Top 10+ Best Football Prediction Site

Every football fan has their favorite team they root for and it can be difficult to find the best prediction site. In this blog post, we’re going to list out some of our favorites and let you know what makes them so great.

Sports betting is not just a hobby for football fans, it’s an industry. And football prediction sites are the backbone of that industry. They’re where football fans go to place their bets on the outcome of football games. We all want to find the best football prediction site so we can make more money and win more bets!

Football prediction is a tricky business. Predicting an accurate outcome can be near impossible at times when the match conditions are not clear or there’s too much noise in the betting market for example, if one side has already accepted a wager from another bettor to lose by three goals then it becomes difficult to predict who will win because even though they may have some information about how that team plays and their strengths, weaknesses and strategies on defense etc., but now with so many people involved as well as vested interests being taken into account.

What do you think happens?

There’ll often come a point where anyone could pick any of two teams winning based off pure intuition alone! It goes without saying that predicting football matches correctly is crucial especially for newbies.
The Best 10 Prediction Football Websites in Nigeria for Sure Predictions Today and Tomorrow.

Football is the number one sport all over the world, with people betting on it from every corner of Earth—even though most don’t know a thing about statistics or probability theory! But even if you are an expert gambler who wants to make some extra money while watching your favorite players battle it out, there is no point placing bets blindly without checking which website gives you the best odds first.

That’s why we have compiled this list of top ten prediction football websites that will help give any bettor peace-of-mind when deciding whether they want to place their own wagers on today’s match – not just tomorrow’s.

For those looking for a higher chance of winning, there are plenty guides on the internet to help you with betting. You can find advice from experienced gamblers in forums or get tips from professionals and experts who have won before by checking out their own websites that provide valuable information at no cost.

In order to increase your chances of success when it comes gambling online, look into these various resources available through Google’s search engine such as Wikipedia which has an entire section dedicated just to sports gambling terms so if you’re not knowledgeable about what wagering means then this is where we’ll start!

It’s important to have enough information about the teams involved in any football game you want to predict, such as the team selection, form and goalscoring prowess of a team before finally placing your stake on it. You can get all this vital information for free from one of our top ten accurate prediction websites – don’t miss out!

Ten of the most accurate football prediction websites are listed below.

The unpredictability and intensity make it so that there is never a dull moment in any game! The anticipation before kickoff, the roar of cheering when you have scored, or even just watching your favorite team work hard on defence to keep their chances alive: these things are what makes football such an amazing sport.

If you’re still not convinced about how great this sport is (and don’t worry if you aren’t), then take some time out now to check through our list for ten top-rated Football Prediction sites where we gather all information together – from best teams selection right down to goal scoring prowess, plus much more besides!

It is never an easy task to come up with a successful prediction due to many factors that cannot be influenced by the bettors.

With so much information out there, it can feel like you’re drowning in predictions of all sorts for every game played on any given day or night across leagues and continents! But don’t lose hope – we’ve got some great advice right here! The best football betting sites are those which provide tips for free (so accessible!) as well as giving accurate insights about games being played at different times around the world. When ready, place your bets on one of these top Nigerian soccer prediction sites listed below:

* 1xBet

1) SportsBettingDime.
2) Betensured.
3) WindrawWin.
4) PredictZ.
5) Futbol24.
6) Zulubet.
7) Overlyzer.
8) SoloPredict.
10) 1960tips.
11) Forebet.
12) Sportytrader.
13) Soccervista.
14) Victorspredict.
15) Tips180.
16) Statarea
17) Soccerpunter

Football prediction is a difficult task, due to the many factors that cannot be influenced by bettors. However, you can increase your chances of winning with these sites:
Believe it or not- they predict matches accurately! And what’s more? They provide great tips for free – so everyone has access and the chance to place their bets on any of these best betting site in Nigeria.

I have to say, I’m not a huge fan of playing sports myself. The thought that someone might be able to predict the outcome of an event makes me wonder if they know something about it before-hand? Well, from what I’ve gathered with this list here you can see some sites are more accurate than others and in these cases there’s always a higher probability for them being correct because we all love accuracy when predicting anything!


Every day, there are more than 1,000 events on the 1xBet Sportsbook. Football, tennis, basketball, volleyball, ice hockey, golf, boxing, handball, baseball, table tennis, biathlon, Aussie rules football, and bandy are just a few of the prominent sports that you may wager on. We also take bets on sports including floorball, inline hockey, water polo, cycling, ski jumping, snooker, cricket, and Formula 1.

