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Keith Glen Schubert (born September 15, 1980), an American drag performer, reality television star, and musician, goes by the stage name Tammie Brown. Before making an appearance on the inaugural seasons of RuPaul’s Drag Race and RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars, Brown was a mainstay in the Southern California drag community.

Tammie Brown Net Worth

According to Forbes, IMDb, and other online resources, the well-known reality star Tammie Brown, who is 42 years old, has a net worth of $1 to $5 million.

Tammie Brown Early Years

Although he was reared in Fulton, Texas, Keith Glen Schubert was born to Constance Marie “Conie” Rowe and Keith H. Schubert on September 15, 1980, in Corpus Christi, Texas. During junior high, he also spent a brief period of time residing in Mathis, Texas.

He initially donned a drag disguise as a student at Rockport-Fulton High School, where he played Cha Cha in the Grease and Cinderella’s Stepmother in the Into the Woods theater performances. Glen Schubert was the only name he had in mind for his drag persona at first, but she changed it after fellow Texas drag queens advised her to come up with a new name.

Her caller ID said she was on a three-way call with a friend and a boy she was crushing on “When she called the stepdad of one of her friends, Bob Brown, the boy retorted, “Bob Brown? Bob Brown is not you.

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Your name is Keith Glen,” to which Schubert responded, “Well, I can change it to Tammie Brown! “and decided to use it as her drag name. Because she was a huge fan of Tina Turner and the musical Tootsie, she also thought of using the name “Tootsie Turner” as a drag moniker.

Tammie Brown Career

Brown made his television debut on Tammy Faye Messner’s The Surreal Life. Schubert has performed in ads for McDonald’s and UPS while not in drag. He has also appeared on How Clean Is Your House? Brown also gave a performance at the America’s Got Talent season 2 Los Angeles auditions.

On February 2, 2009, Brown was revealed as one of the nine competitors for RuPaul’s Drag Race’s inaugural season. He finished ninth and was eliminated in the second episode.

Brown was one of the 12 former competitors who returned for RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars in 2012. Brown formed Team Brown Flowers with cast member Nina Flowers from the first season, and in the second episode of “RuPaul’s Gaff-In,” Brown was eliminated.

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RuPaul’s altercation with Tammie Brown during the first season served as the inspiration for the All Stars runway theme song, “Responsitrannity.” The All Stars contestants Raven, Manila Luzon, and Latrice Royale, as well as Brown, made an appearance in a television advertisement for Orbitz’s new LGBT leisure travel platform.

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On March 18, 2009, Brown made his debut as a musician outside of Drag Race.

Brown and Ongina, a fellow competitor on RuPaul’s Drag Race, served as honorary trail guides for the Saddle Up LA AIDS Benefit Trail Ride in 2011.

Brown appeared in an Allstate advertisement in 2012. Brown was also captured on camera for the Gorgeous project, which also featured Miss Fame, Candis Cayne, and Armen Ra.

Along with Kelly Mantle and Michael Catti, Brown is a member of the band the Rollz Royces. In Tammie Brown’s Holiday Sparkle Christmas performance at Fubar in West Hollywood, California, Mantle and Catti made an appearance.

He was one of the thirty drag queens who performed with Miley Cyrus during the 2015 VMAs.

Due to her role as the opening act for Trixie Mattel’s tour in August 2018, Brown was the only competitor from Season 1 who did not participate in the Season 10 Grand Finale.

Brown was one of 37 queens that appeared on the cover of New York Magazine in June 2019.

Tammie Brown Personal Life

Since his senior year of high school, Schubert has been out as gay. He gives his time to the Long Beach Gay and Lesbian Center frequently.

According to Schubert, his drag aesthetic is bohemian. He attributes a lot of his drag’s inspiration to the films What’s Love Got to Do with It? and Tootsie.

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Most Ask Question

What happened to Tammie Brown?

The only Season 1 queen that will not be present for the Season 10 finale is Tammie. She couldn’t do that because she was on tour with Trixie Mattel.

From what source is Tammie Brown’s name?

Her name was get when she was told that Bob Brown is not you. When Schubert was told, “You’re Keith Glen!,” she responded, “Well, I can alter my name to Tammie Brown!” and made it her drag name. Because she was a huge fan of Tina Turner and the musical Tootsie, she also thought of using the name “Tootsie Turner” as a drag moniker.

Is Tammie a man or a woman?

The meaning of the name Tammie, which is generally used for girls and is of English origin, is Diminutive Form Of Tamsin Or Tamara. the novelist and preacher Tammy Faye Bakker. vocalist Tammy Wynette.

What nationality is the name Tammy?

The meaning of the baby girl name British Tammy is “date palm tree,” and it is of British origin. You may already be aware of the Middle East and North Africa as the dates’ original home if you’re a fan of these sweet, syrupy prunes.


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