How to make money on YouTube

If you’re looking for information on how to monetize your YouTube channel, you’ve come to the right spot. Here, you’ll learn what it takes and how to earn money on YouTube.

I hope you are familiar with what YouTube is before we begin. If not, individuals can watch, create, and share videos on YouTube.

The films can be found in a variety of categories, including news, politics, education, sports, music, comedy, and more. It facilitates quick and simple online video viewing. Your favorite videos can be shared on other social networking platforms.

You can view the most recent TV snippets, movie trailers, and music videos. You may access all the most recent videos that your friends have posted to Facebook on Youtube.

Users can upload and share videos on YouTube, a platform for video sharing. Three former Paypal workers, Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim, founded it in February 2005. On YouTube, you may also view, leave comments on, and share your favorite videos with friends and family. It is now a component of Google.

YouTube channel

YouTube channel is a collection of videos that are uploaded by a particular user. A YouTube channel can be associated with an existing Google+ page or with a new page.

A YouTube channel allows the user to separate the uploaded videos into categories and to share and follow the YouTube channel with other users.

People who have registered on YouTube channel get many benefits such as they can upload videos on YouTube channel and they can reply to comments on YouTube channel, they can post comments in a video, they can subscribe and add friends to their YouTube channel.

If you want to create a YouTube channel then you simply go to YouTube channel page then click on Sign Up button, then a new page will open where you can fill out your e-mail address and you can also choose a password then click on the Create Channel button. You can also choose your username which will be shown in your YouTube channel, then you can also fill out your profile which is optional.

How to make money on YouTube

It’s likely that you’ve heard tales of average people making money on YouTube and thought, “Hey, I can do this too! ”. Even if it’s unlikely for you to make hundreds of dollars, you can start making money right away, especially if you have a large subscriber base. To monetize your videos and start making money from YouTube adverts, follow this method.

What you need to make money on YouTube

YouTube channel, videos and audience

You can monetize videos in your YouTube Studio dashboard after you’ve launched your channel, posted videos, and attracted an audience.

View hours and Subscribers

To begin making money from your monetization, you must have at least 4,000 view hours from the prior year and 100 subscribers.

Google AdSense

Create a Google AdSense account to earn per-click revenue from your videos and sell them elsewhere outside YouTube.

Methods to follow

1.Create and develop a YouTube channel.

Your YouTube channel serves as your online identity. One channel is connected to each YouTube account. Since a YouTube account is identical to a Google account, opening one will provide you access to other Google services like Gmail and Drive.

If you have an account before, you can make use of an existing account and if you don’t have you will have to create a new one. To make your channel easier to find, add keywords. By going to the Advanced area of your Channel Settings, you may add keywords. Make sure your keywords relate to the content of your page.

Additionally, your user name(YouTube channel name) can work for or against you. People are more likely to remember you if your user name(YouTube channel name) is brief, memorable, and unique. However, if you already have an account, you may always alter your Google+ account to change your username. Remember that you can only change your user name a maximum of three times before you must wait 90 days to do it again.

2.Add Content (Videos)

Make an effort to upload short, high-quality content. Additionally, strive to upload frequently and consistently (this option may change based on the type of content you choose to upload).

Keep going even if your content isn’t spectacular at first. Practice makes perfect. Make an effort to improve upon each video you create. It’s common to pick things up as you go.

Use a better camera, experiment with better editing tools, or both to improve your work. Additionally, make an effort to enhance the filming. Use a tripod, enlist the aid of a friend, or improve the lighting in your scenes.

Everything contributes to a better final product, which in turn helps you draw in more customers. Sit beside a window that gets enough of sunlight or work outside if you don’t want to purchase bright white lights.

Regular uploads might aid in maintaining an audience. If you regularly add new information and try to keep to that schedule, people will be more likely to subscribe.

Make sure to tag your movies with descriptive keywords that also contain an enticing description. These will aid in directing YouTube users to your video.

3.Obtain your subscribers.

Your subscribers are your audience and the key to boosting your monetization is audience building. To earn money from your advertisements, you must get viewers. There is no one method to increasing your subscription count; simply create the greatest material you can, and people will find you.

There will occasionally be detractors, therefore you should just ignore them. You must have confidence if you want to succeed.

Continue publishing material and work to hook viewers. Share your video on Facebook and Twitter. Spread the word about it. Make it available online in other places. The requirement for becoming a partner is subscribers.

Respond to comments left by viewers and occasionally create videos that are based on their inquiries and queries. Getting involved in your community will attract more people to it. Shout outs are a straightforward yet effective method for doing that.

4.Profit from your videos.

You need to enable monetization in order to start making money from your videos. By doing this, you consent to YouTube inserting advertising into your video. Additionally, this implies that you accept the absence of any copyrighted content in your film.

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The next step is to visit YouTube and select “My Channel” from the menu.

On the top bar, select the “Video Manager” link.

Select the channel, then turn on monetization.

5.Observe the conditions.

To begin making money, you must have at least 1000 audience and 4,000 watch hours during the past one yeah which just 12 months.

By selecting the Monetization option and selecting the “Monetise with Ads” checkbox, you can monetize a video you add to the channel as it uploads.

Open your Video Manager and click the “$” sign next to the video you wish to monetize after it has been uploaded. Activate the “Monetize with Ads” checkbox.

6.Google AdSense setup

On the AdSense website, you may set up Google AdSense for free. To start setting up your account, click the Sign Up Now button. For you to create your own account, you must be at least 18 years old. You will require adult assistance if you are younger.