Numerous other markets are available at 1xBet for some events, including European Handicap, Correct Score, Run of Play, Over/Under, Team to Score First, and others. On a club and national level, we also offer a wide variety of markets on international matches.

In individual sports like cycling, golf, athletics, skiing, etc., we also always provide head-to-head wagers on two particular players in addition to outright wagers.

The sorts of bets available at 1xBet include singles, accumulators, and system bets.

TOTO-15 and TOTO Correct Score are both wagerable.

The top daily offerings are included in “The Matches of the Day,” which 1xBet presents each day. We give you better odds and higher minimum bets for all of those games!

1) SportsBettingDime

The football prediction site that found most useful is, and here’s why: they offer the widest variety of betting options for football games in the world. Game types include totals bets, moneyline bets, point spread bets, season wagers, conference wagers and more! You can bet pre-game or in-play. They offer football score and football odds updates during football games through their live betting interface. This enables you to place bets on the outcome of football games without using a mobile app!

So, if you’re looking for a football prediction site that is easy to use with lots of features, then is the football site for you!

2) BetEnsured

Betensured is the first football prediction company that works like stockbrokers in the stock exchange and they are based out of Lagos, Nigeria. Betensured’s website states “Every day our analysts gather information about game outcomes from 1,000s betting shops across Europe.” At any given time their odds give you a chance to win up to $3 million on one bet!

Betensured is a site where you can go to receive daily football predictions for the most likely outcome of that day’s real-life event. They provide these with history, facts and other factors considered in order to give their readers low probability odds of losing money on a bet. Betensured has been around since 2009 so they have gathered plenty of experience from statisticians who know what it takes to win at this game!

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Betensured Correct Score Prediction takes the first spot and is one of those sites which are highly accurate when predicting outcomes based off stats alone – but only if you’re looking into betting on matches with variables such as player injuries or suspensions not taking place during play.

Betensured, a football prediction website that provides predictions daily on real-life events, takes the first spot. With history and facts in consideration to back up their information so as not to lose at all costs they are made of experts with experience for over some years.

Betensured provides a variety of predictions to bettors, especially in Nigeria. With their comprehensive database that is always updating with new data and insights into the upcoming games on every day of the week, they are one-of-a kind when it comes to giving accurate information about an upcoming game before its release date; even if you don’t make any bets or recommendations from them.

Betensured provides many ways to predict the outcomes of soccer matches so that you can avoid losses. These include double chance, minimum and maximum number of goals, GG (game guarantee), as well as all their other predictions ranging from “Hands” for how much time is on a clock after 90 minutes in regulation play to evens shoot-outs.”

3) WindrawWin

WinDrawWin provides free football betting recommendations, which include bets related to both teams scoring or GG and win combo. You can find the predictions for BTS (Both Teams Score), number of corner kicks, as well as minimum and maximum goals that will be scored in a particular game on their website!

This hub is all about providing quick-witted information so you know what bet would be best suited for your needs at any given time.

WinDrawWin provides their visitors with the tools to make more educated decisions on which bets they should place. They provide predictions, statistics, and trends for all major European leagues as well as a variety of different betting markets like BTS (Both Teams Score), Win/Draw/Win Combo, Corner Betting Odds, 1X2 Odds (Home Team Winning) etc.

The site is updated regularly so that it can be up-to-date in terms of latest stats but also when new teams are added or removed from competitions such as FIFA World Cup Qualifiers 2016 groups H & G match days 4&5 respectively; this will always ensure you have access to accurate information at your fingertips!

The website covers over 100 leagues around the world and has 20, 000 predictions for a single football season. They provide detailed statistics on teams such as form, goals scoring abilities, possession stats per game ratio.

4) PredictZ

PredictZ is the best prediction site for football because it provides predictions on every game available and their statistics are based off of head-to-head, history, and current form.

Prediction today site provides daily football tips on every single game available and you can easily select any of the predicted games available. This will help you see the statistics that back up their predictions both on their head-to-head statistics, results from history and the current form of both teams who are yet to play. The statistical based approach makes PredictZ one of our most accurate football prediction website around!

If you’re looking for a complete package that includes everything from odds to history, this site is perfect. With extensive information on football betting markets like the GG and win or draw odds, it has absolutely anything you need- so much in fact that there’s nothing left up to chance after leaving the website.

The site offers a complete package of everything you need, so much that all the user needs to do after leaving is go place their bets.

The odds are shown in percentages and there’s also options for different markets like GG (goal-based), over/under, win or draw at half time as well as full game which helps make things more exciting because it gives players greater control on what they want to play with.

