How To speak in Hausa to Hausa man selling something and other English words in Huasa languages.

Hausa Language is a widely spoken language mostly by the Northern part of Nigeria, the Hausa’s are the largest ethnic in Nigeria with the estimate number of 63 millions according to the internet.

Let’s take the goods as Orange

Let’s take Price as 20 naira

English: Hello

Hausa: Sannu

English: Hi

Hausa: Barka dai

English: How are you doing?

Hausa: Yaya kuke?

English: Am fine

Hausa: Ina lafiya

English: How much is your Orange?

Hausa: Nawa ne Orange ɗinku?

English: 20 naira each

Hausa: naira ashirin(20) kowannensu

English: I will pay (Fix in any price you wish to pay)

Hausa: Zan biya ( Fix in any price you wish to pay in Hausa )

English: I can’t sell it that price

Hausa: Ba zan iya sayar da shi ba

English: Okay, bring money

Hausa: Lafiya, kawo kudi

English: Take money

Hausa: dauki kudi

English: Thank you

Hausa: na gode

English: Bye

Hausa: ban kwana

English:- Hausa

Nine:- Tárà

Mother/woman:- Uwaa

To Wash:- Wankèè

Bed:- Gado

red, bright red:- Jaa

Year:- Shekara

Porcupine:- Beguwa

Agama lizard:- Kadangare

Wish:- Soo

Water:- Ruwaa

Sun, day:- Rana

Egg:- Kwǎy

Lion:- Záákii

Leopard:- Dààmísàà

Each:- Kowannensu

Month:- Wátàà

Hare:- Zóómóó

Scorpion:- Kunāma

Want:- Soo

Doctor:- Bokaa

Hunger:- Yúnwàà

Shoe:- Tākalmi

Spear-grass:- Tofa

Kind:- iri

Dance:- Ráwáá

Stream:- Rafi

Ram:- Rago

Baboon:- Goggo

War:- Yāƙi

Axe:- Gātari

Good:- Dede

Bulrush millet Maiwa

Hello Sannu

Half:- Raabi

Village:- Tungaa

Female breast:- Mààmáá

Flat rock:- Fā, Pā

Shelter:- Bukka

Chew:- Tauna, Tamna

Meat:- Náamàa

Oil:- Mai

Pumpkin:- Kàbééwàà

Like:- Soo

Hi:- Barka dai

Dear Friend, how is post hope it’s useful, If you have any other English word that you want to know the meaning in Hausa. Drop the word in Comment below in the comment box.

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