Jimmy Odukoya Bio, wiki, age, career, wife, children, parents and other facts

Jimmy Odukoya, a Nigerian actor, portrayed the character Oba Ade in the 2022 film “The Woman King,” sharing the screen with Viola Davis and John Boyega. He is the son of Bimbo Odukoya and Taiwo Odukoya.

Jimmy Odukoya Wiki:

Name: Jimmy Odukoya

Nationality: Nigerian

Citizenship: Nigerian

Education: Graduated from Oral Roberts University

Professions: Actor, motivational speaker, preacher, musician

Notable achievement: Featured in “Crazy Grannies”

Spouse: Married to Kemi Odukoya

Children: Father of two children

Parents: Born to Bimbo Odukoya and Taiwo Odukoya


Jimmy Odukoya has appeared in various films, including:

– “Baby Palaver” (2018)

– “Crazy Grannies” (2021)

– “I am Nazzy” (2022)

– “The Woman King” (2022)

– “Man of her Match” (2021)

Jimmy Odukoya’s Parents

Bimbo Odukoya(Mother)

Abimbola Rosemary “Bimbo” Odukoya (nee Williams; 12 September 1960 – 11 December 2005) was a Nigerian pastor and televangelist. She was married to Taiwo Odukoya, the founder of Fountain of Life Church.

Bimbo Odukoya, also known as “Pastor Bims,” was recognized with over 60 national and international awards for her contributions to nation-building and leadership.

She was admired for her high moral standards and role model status. A prolific writer, televangelist, conference speaker, youth mentor, and marriage counselor, she even represented Nigeria at the 2004 Olympic Games by carrying the Olympic Torch in Athens, Greece.

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Sadly, she passed away due to the Sosoliso Airlines Flight 1145 crash.

Taiwo Odukoya(Father)

Daniel Taiwo Odukoya (15 June 1956 – 7 August 2023) was a prominent Nigerian pastor in the Pentecostal tradition. He served as the senior pastor of The Fountain of Life Church in Lagos, which boasted a membership of over 8,000 individuals.

Early Life: Born in Kaduna, Colonial Nigeria, Taiwo Odukoya completed his education at Baptist Primary School and St. Paul’s College before obtaining a petroleum engineering degree from the University of Ibadan in 1981.

He worked in the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) until his voluntary retirement in January 1994 to pursue his calling to ministry.

The Fountain of Life Church: Alongside his wife Bimbo, Taiwo Odukoya co-founded The Fountain of Life Church in 1992, with a vision to teach successful relationship-building and leadership principles.

Outreaches: Odukoya’s belief in the church’s role in the community led to several outreach projects, including a hospital, orphanage, school for destitute children, water projects, and skill acquisition initiatives.

Controversy: In 2014, Odukoya advocated for pastors to use private jets, citing their practicality and safety for pastoral ministry.

Personal Life and Passing: After Bimbo’s death in 2005, Taiwo married Rosemary Simangele Zulu in 2010, resulting in two sons. He lost Rosemary to cancer in November 2021. Taiwo Odukoya passed away in the United States on 7 August 2023 at the age of 67.

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