How To Start Pure Water Business In Nigeria

Pure Water is one of the most profitable businesses you can start with 2000. Pure water may be a mundane drink to some but it’s also an excellent business opportunity for those looking forward to making money in a clean and simple way. With PureWater, all you need are 2 thousand naira, two weeks time, and Patience!

Pure water business is a great opportunity for everyone because it does not require any special training and you don’t need to be a genius.

Anyone of us can run this as long as there’s some space in our homes like a garage, shed or a room. Before getting into the details of how the pure water business works, let me tell you that you have to be ready for low-profit at the beginning. I will advice you to be patient and give it some time before quitting.

Pure Water Business: How Does It Work?

It’s a simple business idea that requires no investment, except 2k for buying a few water purifying starter kits and some 1k for transportation if you are going to sell it straight from the factory.

In my case, I went to Alaba International Market where I bought a tank of 10,000liters water and transported it to Lagos Island in a tricycle; in this way, I would have spent an additional 1k on transport.

Here’s how Pure water business works:


If you decide to sell water direct from the factory, you will have to buy your own transportation. The good thing about this is that you get to keep 100% of the profit but the bad thing is that if people reject your offer or are not willing to buy; it becomes a loss for you.


I decided to market my water on Facebook using an agent. The process is simple and you don’t need any special skills; what you will do first is put your water for sale at a price of 10k per litre and then pick a person who fits into your profile i.e. someone with 100 plus friends, who doesn’t have a job and has poor people in her contacts list to become your agent.


After picking an agent, you will ask him/her to promote your product by sending out messages like “selling 10k litre water for 100naira” or “Selling 10k litres of pure water at 120naira.”


As you wait for customers to respond to your advertised product, you will also login into Facebook and look around your agent’s page and profile. What you have to do is go to his/her friends list or contacts and search for people who don’t appear happy like a person who has been crying or wearing mourning clothes.


Once you find a suitable customer, message them and ask if they are interested in buying your water at the price of 120naira per litre. If the person says yes, then tell him/her to pay through mobile money or bank transfer; once he/she pays, send the water using either Jollof Express or Chocolate City Express to your customer. The selling price of my water was 120naira per litre but I sold it for 10k because I had given the agent 100% profit. You can check out more details about the process in this video:

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Once you have delivered your product and are sure that the customer has received it, you will call the agent and ask him/her to give you feedback. If the customer is happy with your water, then the remaining amount of 10k will be paid to you.

How Much Will It Cost Me To Start?


To start the pure water business, it’s going to cost you about the capital you plan to start wit. What 2k will go for is buying two big tanks of 10,000liters and transporting them to your final destination because if you are planning to sell it in a location where there are no truck drivers or tricycle drivers; then you have to do the transportation yourself.

Uses Of Water Purifying Tablets


The water purifying tablets can be used for a number or different purposes and it’s very important that you pick the freshest ones, before starting this business. Here are some of the reasons why people choose to buy pure water:

1. To drink for free

2. To sell it out in the market

3. To cleanse houses and offices with water present in a tank of 10,000liters

4. To wash cars using 5litres bucket full of this purified water

5. Used as laundry detergent

6. To do the dishes using one bottle (500ml)

7. People who want to cook with clean water

8. To drink when travelling and in hotels

9. It can be used for bathing, drawing baths, and also washing clothes (all purpose)

10. Pure water is often demanded during the rainy season because people cannot draw from rivers or streams

11. Cleaning ladies of offices

12. Pure water can be used to grow aquatic plant life

13. Can be used for the breeding of fish in aquariums (aquaponics)

14. Used as a house cleaner and pool cleaning agent

15. One can use it in commercial activities like washing cars, hotels etc.

Water purifying tablets can be used for the following purposes:


1. To give to your customers as a token of appreciation for buying your products or services.

2. One can use it as laundry detergent.

3. You can even sell it at a high price (in fact, a higher price than gold) for people who are ready to invest in this business because they have seen its potentials and have the money needed.

