I saw my wife hugging another man, what should I do?

Let’s talk, you see your woman hugging another man, what will you do.

This simple question I just ask, if you have the knowledge of what it has caused to many couple?, relationship? and more, you will not be is ordinary hug that caused it all.

I know you will be in hurry to know what happened and how the issue raised.

Am so surprised yesterday, when working down the road and I saw couple having a disagreement with one another all because of HUG.

Pls? Friends

Always watch carefully be you react

The woman husband travelled for some days, on his way back he call his wife to come and meet him in park so that she can help him with the load he carried.

Woman agreed, on her way to the park the woman came across is old time friend back in school then that happened to be a man, immediately the woman sight she the man she rushed to him in order to exchange greetings and the man offers her hug and she hugged the man and the man left not knowing that her husband has stroll away from park to get bottle water, not to waist much time the man saw his house wife hugging another.

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The man ask his wife who the man is and the wife explain but the man never believe but want to send her packing.

Pls, let’s say the truth

If you are the husband and you sight your woman hugging another man.

  • What will be your first reaction ?
  • And will you believe all she says?

Mind you the friend has left, no way to confirm from the friend.

What is your advice to the woman’s/ girl’s that love hugging old time friends that are opposite gender ?

No explanation

Man/ Boy

If you see your woman/ girl hugging another man/ boy, What will you do ?

Woman/ Girl

If you see your woman/ girl hugging another man/ boy, What will you do ?

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