You need a working mailing address, a PayPal or bank account, and other details so AdSense can confirm your identity and the recipient of the payment. Although you only make money every ad click and a much lower sum per watch, over time it adds up. Having an audience is crucial because of this.

7. Analyze your data.

You can review the metrics for some of your videos once they are up, monetized, and being seen to see how they are doing. Select Analytics from the Channel menu. Here, you may check information on demographics, expected earnings, ad performance, video views, and more.

Utilize these tools to determine how your audience is responding to your content. If you discover that you aren’t drawing in the users you desire, you might alter your content or marketing strategy.

8.Promote your videos in other places.

Don’t just upload your videos to YouTube. Create a website, a blog, or share them on social media or other video platforms. The better, the more viewers it receives. You increase the likelihood that it will be seen by disseminating the URL or embedding the video online.

Join YouTube as a partner.

Members of YouTube who have made money off of popular videos are called partners. Partners have access to more tools for creating content and have the chance to win rewards based on how many viewers they attract. In addition, partners have far more access to advice and community assistance.

Through the YouTube Partner website, you may submit an application for YouTube partnership at any time. You need 15,000 watch hours total for your channel over the past 90 days to be eligible for the most potent Partner programs.

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Answers to

Questions People Ask Most

Can you make money from YouTube without making videos?

In a word, yeah. Without making original videos, there are numerous methods for making money on YouTube. You may, for instance, publish content from third parties, invest in Google stock, or launch an online business to support the expansion of other YouTubers.

How can I make money on YouTube without doing anything?

The only method to monetize your YouTube channel without producing your own videos is to reuse other people’s work. Few people are aware that YouTube contains a collection of videos that are “Creative Commons licensed.”

Can you make money on YouTube without showing your face?

You have the chance to expand your business without compromising your privacy and anonymity since entrepreneurs and academics have demonstrated that it is feasible to make money from YouTube without ever having to appear on television.

Can a beginner make money on YouTube?

You can make YouTube a serious platform for advancing your profession with an excellent plan and unwavering commitment. Every day, a ton of money is made by people creating YouTube videos. You’ve come to the right site if you’re wondering how to launch a YouTube channel and earn money from it. Go ahead and start reading carefully from the begging to gain the information you need to start making money on YouTube.

Is YouTube easiest way to make money?

Yes, even a total newbie can succeed on YouTube. To be paid directly by YouTube, however, you must enroll in the YouTube Partner Program. To be eligible, you must have at least 1000 subscribers and at least 4000 watch hours over the previous 12 months.

What YouTube channel has the fastest growth?

T-Series is one of the YouTube channels with the fastest subscriber growth, according to Business Insider. With 146 million users, this channel already rules the business world with its well-liked love songs with an Indian flavor.

Do YouTubers get paid monthly?

Monthly payments to YouTubers can be made via direct deposit or check in the mail. YouTube producers need at least 1,000 followers which are subscribers and 4,000 view hours in the last year to start making money from their channels.

How much does one view cost you?

Although the precise prices an advertiser pays vary, they typically range from $0.10 to $0.30 per view and total $0.18 each view. Per 1,000 ad views, the YouTube channel may expect to make an average of $18. This comes out to $3–$5 for every 1000 video views.

Do YouTubers get paid if you don’t watch the whole video?

Nope, you only get paid if a viewer clicks on the overlay ad to enlarge it (tiny advertising at the bottom of a video). You get paid if a viewer sees the entire commercial (or at least 30 seconds if it’s longer) in skippable video ads (advertising at the beginning of a video that a viewer can skip after five seconds).

What kind of YouTube channels generate the highest revenue?

Video Games are the category of YouTube that generates the most income.

One of the most popular YouTube channels and highest-paid YouTube stars, like PewDiePie, are in the gaming industry. CPM rates in this market segment typically hover around $1.40.

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What kind of videos receive the most views on YouTube?

We are made to understand that one of YouTube’s most popular videos has been a music video, indicating the platform’s shift away from amusing, goofy films and toward professionally made content. Around 40% of the as of 2022.

What kind of YouTube channel should I launch?

Showing off your favorite video games, collectibles, or other items when you launch your channel could aid viewers in deciding what to spend their money on. Since there is greater trust in the YouTuber’s sincere sharing than in creating sponsored material for advertisers, these videos are especially beneficial for smaller channels.

What kinds of YouTube videos are popular?

Even though a lot has changed since some years back, some fundamental aspects of viral videos haven’t changed, These innovative concepts for viral videos
a challenge video, a music video, a comedy video, Funny videos of animals or babies
Joke video etc.

How frequently are YouTubers paid?

If your total amount reaches the payment threshold and there are no payment holds, the profits are paid out between the 21st and 26th of the current month.

Do YouTubers get paid if you skip ads?

You only get paid if a viewer clicks on the overlay ad to enlarge the tiny advertising at the bottom of a video. You get paid if a viewer sees the entire advertisement video or at least 30 seconds if it’s longer in skippable video ads (advertising at the beginning of a video that a viewer can skip after five seconds).

Do YouTubers get paid for old videos?

Only when a video has been claimed by an advertisement can YouTube pay out royalties. Simply put, there are no retroactive royalties to share if it has never been commercially successful.

What time of day is YouTube busiest?

YouTube statistics show that Sundays between 8 and 11 a.m. or after 5 p.m. are the best times to upload videos. