How To Recharge A PHED Prepaid Meter Online

PHED Prepaid Meter

Hello! You are welcome to this page. I see, you want to know how to recharge a phed prepaid meter online such a good idea. Stay tune i will show you all you need to know about PHED prepaid meter and how to recharge it online. It’s very easy.

Before we continue

What is PHED?

Is possible you should be hearing or seeing PHED written on a vehicle or anything and you should be ignorance of the abbreviation (PHED).

PHED is an abbreviation of Electricity Distribution Company in Port Harcourt.

Port Harcourt Electricity Distribution Company(PHED).

What is PHED prepaid meter?

PHED prepaid meter is an electricity prepaid meter which receives electric power from the Port Harcourt Electricity Distribution Company.

What is PHED mission?

PHED are one of the electricity distribution companies in Nigeria that distribute electricity to four Nigerian states which are Rivers, Bayelsa, Cross River, and Akwa Ibom.

The company is formerly owned and controlled by government before it was now sold to private individual to control in 2013. PHED company is now privatized by a company that have is headquartered located at 1Moscow Road in Old GRA in Rivers State.

How To Generate Electricity Token Online

As I said earlier, it’s very easy. I know you think that you will need to generate token online with the use of any apps or to be calling someone from their company No. All you need to generate electricity token online are: System to get access to the internet, meter number, phone number, email address, master/visa card,that is all.

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Once you have this you can generate electricity token online.

  • System to get access to the internet ( Android phone / Computer ).
  • Meter Number (Meter Number is written on meter, check the body)
  • Phone Number ( Number that will receive the message of the token)
  • Email Address
  • Master/Visa card ( Needed to make payment online)

Onces you have these five things listed above, you can now talk of how to recharge a phed prepaid meter online and that is what next thing we are checking on.

How To Recharge A PHED Prepaid Meter Online

You have to do two things to get you prepaid meter Recharge online. This things are Generate token online and Recharge the meter.

To Generate Token online

1. Input on the browser you have in your system ( Android phone or computer)

2. Click Port Harcourt Electricity Company prepaid(PHED).

3. Fill in the form by entering your meter number, phone number, email address and the master/ Visa card details for payment.

4. Enter the amount of electricity unit you wish to buy.

5. Check for your order confirmation.

6. Wait for some minutes, your generated token will be send to the number you provided.

To Recharge The Meter

Input the token sent to you on the prepaid meter correctly. That is all, your prepaid meter will be credited immediately.

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You see, is as easy as ABC…. With this I believe your time, energy, fare and risk to the phed office are all saves. If you have any of your friends, family, neighbor having little issue on how to recharge phed prepaid meter online you can direct them here, thanks for doing that.

Another way

To those who think that first method is too stressful. We also have another way to recharge your prepaid meter peacefully but this other way will cost you additional #100 to get it done. If you are ready Call or Whatsapp 08103593733.

All you need to do

  • Send name on the prepaid meter.
  • The prepaid meter number.
  • Amount you want to recharge.
  • Phone number of the person that will receive the message of the meter.

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