5) Futbol24

Futbol24 provides bettors with a lot of features to make the experience more interactive, especially for football fans. These features include a full list of leagues per country, Live Match Information about the game including goal scorers and team lineups before kickoff, List of favorite matches saved in your account profile page which are always readily available when you log-in or sign up on Futbol24’s website; competitions and teams tab which displays current standings from top division down to lower divisions across Europe & South America countries respectively as well as their respective fixtures updated daily at 3:00 PM GMT+1 time zone (London), Game statistics that includes match results such as aggregate scores throughout league play by season so far this year/weekend etc.

Futbol 24 is the best website for those who are looking to bet on football. It offers features such as a list of leagues per country, live match information, favorite matches and teams you follow in-depth analysis on games played by your team or that have been completed so far this season. Futbol24 also has odds predicting tools for users to try out with minimal risk where they can predict an outcome before betting all their money!

The Futbol24 app offers a smooth run for its users to make predictions. With the user-friendly interface and accessible prediction features, you can feel confident in your winning aim!

The Futbol24 app is a user-friendly way to make predictions and offers bettors an easy access for success. The interface has been designed with simplicity in mind, so users can find everything they need without frustration or confusion. It’s available on Android devices through the Google Play store as well as iPhone devices through the App Store!

6) Zulubet

Zulubet is a football prediction website that has been around for the last 10 years. With their sole focus on predictions, they are easily one of the most accurate sites out there – and this is evidenced by how easy it was to find them at number 2 in our list. Interestingly enough, Zulubet only offers tips related to major leagues including English premier league (EPL), UEFA Champions League (UCL), LA Liga, Serie A etcetera with no predictions offered for popular teams like Manchester United or Arsenal Soccer Club among others.

Zulubet is an accurate football prediction website because their only focus is on predicting the outcomes of matches. They display these predictions in green, which makes it easy for bettors to spot and achieve their goals. Zulubet offers advice that covers a wide array of leagues such as La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga and Ligue 1 so you can get matched up with your favorite team!

Zulubet is a website that provides bettors with the best possible odds for each game. They analyze statistics, current team form and previous meetings in order to give customers an idea of which games they should put their money on. The site also offers over 20 languages including English so Nigerians can navigate it without any problems!

Zulubet is the world’s number one sports gambling website with over 20 languages available. Whether you want to bet on football or any other sport, Zulubet offers a platform for every type of gambler.

7) Overlyzer

Overlyzer is the newest football statistics innovation that helps bettors to be far more accurate in their decisions and minimize risk. If you haven’t heard about Overlizer, look no further because we have access! As a registered user, you get the opportunity to see live trends AND dozens of cool statistical metrics on LIVE games from 800+ leagues and competitions.

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You can also use Underlyer’s graphs based on an algorithm for predictions which clarifies who will score next-in play! With this accuracy it makes Overlyzer one of the most accurate betting prediction sites around today so don’t miss out anymore by signing up now before they become sold out with users like us rejoicing at each new lead victory over our competitors.

You’ve been missing out on something big! Overlyzer is the only football statistics innovation that helps bettors to be far more accurate in their decisions and minimize risk. With over 800 leagues available, you can see live trends with dozens of cool statistical metrics as a registered user. The graphs are based off an algorithm that clarifies which team will score next- it’s like having your own expert right there at your fingertips!

Introducing the best tool to make your bets more accurate! Soccer Stats Live is a new app that offers live soccer stats for all of Europe’s top leagues. Not only does it provide you with odds on next goal, but also lets you check if it’s an ‘over’ or ‘under’ game as well as who will win and whether there are any value betting opportunities in play.

To use this great resource, simply select what team(s) from the list below interest you most then choose which stat category they should be compared against: goals conceded per match? Shots per 90 minutes? Corner kicks won/lost percentage over last five matches? And many others…

Their betting site offers pre-game probability of over and under a game, live score service, as well as loads of content about football betting that helps you be more successful in your bets. The “Live” area clearly has an advantage on one’s way to becoming a professional tipster.

Betting on football is fun, but it can be more enjoyable when you’ve got a real edge. The site gives professional bettors the chance to win better than they would from guessing randomly with pre-game ‘over‘ and ‘under’ probabilities that are updated in real time as games progress along with live score updates for every game happening around the world at any given moment – something not available anywhere else.

Despite all of these features there’s one area that stands out above others: “Live.” This section has been named so because of its key advantage over other strategies; access to what happens immediately after plays have happened giving tipsters an opportunity to capitalize before anyone else does!

