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Lee Murphy

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David Lee Murphy well known as Lee Murphy is an American musician, is professionally a singer and songwriter.


Lee Murphy originated from Herrin in Illinois. After twenty-four years he left Herrin for Nashille in Tennessee in order to pursue is musical career.

After two years Nashille murphy come across a helper in a club who happen to be a record producer.

The producer name is Tony Brown, don’t get me wrong, I never said Tony Brown sign murphy to a record deal immediately they met but definitely did after many years.

Murphy later come up with co-write album cuts for Reba McEntire and Doug Stone


Lee Murpy was born on 7 January 1959.

Lee Murphy is 62 year old on 7 January 2021, he was 64 year old on 7 January 2023 while he will be 65 years old on 7 January 2024.

Murphy’s Wife

Murphy is happily married to Donna (Restivo).


Lee Murphy Came to Spotlight when he released country hit songs title “Dust on the Bottle”, Everything’s Gonna Be Alright and Party Crowd.

The first song Lee Murphy record for MCA Nashille is tltle “Just Once”, this track was used for the film 8 seconds produced back then in 1994.

The track also rock the country to the extend of entering the Billbord Hot Country Singles and Tracks chart, it ranked 36.

In 1994, Murphy never relent, he continuing to work harder in order to released his first album title “Out with a Bang” in 1995 which is the most played and best selling album in that same year.

In this album we have three hit track with “Party Crowd” and “Dust on the Battle” ,which is mostly played country song of 1995.

Lee Murphy second album was released on 1996, the album title Gettin’ Out the Good Stuff, the album produced 5 singles.

In canada “Every Time I Get Around You” one of the five singles in the album ranked number two on the RPM Country Track and it appeared in top song in 1996.

Murphy’s third and last album for MCA Nashille was title “We Can’t All Be Angels”. The album produced two singles title “All Lit up in Love” and “Just Don’t Wait Around ‘Til She’s Leavin”, the two singles was position on nuber 25 and 37 on the country chart.

Murphy was interview in 1997. he said: he had intended for this album to be experimental in nature, saying that he “wanted to create just a whole different tone, sonically. I just wanted a different sounding record”.

Murphy concentrate on writing a songs in 2000. Koch Entertainment signed him to his second recording contract in 2004. That same year, he released his fourth studio album title “Tryin’ to Get There”.

Lee Murphy was signed to Reviver Records in 2017 and he give notification to the people about his next album, title “No Zip Code” produced by Kenny Chesney and Buddy Cannon, Chesney’s .


2018 Country Music Association Awards

Musical Event of the Year

“Everything’s Gonna Be Alright” with Kenny Chesney

Lee Murphy Albums

Murphy has released five albums. The albums are:

  • Out with a Bang in 1994
  • Gettin’ Out the Good Stuff in 1996
  • We Can’t All Be Angels in 1997
  • Tryin’ to Get There in 2004
  • No Zip Code in 2018

Name artist Murphy has Co-write album for?


Brooks & Dunn

Montgomery Gentry

Hank Williams

Lee Murphy Single

Here we have little of his singles

All Lif Up In Love

Breakfast in Birmingham

Can’t Turn It Off

Dust on the Bottle

Every Time I Get Around You

Everything’s Gonna Be Alright

Fish Ain’t Bitin

Genuine Rednecks

Greatest Show on Earth

Hangin’ on

High Weeds and Rust

Just Don’t Wait Around Til She’s Leavin

Just Once


Mama ‘n Them

Out with a Bang

Party Crowd

Red Roses Won’t Work Now Reba McEntire

The Road You Leave Behind

She’s Really Something to See

We Can’t All Be Angels

Why Can’t People Just Get Along

And Many More

Lee Murphy Fact’s

Born Date: January 7, 1959

Age: 61 Years Old

Origin: Herrin, Illinois , United States

Instruments: Vocals, acoustic guitar

Labels: MCA, Audium,
Old Desperados, Reviver

Who is David father’s name?

Dr. Jack Murphy

Lee Murphy has how many children?

Three sons

Where do they live?

Secluded farm outside Nashville

Which films Lee Murphy Soundtracks appeared?

“Just Once” appeared in 8 Seconds (1998)

“We can’t All Be Angels” appeared in Black Dog (1998)

If you reall want to know more visit Lee Murphy site davidlee.com

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