Tayo Sobola AKA Sotayo Ogaga Net Worth, Bio, Age, Spouse, Wiki, Parents, Career, Awards

Tayo Sobola AKA Sotayo Ogaga Net Worth

Tayo Sobola is one of the talented actress in the Nollywood movie industry. Tayo Sobola good hand work as earned her a good money for living, her net worth is right now assessed to be more than $500,000.

Tayo Sobola is additionally as of now appraised as one of the most richest and most powerful Yoruba entertainers whose armada of outlandish vehicles incorporate a Range Rover E-Vogue and a Mercedes Benz G-Wagon.

Tayo Sobola AKA Sotayo Ogaga Bio

Tayo Sobola is a versatile Nigeria Actress, film Producer, humanitarian and businesswoman. She is well recognize by is famous name called Sotayo Ogaga.

The actress very gifted and her acting ability has charmed her to numerous and made her famous.

Likewise, Sotayo is the organizer of clean stitches,a clothing line she sent off in 2018.She is additionally into the deals of corrective items(cosmetic products) and she has an internet based store where are items are sold. One of her principal items is Lip stain,a novel shade of lipstick.

As per the entertainer and business owner,She went through more than a year planning the items on the perfect fastens as she needed to over and again trial them. Also,Lip stain was test ran for a long time before she sent off. Her energy for style configuration was answerable for the send off of her clothing Line.

Tayo Sobola AKA Sotayo Ogaga Wiki

Real Name Tayo Sobola
Birth Date 28 December 1985
Place Of Birth Ogun State, Nigeria
Spouse Kayode Peters
Parents Alhaja Bakare

Tayo Sobola AKA Sotayo Ogaga Age

Tayo Sobola is a gifted Nigeria Actress, entrepreneur, who was brought into the world on December 28, 1985 in Ogun State. And to those that intends to know her genuine age you need to calculate it in regard to the year she was conceived which is 1985.

On the off chance that you are one of her fans and you don’t have the idea when she truly do celebrate her birthday, I think by now you ought to be aware.

If you have any desire to join her to celebrate her birthday that will be on 28th of each December of the year.

Tayo Sobola AKA Sotayo Ogaga Early Life

Sotayo uncovered in a meeting that she experienced childhood in a polygamous family. The actress was brought into the world on December 28 1985.Her mother was a Muslim while her dad was a Christian.

As per the actress,she remained with my mother during her initial years and her mom was very severe and overprotective of her as she was never permitted to blend and go out.Her mother’s moniker was ‘Thatcher’due to her strictness.

The entertainer additionally revealed that her mom would frequently advise her to wait in her room after school hours,she even limited her from seeing relatives and around then, Sotayo accepted that her mom was simply being evil.

In ongoing time, she has put paid to those convictions as she currently knows why she did that large number of things. She likewise accepts that her mom being severe with her has improved her a person as a grown-up.

However, her childhood prompted some type of energetic richness on her part. At some point, she would escape the house to go for shows.

The tipping point of all of this was the point at which someone brought pictures she took at an occasion to her home and gave them to her within the sight of her mom.

Interestingly,the pictures had dates on them and when her mom saw them she was amazed and asked how she ready to be at the occasions on those days.

At the point when Sotayo began becoming popular,her mother wasn’t actually intrigued as she suspected was becoming wayward.

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This prompted squabbles and protests however that didn’t deflect her and all of that is presently history as her mom mother currently upholds her earnestly.

Tayo Sobola AKA Sotayo Ogaga  Schooling

Sotayo bagged  away a diploma in Law from Lagos State University prior to continuing to the olabisi onabanjo University where she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in public administration.

Tayo Sobola AKA Sotayo Ogaga SEX View

Sotayo has a few comments about sex.For instance,she accepts sex before marriage is proper as it will tell you how great or fruitful your accomplice is.

Also it is essential for the most common way of knowing your accomplice very well.When it comes to sex,so much accentuation is put on what individuals do. And for clear reason. 

But what might be said about what individuals say?

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And,while this is surely wanted on account of significant distance lovers,it can likewise be of advantage of those precious, flavoring things up in the bedroom.You can here about REAL SEX STORIES.

Also, Sotayo accepts that sex is appreciated by all kinds of people albeit numerous ladies imagine and go about as though it is evil. Alongside star 3 vibration gadget are ideal things to use in foreplay.

Finger massagers are accessible as flexible sleeves that fit onto and accompany a raised finished surface,and ones that have a vibrating projectile included. Use fingertip massagers to tenderly touch the outer layer of your accomplices skin to get them arranged for lovermaking.

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– The entertainer likewise has a couple of Things to say about sexual harassment.Acording to her,it happens wherever even in strict settings.

Also, Sotayo uncovered that she once experienced it during her initial a long time in the business. As per her She lost a job in a film since she would not date the overseer of the film. The occurrence happened when Sotayo was acting Nollywood English movies.

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Tayo Sobola AKA Sotayo Ogaga  Profession

Sotayo started her career in the amusement be as a model. She would later move her hands as a lady in music recordings and as a moderator as well. She began acting in English films before showing face in Yoruba movie yet presently includes in both.

The actress at first began acting in the Nollywood English films however she later moved to the Yoruba film scene.According to her, she is entirely happy with acting English movies as she suspects her English is more familiar and she can act preferable as an English entertainer over Yoruba.

Sotayo has acted in scores of films since her debut. She is likewise a film producer. Sotayo as of late produced the movie, corper jide which got her a great deal of positive audits.

Interestingly,the entertainer uncovered that it was her knowledgeable about inappropriate behavior that made her produce the film.

Furthermore, she likewise uncovered that corper jide was one of her most difficult movies till date. As per her, she needed to play a person that was strange for herself and thus, she needed to change numerous things. which hushed up tested for her.

Also, her role in the movies, moremi and the battling chance to calm test as she needed to go to the Gheto and figure out how to communicate in the Gheto language. Additionally,she needed to trim her hair low for the role she play in the movie.

She also uncovered the fact that she cannot kiss on set in spite of the fact that she can play a sexual moment as long as the genuine sex won’t happen.

A portion of the films she has highlighted in incorporate idakeji ife, Egan, corper jide, Bella, Arewa onijogbon anong others.

Tayo Sobola AKA Sotayo Ogaga Character

Sotayo made it clear in a meeting that she is a practical person and she is additionally an exceptionally free person. As indicated by her,  she snickers with everyone and she hushes up open to individuals.

Tayo Sobola AKA Sotayo Ogaga Instagram

Tayo Sobola AKA Sotayo Ogaga is available on Instagram and you can also follow her on Instagram @Sotayogaga

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