8) SoloPredict

Solopredict is a leading soccer prediction site for bettors in Nigerians that charges up to $50 per month. It also offers free tips, but only on selected games – not all daily football matches like other sites do. This strategy makes you feel more confident with your final decision as their focus is narrower and they don’t give out so many predictions each day.

Solopredict is a site for soccer lovers and bettors in Nigeria. There are two ways to get tips on the games, namely through free betting predictions that can be obtained if you pay up to $50 or by paying nothing at all yet still getting access into their membership area where they provide paid bets with some going as high as $100.

The site offers a hand-held app with easy to use features for android users. Recommendations are then made through their data and statistics of the game, which bettors can take advantage of in order get huge payouts!

Betting on odds is a good way to make money, but you need to know the right site. In order for this, we recommend SportyBet’s prediction service! Simply head over and sign up with your email address – that’s it! Once logged in, all of their data will be available at your fingertips so bettors can get an idea of what team or player might have the best chance of winning based off historical statistics from previous games played.

It doesn’t matter which type of sport you like betting on because they offer predictions for every game imaginable including Soccer (football), Basketball, Football (soccer) and some more obscure ones such as Handball; if there are any popular sports not listed then just asking.

9) 1960tips

1960tips is the most accurate football prediction website in the world. They also have an excellent betting predictions offers and consistency of work, to make sure that they are correct for most facts.

1960tips is a self-acclaimed football prediction website with the most accurate predictions. They also claim to be an independent bettor’s community, and our review showed that they are right on for more than half of their bets due to their excellent work as well as consistency in both accuracy and confidence.

For over ten years, 1960tips has been providing bet predictions to help you achieve your dreams of having a return on your investment. Through the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning, they create an algorithm for winning bets that is trusted by most bettors who have reviewed their site.

1960tips is a decade-old prediction service that will help you get the best return on your investment. They only offer football predictions with an algorithm based off of artificial intelligence and machine learning. This generates their winning forecast which has helped many bettors achieve success in both sports betting and gambling, as evidenced by all reviews left about them online.

For over ten years, 1960tips has been providing bet predictions to help you achieve your dreams of having a return on your investment. Through the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning, they create an algorithm for winning bets that is trusted by most bettors who have reviewed their site.

1960tips is a decade-old prediction service that will help you get the best return on your investment. They only offer football predictions with an algorithm based off of artificial intelligence and machine learning. This generates their winning forecast which has helped many bettors achieve success in both sports betting and gambling, as evidenced by all reviews left about them online.

10) Forebet

Foreball is one of the most popular sports in America. There are more than 400 leagues to follow, and we’ve got you covered with our predictions for each match-up and stats on teams’ history against other opponents.

Football fans can’t get enough! With so many games going on at all times, it’s hard not to keep track – but what if there was some help? Our analyses will give you insights into which team has an advantage over another opponent or how two teams have done historically when they play together (or face off!).

With more than 400 leagues, you have a better chance to see your team play. From mathematical football predictions and statistics (including match previews) to trends over the course of the season – Football-Data has it all!

Football Data is an independent website that provides complete information about every league in existence from Europe to South America with matches, stats and analysis. It also offers “mathematical” predictions for each game along with live commentary on anything happening around 500 games per day during most weeks when there are no major tournaments taking place.

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11) SportyTrader

SportyTrader is a platform for sports betting enthusiasts to receive expert advice and tips on various games. Dedicated since 2005, the website has evolved into an invaluable resource of information which stands as a one-stop shop for all things related to online bets.

SportyTrader was created in 2005 with two goals: providing valuable assistance and serving as your one-stop destination if you’re looking to place some wagers or research any upcoming game statuses (live scores).

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Sports betting is more than just a hobby, it’s your life. SportyTrader will provide you with the information and advice to help make all of your bets count and eventually win that big pot!

Sportytrader offers an online service for sports bettors looking to get some helpful tips in order to pick winners time after time. With over 10 years experience they are able give invaluable assistance on how one can succeed at this pastime we call sportbetting or wagering as many know it by these days.

12) SoccerVista

Soccervista is a great tool for bettors in predicting daily soccer games. They specialize only on football, and offer complete focus to that aspect of the game. This site offers recommendations to help you make decisions about your predictions so it’s perfect for those who want one-stop shopping!

Soccervista is the ultimate soccer predictions site for betting on football games. They give you all of your information in one place, including bet of the day and recommended bets to make that will help you with getting a better profit margin!

Soccer results prediction has always been an important tool for those who like to gamble over time whether it be sports or any other form. Ever since Soccervista became available as a website back in 2006 they have continued their tradition by providing reliable recommendations about when people should go out there and try their luck at predicting what might happen during this daily event called football game.

