

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• Port Harcourt which has a more laid back feel and you can experience the culture of without worrying about running into other tourists every few steps.

There are some great hotels in this area including; Sheraton Hotel & Towers if you’re Nigeria ‘s largest hotel, Intercontinental Hotel & Resort with their incredible infinity pool and the iconic Radisson Blu.

• If you’re looking for a little peace and quiet outside of Nigeria without having to leave Africa entirely there are some great options in South Africa  You can rent out large houses or villas which will give you plenty of  space for the honeymooners and their guests.

• The Gambia is another fantastic African destination with beautiful beaches in a secluded setting which will make every moment of your trip feel special.

• Mauritius offers stunning beaches as well as some breathtaking views from it’s hillsides  You can enjoy an all-inclusive honeymoon in the South of Mauritius with plenty to do or take a trip around the island and see all that it has to offer.

• Seychelles is an excellent choice for those looking for romantic seclusion.  The beaches are pristine, as you’re not likely to find any crowds here which will make  for a much more intimate experience.

• Mauritania offers some of the most beautiful beaches in Africa, as well as plenty of activities such as camel trekking or fishing excursions for those that are looking to get away from it all.

• Lagos is a great choice for the honeymooner looking to explore African culture on their trip while still being able to enjoy some of Nigeria’s best beaches. You’ll find everything from luxury hotels like The Eko Hotel & Suites or Rad isson Blu hotels, the Intercontinental Hotel & Resort and even all-inclusive resorts with private beaches.