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Lord Lamba Net Worth

According to our research team, the net worth of Lord Lamba is still being assess because while they believe he has gathered up some wealth, they are awaiting information regarding the source and exact sum.

It is currently under review whether Lord Lamba has a net-worth of just $5,000 or much more.

Lord Lamba Biography

Promise Kelvin Anagbogu, known professionally as Lord Lamba is close to 30 years old Nigerian comedian and actor from Lagos State who always wanted to act. He never thought he would be able to achieve his goals until some years back when he began creating skits that turned out to be hilarious after posting them on different social media platforms.

While studying creative arts in college, he caught the acting bug as part of his electives and has always loved being on stage, dabbling with different roles in plays. His specialty is comedy skits which seems to slice right through some of the negative issues affecting the country with spot-on humor.

As an adult he maintains this interest, to the extent where making other people laugh is no longer just a casual hobby but has become something that he has fully dedicated himself to.

Moreover, Kelvin particularly enjoys creating characters and observing their social interactions without anyone suspecting that it is their creator behind everything – this provides him with a lot of humor and inspiration for future material!

Lord Lamba Wiki

Birth Name Promise Kelvin Anagbogu
Stage Name Lord Lamba
Date Of Birth 4 May 1995
Place Of Birth Lagos State
Nationality Nigerian
Citizenship Nigerian
Occupation Actor • Comedian
Net worth $50,000

Lord Lamba Age

Lord Lamba, born Kelvin Anagbogu comes from the southern part of Nigeria. He was born on May 4th, 1995 in Lagos and was raised up to be a comedian. He first came upon the idea for his Lord Lamba character when growing up and began experimenting with comedic dialogues in handwriting as a means of amusement.

Lord Lamba age is calculated in respect to the year he was born which is 4th of May 1995. Presently his age is 27 years old while he will be 30 years old on 4th of May 2025. If you wish to celebrate his birthday with him, kindly join on every 4th of May every year.

Lord Lamba Early Life

Lord Lamba is a versatile Nigerian comedy skits maker, who was born on May 4, 1995. He currently resides in Lagos State, Nigeria, where he was born and brought up.

Lord Lamba Career

Before setting his sights on being a successful stand-up comedian, Lord Lamba had a dream to be a professional footballer.

He was a great player who many would go to watch play for fun and enjoyment. He would frequently make people laugh with how he would act on the pitch and even at home.

Although, he wasn’t exactly the most nimble person on the ball while playing football but managed to make everybody snicker once they saw him play.

Lord Lamba first released a comedic video where he lied about being in New York which his friends later found to be untrue. His team was outraged at this exposing of the truth, however, his name “Lord Lamba” suggests that he is indeed a liar as noted by his friends.

As an advice, they told him to make comedic videos based on how people lie on a daily basis if he wanted to redeem himself.

Lord Lamba Instagram

People all around the world are in love with comedy. Whether you’re looking to have a good laugh or simply have something funny to brighten up your day, they’ve found that listening to a comedy podcast is quite refreshing and gives them just what they need! Here’s one podcast you might want to tune into: Comedy Fights with Lord Lamba .

It describes itself as “The Greatest Comedy Podcast on Earth.” Although the show may not be for everyone (due to foul language and subject matter), if this sounds like your cup of tea, follow along using the link provided inorder to get his latest short Comedy Skits on Instagram. Follow him up on Instagram @Lordlamba.

You Need To Know

• Lord Lamba is an exceptional comedian who hasn’t compromised on his talent for the sake of money.

• He made waves in the entertainment industry with his comedy short skits.

• He is a professional comedian and a performer.
• He is a great writer and a great performer who has graced the stage with his performances.

• He is a good comedian makes people laugh, a great comedian that makes people think.

• If you want to shed more light on an issue, comedy videos are a great way to reach a lot of people.

• Social media is an effective way he use his comedy videos to get your message across. It’s an effective tool for getting a point across.

• You can use comedy as a tool to promote your products, services or your brand.

• For a lot of people out there, comedy is the easiest way to get them to listen to you.

• Lord Lamba is a young visual comedian who uses his artistic skills to produce video skits.

• His first video was a hit as he made fun of people in Nigeria who lie.

• The video was guided by his friends who advised him to make more comedy skits.

• He has gained a massive number of fans from his comedy skits.

• Making people laugh and relate to his everyday video content with his unique comedy style.

• Making people laugh relate to his everyday video content with his unique comedy style.

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