Soccervista offers top predictions on matches for all the best leagues around the world, with an emphasis on their vast data. They also offer live scores as games go by.

Do you enjoy betting on football games? Soccervista is an online website that provides predictions for matches. They offer exclusive information and data about the teams in each league, as well as live scores so there’s never a moment where your team isn’t doing great!

Soccer expert: The best prediction site ever

13) Victorspredict

VictorsPredict is the world leader in providing free football tips and predictions for fans around the world. It provides insightful analysis of upcoming matches, live updates on current games, as well as helpful information about betting odds and virtual currencies to ensure you always have a winning strategy!

VictorsPredict is an online service that allows users access to all of our features at no cost–from free football picks from experts like Lucien Rocha Souza who has over 10 years experience playing professional soccer here in Brazil where he won many championships with his team under 5 different coaches; up-to-date news coverage including breaking stories such as transfer rumours or player injuries right down to expert articles discussing gambling strategies. We offer everything for your convenience.

Victorspredict is back! They will soon resume posting of tips and analysed predictions on this channel so stay tuned for updates from us here at victor’s predict.

Finally they have returned to the internet with new content – be sure to subscribe if you want more information about our site or like what you see in these site!

14) Tips180

Tips180 is a football prediction platform that guarantees daily winnings for you! They are able to do this with the help of their algorithm, which rates teams and predicts who will be victorious.

Tips 180 makes it easy by taking all of your worries away because they have an algorithm so accurate even seasoned bettors can’t beat them!

Tips180 is the go-to place for soccer match predictions that will guarantee you a win today. You’ll find matches harder to come by elsewhere, and with tips180’s team of experts on your side it couldn’t be easier!

Tips180 guarantees daily winnings on soccer games. They are a well-known and trusted website that has been in the industry for years.

Tips180 is an excellent site to visit if you want guaranteed victory when betting on soccer matches, as they have dealt with fixed matches before – hard to come by though!

15) Statarea is the destination for all your football predictions needs! Whether you’re new to betting or a veteran, Statarea will have something that suits every type of gambler in mind.

Statarea was founded by prominent European statisticians and mathematicians with over 30 years experience predicting outcomes through advanced statistical modeling techniques like logistic regression analysis which helps them keep up-to-date on current events around the world while also taking into account other factors such as injuries and relative team strength  on any given day at hand; their data has been proven accurate time after time due to its sophisticated nature  as they are always using it themselves before making recommendations publicly available online so bettors can stake accordingly depending on what return.

Statarea is a site that predicts football matches correctly most of the time. The website collects input from visitors on predictions, and these inputs are factored in through votes. Statarea then calculates winning probability by using statistical tools to predict the end result of games between teams based off past performances.

16) SoccerPunter

SoccerPunter is one of the most experienced prediction sites as they have been in the business for a while now and their presence on Nigerian bettors cannot be understated. They offer live score, arbitrage, casino poker information that will surely convince you to join them today!

SoccerPunter has been one of the most experienced prediction sites around for a while now as they have always maintained their place in this industry. The presence of Nigerian bettors on Soccer Punters cannot be understated because these are people who know what it takes to win and will not give up until they get there, giving them an edge over other players that just play sporadically or when things look good according to the odds.

Some features you can take advantage at Soccer Punt include live score betting, arbitrage betting (which is taking two bets with opposing outcomes from different places), plenty more than I could mention here but should still try out before making any decisions about whether its worth your time investment).


The best football prediction site of 2021 is not yet determined, but for now the top rated sites are those that rank on Google. If you want to find out more about these predictions and what a good one looks like, take a look at our blog posts below which will give you some tips on how to choose the right service for your needs.

Football is one of the most popular sports in America. With the Super Bowl coming up this weekend, I thought it would be a good idea to share some tips on how you can predict your favorite team’s score and who will win.

1) Make sure to keep an eye on injuries from last week that may affect Sunday’s game.

2) Check out which players are probable or questionable for this weekend’s game.

3) Read through NFL schedules and see if any teams have had recent success against each other

4) Look at odds posted online by various sportsbooks

5) Check out ESPN Football Power Index rankings

6) Consider what type of football bet you want to make – total points, spread, money line

Football is a game that people of all ages enjoy. For some, football is more than just a hobby: it’s an obsession. With the Super Bowl coming up in two weeks and the football season starting soon, now might be the time to check out one of these favorite prediction sites for 2022-2023!

What are your thoughts on which site you should go with?

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