How To Start Car Delivery Business In Nigeria

If you’re looking for a way to earn money and are interested in starting your own business, then car delivery may be the perfect opportunity.

The Nigerian market is ripe with opportunities that require little capital investment, but offer great returns.

Car Delivery Nigeria is an example of this type of business. You can start your own car delivery company with as little as N41,000-N82,000 startup cost and make up to N1,640,000 plus per month!

The market for car delivery is big and there are so many opportunities in this business but most people don’t know anything about it. We want to change that by providing you with the information you need in order to start your own successful car delivery company.

So what is Car Delivery Nigeria? Let us try to explain:

Car Delivery Business is the delivery of cars or other vehicles from one location to another.

There are many businesses that engage in this type of service, but there are some companies that provide a better service than others.

One thing you’ll notice about your local car delivery man is that they don’t use proper vehicle tracking devices and can’t be reached after office hours.

You may be thinking I could easily start this business, but you need to consider 2 things; you don’t know anyone who owns a car or vehicle to deliver and the office space rental is high.

As one of the pioneers in Nigeria for Car Delivery you can now forget about these problems!

We have trained and taught many people on how to start this business and have provided them with the tools to do it. In fact, if you order today we will include your company name on our website as a customer!

We offer this because we want people to know that they are not alone in their quest for success and that we stand by our product.

Car delivery is a great business to start if you have the entrepreneurial spirit and desire to be your As a car delivery company owner, you will be responsible for managing your business and growing it by using methods that work best for you.

You can start with one or two clients and in no time you’ll have a business on your hands!

Below is an inforgraphic that will give you an idea of how much money is involved in this business:

Here are some awesome things about car delivery :

A typical car owner would pay around N5,000 for a car delivery company to move their vehicle. So if you can get 1 or 2 cars per day, the average profit from each transaction would be between N5,000 and N6,500! That’s an easy way to make money as a car delivery company owner.

This business is easy to start because you can pick up your clients yourself or pay someone else to do it for you. You don’t have to wait on other people in order to get this started. This is also a part time business, so it doesn’t require a lot of your time.

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An average working day for most car delivery companies starts at around 6:00 and ends at about 9:00 or 10:00pm.

This means that if you start this business after you’re done with work, you’ll be able to make extra money without working late hours.

The idea of going to work and then having to do another job in your free time may be hard for, but with car delivery it’s easy!

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by! As one of the pioneers in Nigeria for Car Delivery you can now forget about these problems!

Instead of being at work all day and night, you can spend your time with your family and not have to worry about making money. Then when you get paid in the end of the month, you’ll know that it was worth it!

Car Delivery Business is a booming business in Nigeria that requires little startup capital and offers great returns. There are many ways to set up your business, and it’s really up to you how you want yours to look.

One thing that is guaranteed is that this is a great way for young entrepreneurs and even students to earn extra income every month.

Once again we would like to thank you for choosing Self Employed Academy as the place where you can learn how to start your own business.

We will continue to bring you great ideas like the Car Delivery Business so that we can help as many people as possible become successful.

Please remember to share this idea with your family and friends, or anyone who may be interested in starting a new business. Things are going well for us right now and I want to help as many people as possible.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us on our comment section and we will get back to you by the next business day.

Steps To Start Car Logistics Business

Step 1

Choose an Area You Would Like to Operate From There is no specific area that you have to operate from, but it’s best if you choose somewhere close by where there will be less transport cost and also where other competitors aren’t located.

For example, if you operate in Ikeja, just outside of the Ikeja bus stop is a great place to start. This will also make it easier for you to receive deliveries from companies like MTN, Glo and Airtel.

Step 2

Hire a Car Now that you’ve chosen an area, it’s time to get things rolling. Your first step is going to be to hire a car. You are probably thinking, “Wait, I don’t know how to drive”.

That’s not an issue because you can easily hire one from companies like Ride-Away Cars or the likes.

If you choose a second-hand car for this business, you’ll have it pretty cheap and if your car is in good condition it can be a great investment.

Step 3

Get Insurance and Licenses You’ll also have to get insurance for your car as well as all the necessary documentation like certificates of origin, registration documents among others.

