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Sydney Talker Net Worth

Sydney Talker is an Instagram skit master who has created many InEdustagram skits that are so funny.

He got a very popular account and as at last count he had amassed over a millions followers.

He is one of the the most influential and richest Nigerian comedian in the entertainment industry with estimated net worth to be $85,000.

Sydney Talker Biograpy

Sydney Egere is the birth name of the popular entertainer that is famously known as Sydney Talker. 

Do you know who is Sydney Talker? if you don’t know, he is one of the Nigerian fast blowing Instagram comedian whose Instagram short skits has bring out for the universe to see from the Nigerian entertainment industry.

Sydney talker is a Nigerian comedian who was conceived on 26th of January 1995 while he hails from Edo state .

He grown up in a well recognized place in Nigeria known as Lagos and was raised by his mom as a result of the divorced between his parents when he was still young.

Sydney Talker Age

Sydney Talker was born on October 12th in 1995. By 12th of October in 2022, he will be at the age of 27 while on 12th of October 2025, he will 30 years old.

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He has become a successful Nigerian comedian like his other colleagues like Nasty BlaqMr Funny, Kiriku and others.

If you are one of his fans and you wish to celebrate his next coming birthday with him, keep it in mind he will celebrate his next birthday on 12th of October.

Sydney Talker Education

Sydney Talker originally chose the University of Benin because he was interested in learning more about computers.

He has a background in computers and wishes to continue building upon it – but not necessarily with programming or coding.

As interesting and fun as all those programs are, his choice for computer science was borne out of his desire to learn videography.

When he had an interview with the newspaper punch, he said that “I chose to study computer science because I thought I would learn videography but I am not getting that at the moment”,

Sydney Talker Career & Fame

Sydney Talker gained worldwide fame overnight when he released his “Poor Power Supply” Instagram skit in February 2016.

His use of facial expressions to emphasize the main points of his skits granted him a popular personality and was often compared with other popular figures such as Mr Bean, a fictional character created and portrayed by English comedian Rowan Atkinson not only for his comic talent, but also for being unique.

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Sydney developed this mysterious talent all by himself, until one day he received an unexpected message from Toyin Abraham, a Nigerian entertainment icon, telling him how captivating he thought his face was. 

The moment she mentioned it, Sydney realized that there was potential in putting real efforts into making his facial muscles more interesting and appealing to the eye so; he began dedicating time and effort into injecting more uniqueness into each video creation that would follow suit.

Sydney Talker began his parody skills as a college student in his secondary school days. With eagerness, he was able to overcome his exceptional thoughts and inventive ideas.

Sydney posted his first parody production which was about “power of the tongue” in 2015. The production had just little perspectives, but it unquestionably shows that there is a lot more he has done with the creation since then.

Sydney Talker Car

“Influencer” and “content creator” Sydney Talker shared a post to his Instagram recently in which he discussed an exciting new development – achieving the feat of not having ever sunk any money into driving a car.

Talker featured an image of a new vehicle that cost him approximately worthy dollars upfront, as well as taking the time to reflect on how this financial burden-free life came about.

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Sydney Talker Instagram

Instagram star Sydney Ringer has a massive following of almost four million people (source). 

He has been known to inspire brands to post their own content, which some might find annoying but his talent, not only behind the scenes on Instagram but also with producing words, music and skits is undeniable.

Sydney began making videos on Instagram with no training or prior experience and brought it to a level where he makes huge money per month just from running the page.

You also follow him on Instagram to see the latest things he post on Instagram. To do so follow on Instagram @Sydneytalker

Sydney Talker Facebook

Sydney Talker also has an exceptionally large audience on Facebook, and you can connect with him by following him on Facebook at@Sydneytalker

Sydney Talker Comedy videos

Below we have some of is short comedy videos and if you want to be the first to eat h the new video, follow Sydneytalker on Instagram.

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