Inspiring Motivational Words

Motivational Words

Here are some motivational Words that you can look up to or live by. These words are here to put you on the right track by inspiring you to change your mental attitude when it comes to the way you think as a human.

These motivational Words are here to motivate, encourage and guide you to mental health and prosperity.

Stay Motivated

  • Motivation is like fire if you don’t add fuel to it, it will go out.
  • Success is a journey not a destination.
  • The journey of a thousand miles begins with a step.
  • When you win you gain more knowledge, experience, strength and zeal to try bigger things. But when you quit, you not only lose energy going back to the starting point, you lose the zeal to try again.
  • Quitters never win not because they are lazy but because they are ignorant. They fail to realize that it takes more energy to quit than it does to finish.
  • The evidence of desire is pursuit.
  • Good manners are made up of petty sacrifices.
  • Imagination is the preview of life’s coming attraction
  • Every opportunity has a difficulty and every difficulty has an opportunity.
  • The man who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small pebbles.
  • Greatness is achieved by doing small things in a great way.
  • Be with someone who will take care of you. Not materialistically but take care of your soul, your well being and your heart.
  • Don’t fall for someone’s sweet words, fall for their labour of love.
  • Remember, being happy doesn’t mean you have everything you need in life but it simply means you are thankful for all you have.
  • Some flowers grow best in the sun while some grow well in the shade. Mind you, God puts us in places we can grow best, so always be happy in any situation you find yourself in life.
  • Do what you expect in return from others, because what you do to others will surely comes back to you.
  • One day you will find someone that will love you the way you deserve to be loved, by that time you won’t have to fight for it anymore.
  • Never sacrifice your self-respect for your feelings towards anyone.
  • Find someone who still knows how to talk to you whenever they are angry, someone who will respect you in all their mind state.
  • A clear rejection is always more better than a fake promise.
  • Silence says a lot more than you can imagine.