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These will cost you N30,000-N50,000 depending on the type of business you choose.

Not having these certificates can result in your car being impounded by the police.

Step 4

Register Your Business Once you have everything together, register your business with the Corporate Affairs Commission and Corporate Affairs Office (CAO) just to avoid any issues later on.

You will also need to get a tax certificate from the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS).

Step 5

Get a Website If you want to make your car logistics business more professional it’s important that you get yourself a website so that your customers can contact you with ease.

It also makes it easier if they have any questions or issues because they can just drop you an email. You should be able to pay about N40,000-N50,000 to get a website.

If you decide that you don’t need one, after all scammers are known to use email as a way of contacting people so it’s better if you get a website.

Step 6

Purchase Transport Documents This is another very important factor because if the transport documents are not complete and up-to-date, you may lose your car.

You want to make sure that all the documents are in order because if you get into any accidents or if anything happens to your car while transporting goods from one place to another, it’s not going to be good for you and your business.

Step 7

Get Registered with Companies that need Car Logistics There are many companies that rely on car logistics to deliver their goods, including the likes of MTN, Glo and Airtel.

So it’s important you get registered as a deliverer. This way your customers will know you and trust your business more.

Step 8

Start Transporting Goods from Place to Place Once everything is in order, you can start transporting goods from different companies. You might be thinking “But how do I get customers?”.

This is easy because a lot of people are already established and will need your services as soon as possible.

If you’re asking questions like ‘how to turn up the heating’ or ‘mistakes made by drivers’, then this article was written specifically for you!

In your car logistics business, you should have all the necessary equipment to make deliveries.

Some of the most important items include:

– Loading trolley and mat

– Blank invoice book and invoices

– Delivery book

– Different types of battery and a jump starter device

– Mobile phone with easily accessible numbers on it

– GPS tracker (optional)

Step 9

Make Money Now that you have everything in order, you can start making money from your car logistics. Determining your charges will depend on the type of service you offer andoice pepe.

You should also remember that if your car is not insured it can’t be goods.

Step 10

Make Your Business Successful Car logistics doesn’t have to be a small business if you want it to be, but for those who decide that they don’t want their business to grow big there’s nothing wrong with that either.

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As used to deliver goods from place to place, but you can choose to do this in a different way.

For example with the help you can make deliveries on bicycles. You could even start delivering food and stuff like that.

The options are endless, so it’s up to you how far you want your business to go.

Step 11

Step to Forget to Do-Clutter Your Car There is a huge misconception about car logistics services. Some people think they are just about drivers transporting goods in their cars.

This isn’t true because these businesses also include delivering products, collecting garbage and furniture from companies, moving people’s homes or offices to different places as well as many other tasks that require specialized vehicles.

liver Goods on Time It’s important that you deliver your goods on time because if you don’t they will contact the companies and they might not want to do business with you anymore.

You should also be able to keep track of how many deliveries you make every single day and the fees you’re charging. By doing this you will know how much money to charge for your services and if you should be increasing or decreasing them.

If you want to start a car logistics business then it’s important that you follow all of these steps because otherwise, your business won’t be profitable nor will it grow very fast.

How Profitable is delivering business?

Delivery business is progressive and you can easily expand it to other regions because it’s a requirement that needs to be met by each and every company in the world even if the payment method has changed from the conventional two payments into electronic payments.

Delivery businesses are one of the best ways to make money with your car especially when you’re starting off. The more deliveries you make the more money you will end up making.

If it’s your first time delivering goods then it might be hard to get customers at first because they don’t know anything about you.

But when you’re already established as a deliverer, there are times where you won’t have enough work to do so you would need to have a plan B in case this happens.

This is important because if you don’t, then your car will just sit there and you won’t be making any money at all.

In addition to having your own personal website or blog, you should also join forums and social networks like Facebook and Twitter so more people can get to know about your business.


Car Logistics is a very good business especially if you have the right kind of skills because more and more companies are going paperless which will require delivering some sort of documentation to their clients.

Follow all the steps outlined above and if you’re determined to make this work then I promise you that it will.

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