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Ruth Kadiri’s Net Worth

Acting and endorsement deals, in addition to other ventures that Kadiri has launched over the years, have helped the actress amass a net worth of around $700,000, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Ruth Kadiri’s Biography

Ruth Kadiri was born on 24 March 1998 in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria. Ruth Kadiri is an actress, screenwriter and producer who began her career at the age of teen in a Filmbiography movie. She later appeared in the Nigerian film industry and now one of the successful and most influential in the movie industry.

Ruth Kadiri’s Early life

Ruth Kadiri is a Nollywood actress who was born in Benin, Nigeria. She attended the University of Lagos, where she studied mass communications, and then went on to study business management at Yaba College of Technology.

Ruth Kadiri’s Personal life

Ruth Kadiri dated Mr Ezerika. Union for years though people did not have any information about her relationship cause the Democratic couple kept their relationship secret from the public until December 2017 when she disclosed that she was engaged through all of her social media platforms . They even managed to keep their daughter, Reign Ezerika, a secret until recently when she decided to take her 1-year-old daughter on an adorable and candid photo shoot on 26th of August 2020.

Ruth Kadiri’s Career

Ruth Kadiri is a talented actress who has made many notable appearances in several Nigerian films. In fact, she can be seen in over 50 different projects throughout her time as an actress. Known for her abilities to act and write, Ruth Kadiri has written, co-written and produced many of the films she’s appeared in including Matters Arising, Heart of a Fighter, Somebody Lied and Memory Lane (which deals with lies).

Among the movies she has written are First Class , Sincerity , Hearts of Fighter and The Movie that Will Change Your Life. She has also acted in some of these films, including as the lead actress in Heart of a Fighter . Before becoming a writer for Nollywood, Ruth worked for several years as an English language teacher at several schools around Lagos state.


Some of movies Ruth Kadiri play roles are listed below:

  • In Your Arms (2017)
  • Black Bride (2017)
  • We Cheats More (2017)
  • WET by Ruth Kadiri (2018)
  • Tripod by Ruth Kadiri (2018)
  • Black Men Rock (2018)
  • Love is Beautiful (2019)
  • The Dumb Wife (2020)
  • Too Old for Love (2020)
  • Tears of Rejected Seed (2020)

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Awards and nominations

The actress has taken home two wins and six nominations in her various acting roles. The awards include:


• The Nigeria Entertainment Awards for the Actress of the Year (Winner)

• Golden Icons Academy Movie Awards for the Best Female Viewers Choice (Nominated)

• Golden Icons Academy Movie Awards for the Best On-screen Duo with Majid Michel (Nominated)

• Golden Icons Academy Movie Awards for the Best Actress (Nominated)


• City People Movie Award for the Best Actress of the year (Winner)

• City People Movie Award for the Face of Nollywood (Nominated)


• Ghana Movie Awards for the Best Movie African Collaborations (Nominated)

• Ghana Movie Awards for the Best Actress African Collaboration (Nominated)

Ruth Kadiri’s Union

Ruth Kadiri is a wonderful wife and mother. She tied the knots with the love of her life in 2018. It is believed that the couple in a private traditional wedding since they have never shared its details or photos with the public. Ruth Kadiri’s child, Reign Ezerika, was born on 21st August 2019.

Ruth Kadiri is a wonderful and valuable friend of the community. She tied the knot in 2018 with her long time sweetheart which is her husband to be, Mr Ezerika. It’s rumored that the couple celebrated their marriage in a private celebration with close friends and family since they have never shared details about it with the online world. The couple welcomed their first child on 21 August 2019; who was named Reign Ezerika.

Emerald-Chizaram-Ezerika Kadiri was welcomed into the world on July 20th, 2022. In a post her mother, Ruth Kadiri shared photos of her pregnancy shoot, along with the newborn’s delivery. Kadiri said in the caption: “Dear Emerald-Chizaram-Ezerika born 20th of July 2022.”

Ruth Kadiri’s Husband

Ruth Kadiri is a Nigerian actress who is married to Mr Ezerika. She announced their engagement on social media back in December 2017. Her picture had been captioned as follows: “Merry Christmas, world. 12:15 am December 25, 2017; I said yes to the man who totally completes me. My daddyyyy, my friend my brother, my pastor, my perv, my gossip partner and my husband to be.” Exactly one year after their engagement announcement at 12:15 am on Christmas Eve of last year, Ruth shared a photo showing her kissing her husband with the caption “Being your wife is so peaceful I love it here. Happy anniversary to us.”

Ruth Kadiri’s Cars and Houses 

Actress Ruth is a resident in an affluent mansion at lekki in underreported  neighborhood of Lagos. A source very close to the actress said that although it’s a well-to-do area with many celebrities who reside there, people tend to just focus on all of the negative things as opposed to what really matters in life which is all about balance.

Actress Ruth Kadiri loves beautiful things, even white BMWs. The car-loving actress couldn’t resist showing off her ride in a social media post that went viral, sparking speculation over where she got the wheels.

