OG Tega (aka Ade) Net Worth, Biography, Age, Girlfriend, Parents, Ade, Comedy & Instagram

OG Tega (aka Ade) Net Worth

OG Tega that is famously known as Ade is a comedian who has featured in more than 100 comedians with a purported net worth of $100k which make him one of the richest comedian in Nigeria. His one of the Nigeria celebrities that people follow on social media because of the love they have for him, he never begged for follower; people gave it to him because they liked the way his good at what he does.

Akpobeme Oghenetega born December 1, 1997, his well recognized by his stage name Ade but presently go viral on social media as OG Tega is a Nigerian comedian, content creator and Instagram sensation who was born in his hometown of Warri Delta State.

OG Tega aka Ade the comedian rose to fame following his comedy skits alongside his favorite content creation partner Crazeclown (a.k.a Kaz). He is part of the comedy and stunt group known as House of Craze consisting of himself, Crazy CLown Craze and others.

OG Tega (aka Ade) Facts

Real Name Akpobome Oghenetega
Stage Name Og Tega
Date Of Birth December 1st, 1997
Stage Of Origin Delta State
Nationality Nigerian
Net Worth $100,000
Instagram og.tega

OG Tega (aka Ade) Early Life and Education

OG Tega (also known by his famous name Ade the comedian) is an entertainer and a physician of the highest order, having graduated with a medical doctorate.

Like many other great  pioneer in history, OG Tega was born and raised in his village in Delta State and even though it meant trading off his chance to be adjudged one of the funniest in his community, he also managed to graduate from high school before going on to attend university some years ago when he further more his education to a higher institution in Ukraine.

While attending school abroad in Ukraine where he enrolled in Kharkov National University, he joined a drama group along with Crazeclown who later would become a world class ventriloquist figure the likes of which Nigeria has never seen before.

OG Tega (aka Ade) Career

OG Tega started his career as an up and coming comedian. He made appearances with other comedians in videos that portrayed the ordinary lives of a family with the everyday struggles of Nigerian life. The most of the short comedy Skits was created by OG Tega and Crazeclown’s collaboration to showcase their comedy for people to enjoy and it has created a highly successful group called “House of Craze”.

OG Tega (aka Ade) got his start by collaborating with Crazeclown. Together they made comedy skits on Instagram. He is a member of “House of Craze,” a comedy group owned by Crazeclown.

OG Tega has been making waves lately on the Internet. His comedy videos starring popular comedian Crazeclown which is an African father Papa Ade have been blowing up with millions of views! See for yourself why so many people can’t get enough of them in their new video on Instagram @Crazeclown

OG Tega (aka Ade) Personal Life

Here is what we know about OG Tega’s personal life: The actor and comedian has yet to get married and is not in any “serious” relationships at this time.

OG Tega (aka Ade) Fame

Since his emergence as a funny man, OG Tega has make a big breakthrough when he was featured in both comedy videos as well as comedic skits alongside popular stars like Nasty Blaq and Sydney Talker. The talented actor can even be seen sharing the screen with artists like Mavins Records boss, Don Jazzy.

With his unique funny delivery, charismatic stage presence and swag, comedian OG Tega has generated a tremendous online following. On YouTube where he currently has almost 1,000,000 subs, OG Tega’s videos have racked up an impressive 200 million views.

OG Tega (aka Ade) Instagram

Reiterating the above, OG Tega has appeared alongside many other comedy personalities as a member of New Nigerian comedy group, House of Craze. He has been known for “the best slap comedian” in Nigeria by his friends who say that “he always leaves you wanting more after a video”.

Nowadays OG Tega has been very successful on a professional level by working with Crazeclown to create parody videos as a member of ‘House of Craze.’ He is known for his work with other content creators including Nasty Blaq and Sydney Talker, being featured in many comedy videos alongside Mavin Records boss Don Jazzy.

If you are one of his fans that like to see his latest comedy online, kindly follow him up on Instagram to see the latest comedy on Instagram. Follow up on Instagram @og.tega!

You need to know

• OG Tega is a comedian, content creator, Instagram sensation and actor

• He is part of the comedy group (House of Craze)

• He had is primary and secondary education in his hometown in Delta State the South South region of Nigeria

• On January 24, 2018, he won the award for the ‘Most Lovable Comedian’ at the 10th Annual Africa Social Media Awards.

• He is currently working on a Instagram page which his  OG Tega where he always post his comedy short skits online on Instagram.

• He is from the South South region of Nigeria.

• He is one the Nigerian comedian that study in Ukraine.

• Funny, Relatable, Memorable, Different from the rest, This guy is worth your time.

• Always ready to make people laugh.

• The next big thing in Nigeria.

• He is ready to go global.

• Humble, funny and talented.

• His Innovative : If you are looking to create different and unique content that will engage your audience and give you a competitive edge then Og Tega is the right choice.

• His Versatile : Ade is a comedian, writer, and content creator.

• OG Tega aka Ade is a master of informative content.

• His much Entertaining : Ade can create entertaining content.

• OG Tega aka Ade is a master of comedy.

• OG Tega is Oriented : OG Tega has a great person orientation.

• Quality and Timely Delivery : OG Tega delivers quality comedy online on time.

• He reside in Nigeria, the entertainment capital of Africa..

• He achieved his primary and secondary education in Delta State, Nigeria.