4. It can be used when travelling to areas where there is no water.

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5. Can be used in hotels, hospitals and also homes because it can be easily stored using the water tank (10k).

6. Can be used to sell goods at a higher price because a lot of people will still prefer buying from you to going out to look for pure water.

7. It’s also good for washing your car (5litres bucket).

8. Can be used in cooking and for washing the dishes.

9. Or bathing with beautiful, clean water that comes from within you home or office.

10. Pure water can be used in commercial activities like washing of cars, hotels etc

11. Can be used to grow aquatic plant life.

12. Can be used in commercial activities like pool cleaning agents and house cleaners; you can use it for fertilizing your plants without the fear of pesticides lingering around when using pure water.

13. Can be used to draw baths during winter season.

14. Used as a seedling for planting aquatic plants and also to be used in aquariums for breeding fish.

15. Can be used to soak your feet before bedtime and while sleeping because it helps cure skin diseases after 2-3months of bathing with 100% pure water.

So how much will it cost to get started with this business? Well, here’s an interesting fact: It takes only about $1,250 to start a water purifying business and that amount of cash will be enough for you to get the water tanks (10k), transportation after purchase from supplier and also the promotional gifts for your customers. Now this is what you call a profitable business!

5 Ways To Get Started Making Money With Water Purifying Tablets


The water purifying tablets comes in 500ml and 1l plastic bottles which are very convenient for storage purposes. The product is packaged in a way that it can any place you wish to take them.

It also has an expiry date of about two years, so it’s advisable for one to dispose of the pure water tablets after a period of two years from date of purchase.

The security seal on each bottle is tamper proof and cannot without breaking it, which signifies that the product purchased has not been opened by before you bought it.

Now here are 5 ways in which you can make money with the water purifying tablets.


1. Buy the product and resell them to hotels, offices, restaurants etc

2. Have a small table outside your office or home with the tablets for people who are interested in buying some

3. You can also sell it at school compound during weekends and after schools

4. You can also sell it on social media platforms, by advertising the product and letting people know about your presence in the market

5. You can even go to your neighborhood and get referrals for buying water purifying tablets from you and not necessarily have to be as a sales person but just selling them with their enthusiasm and excitement.

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How Do I Get Started?


The process of buying a product from a company and selling it out can be difficult for some people, so you can visit and check their products or buy them from your local suppliers. You can choose any product from the company’s website but it’s always advisable to go for the 10klitre water purifier because of its price (N1,800) and quality.

You will also need your agents on Facebook to send them messages or update them about the water you are selling; if you don’t have a contact list, then hire someone with those skills and pay him/her N500 per day.

The process of buying bulk water from a company like Ecowaterpure (the company I am using to sell my water) is very simple. Contact the company via their website using your email address and mobile number for better communication.

After sending them an email, you will receive a call from one of their agents within 24 hours; he/she will brief you on what they have to offer and place your order.

Once you place an order with Ecowaterpure , you will be required to pay for the water before they deliver them to your location. For further details on how to place an order, visit their website:

I started my online water selling business in January and am getting a lot of sales every day from different people around Nigeria. I’m also saving money because I no longer have to pay for transportation cost from Murtala Muhammed Airport, Ikeja Lagos.

A lot of people don’t want to engage in business because they think it requires a great deal of capital; but with this water selling business, you can make enough money to fund other businesses that will help you put food on your table.

I have been told by some people that I am lucky to be running such business and they are amazed that I am able to make money by doing something as simple as buying water from a company and selling it out; but the truth is, anyone who wants to get started in this business can learn much about it through reading my article and watching the video at the end.

If you have any questions on this business, please feel free to drop your comments in the comment section below. I will also make sure to respond quickly because I believe that knowledge should not be hidden; it should be shared so that many people can use it to improve their lives.

Thanks for taking your time to read my article and watching the video, I wish you success in all your endeavours!

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