The Nigerian actrt took to social media to share a picture of a white BMW car and wrote: “Oops… I think my door is open. Have you seen my keys? My baby BMW ;-)” Not only did she have tongues wagging, but some didn’t even realise she was referring to her car as her baby! At the time, Kadiri was entangled in a love triangle with Kemi Olunloyo.

After weeks of fielding questions about what was going on, Ruth finally fessed up to having dated both billionaires but said the pair broke up after three months, which fueled further rumours that Olunloyo had an effect on their romance. One would say these two ladies don’t miss out on anything – from Fela Kuti’s vintage cars to Gani Fawehinmi’s black Ferrari! Honestly though; we wouldn’t feel so blinded by automotive brands either if we had that kind of money behind us.

Ruth Kadiri’s Philanthropic works

Ruth Kadiri is a renowned actress with a heart of gold. She founded Ruth Kadiri Kids Foundation in 2012 to help out children who need assistance with achieving their goals and taking their lives to the next level. The organization’s activities include inspirational talks, seminars, donations and much more aimed at inspiring the youth. In 2012 alone she gave five First Foundation College students an academic scholarship, as well as engaged in several donation drives and charity initiatives throughout her native Nigeria. She loves being able to make a difference in young people’s lives. Her motto is “putting a smile on every child’s face” and she works hard every day to do just that!

Ruth Kadiri’s Instagram

Ruth Kadiri is a Nigerian actress who can be found on Instagram. She shares her most recent photos and videos with some of her fans who either wish to follow along and keep up with everything she posts on Instagram or keep tabs on Ruth Kadiri’s whereabouts in the event that they’re hoping to see a preview of what might possibly be posted in the next few days or weeks (or months!) ahead.

Nigerian actress Ruth Kadiri’s Instagram page is worth checking out if you like keeping up with what this influential star has been up to lately. You can view her new pics and the many videos she posts on her page, which showcases her acting and film producing skills. If you’re looking for something to brighten your day, just give it a follow so that you can see any new content she creates! You can follow her up on Instagram @ruthkadiri

About Ruth Kadiri

• Ruth Kadiri is an actress, a singer and a model, who is fighting against the world’s biggest problems with her heart and supporting it with her powerful voice.

• She has a great love for children and a strong passion to help them to develop a better future.

• She’s not just a “name” on a card or a poster, she truly cares about the children and she proves that by her actions in the world.

• The Ruth Kidiri Foundation is a place where children can find all the help they need.

• Ruth Kadiri Foundation is a global non-profit organization, which aims to help others and make a perfect world for children.

• The foundation supports children from all over the world. Ruth Kadiri Foundation provides them with school uniforms, not just food, clothes or shelter but making them understand everything about their life and future so that they can be strong enough to change the world themselves with their success stories combined with charity work.

• It supports children by providing them with school uniforms, not just food, clothes or shelter but making them understand everything about their life and future so that they can be strong enough to change the world themselves with their success stories combined with charity work.

• It is a global non-profit organization, which aims to help others and make a perfect world for children.

• Ruth Kadiri is probably the most active charity worker in the world.

• Ruth Kadiri is a philanthropist and human rights activist who is always involved in charity.

• Ruth Kadiri has a Charity Foundation that serves hundreds of thousands of underprivileged children across the world.

• Ruth Kadiri is a Nigerian actress and producer. She is popular for her role in the Nigerian films “Cinderella” and “The Meeting”.

• She is a brand ambassador for several brands including Airtel Nigeria and L’Oréal Paris.

• She is married to Yomi Ezerika and is a mother of two.

• Ruth Kadiri has acted in numerous Nigerian films, including “Cinderella” (2005), “The Meeting” (2006), “The Figurine” (2010), “The Wedding Party” (2016), “A Place in the Stars” (2016) and “Bankers” (2017).

• She was listed by EbonyLife TV as one of “100 most influential celebrities of Nigeria” in their list of “The 100 Most Influential Celebrities of 2013”, she also made the list in 2015 and 2016.

• Ruth Kadiri is best known for her roles in “Penny for Your Thought,” “True Love Waits,” “The Meeting” and “The Last Orphan.”

• She has starred in several Nollywood movies and TV series such as “The Meeting” and “The Last Orphan.”

• In 2015, she produced and starred in “The Meeting,” a movie that premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival, and won the Award of Excellence at the Africa International Film Festival in the United States.

• Her other awards include the African Movie Academy Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role, African Union of Film Critics Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role and Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role.

• She studied theatre and arts at the University of Calabar.

• She has starred in several films, including “The Other Side of Destiny” and “The Forgotten Kingdom”.

• She has won several awards, including the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Award.

• An award-winning actress and producer, best known for her role in the movie, “The Meeting”

• She has an extensive portfolio of movies that includes Nollywood movies such as “The Meeting”, “The Debt”, and “My Wife and I”.

• Ruth Kadiri is also a blogger, digital influencer and film producer.

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