• Has more than 7 years experience as a stand up comedian.

• Has performed in over 100 short skits in Nigeria.

• He played the lead role in is own comedy short skits.

• He was featured in a Nigerian TV series titled “House Of Craze”.

• Fun, cheerful

• Funny, witty and humorous

• Entertaining, funny and also very educative

• Educational, Funny, wholesome and enlightening

• Entertaining and highly educative

• His a great comedian who has the ability to make his audience laugh

• His Funny, enjoyable and humorous

• OG Tega aka Ade is a gift to the entertainment industry

• His a versatile and talented comedian who has the ability to make his followers happy

• OG Tega is a comedian with great stage presence

• Best of all, His acts are educative and educational.

• An exclusive Nigerian comedy group

• The most hilarious and hilarious ever

• Started professionally following his partnership and collaboration with Crazeclown by doing Instagram comedy

• He is a member of “House of Craze“, a comedy group owned by Crazeclown.

• He has Fun videos for followers on social media to watch

• He is satisfying slap

• Not a single slap has been left unanswered.

• OG Tega is a Nigerian comedian with a video blogger.

• He is the son of Papa Ade.

• He works alongside Crazeclown in some of his comedy skits.

• OG Tega’s videos have been featured on Nollywoodgists.com

• OG Tega is one of the most successful comedy and comedy skit makers in Nigeria.

• When you put your trust in OG Tega, you are sure of positive ROI.

• OG Tega will make your brand be remembered and talked about.

• His the face behind the popular comedy videos with Crazeclown.

• He has featured Don Jazzy in his comedy skits.

• He has featured in comedy videos alongside popular comedians and skit makers.

Read About Sydney Iwundu

EjikemeIwundu Ifeanyi Sydney, better known online by his nickname, Sydney Iwundu, is an imaginative Nigerian entertainer who has risen in both fame and success as a social media star and brand influencer. He was born in the southeastern part of Nigeria and spent his early years living there before following his father up north.

After moving to the civilized part of Nigeria, he continued on with what would turn out to be one of his dreams which is acting. When he moved to a city when he was around eight years old, he started getting involved in school plays – something that would change his life forever because it put him on a path that eventually led him all the way over to become a good entertainer and got him numerous jobs within the entertainment industry.

Sydney Iwundu Early Life

Sydney Iwundu is a popular Nigerian comedian, was born on July 5th of 1996 and is currently in his 20s. He went to school in the southwest for part Nigeria. Sydney has built up a reputation as a talented and versatile standup performer that is widely respected and praised by fans of comedy who have benefited from seeing him perform both live and on social media.

Sydney Iwundu Career

Since the acknowledgment of Internet media assets, there has been an unmeasurable number of individuals who has collaborated in the business and made it successful.

In the wake of picking the online advertising division to its most noteworthy, Sydney Iwundu understood this subsequently made his endeavors successfully.

At first he showed up in some little known parody recordings which gradually gathered attention of so many social media users on-line. Sydney eventually gained more than 60,000 fans on Facebook alone.

The inventive web-based media personality known for his creativity used comedy to grow his audience. In an effort to bring more funny videos to life, he started collaborating with other talented comedian.

By working together these buddies have been able to amass more than a quarter of a million followers on their Instagram accounts alone! The innovative comedian who tends to be politically incorrect is loved across various Nigerian web-based media communities large and small.

He’s made it his signature style that you can’t ignore when it comes to Nigerian web-based media commentary as well. Sydney Iwundu is highly good at what he does and really knows how to make people laugh, so with this in mind there are lots of ways in which he uses humor in all forms of genres such as music videos.

After performers and celebrities, Nigerian online media spaces is saturated with popular humorists, who are among the most sought-after group of entertainers in the country. Among the most notable rising comic writers to emerge on the scene have been a comedian whose Youtube channel has drawn a lot of attention recently by anyone who has come across it so far because he is really hilarious (Sydney Iwundu).

Wit and banter are an important part of what makes the internet such a great social space. One person who has been making a name for himself as a comedic force to watch out for is Sydney Iwundu thanks to his Youtube channel as well as his work with other popular acts like Broda Shaggi, Nasty Blaq, Sydney Talker, Lord Lamba, Gentuu, Candy Bleakz and Nosa Baba Rex!

Sydney Iwundu Personal Life

As of the of writing now, Sydney Iwundu is not officially in a relationship with a woman. He currently spends his time focusing on professional as a comedian and spend little to no time getting into any romantic relationships.

Sydney Iwundu is actively looking for love. If he sees you out on a date with a really interesting person, you two may just spark his interest and get him thinking of asking you out on a date later!

Sydney Iwundu Net Worth

Sydney Iwundu is a very healthy person, thanks in large part to his career as a talented comedian. Because his finances are constantly in flux and difficult to pinpoint, we’re instead going with an imaginary net worth between $20,000 and $100,000 and counting that as the basis for our earnings estimation.

Sydney Iwundu Instagram

Sydney Iwundu is a Nigerian comedian who is very popular in his country and his social media following continues to grow by the minute.. To find out more about him, you can visit his Instagram for some of his latest comedy skits. He does great work and I promise that you’ll be doing yourself a favor by following him on Instagram!

has made both his local and international audience laugh. To view his most recent funny Instagram videos or to see an example of his work, you can follow him on Instagram @Sydiwundu.

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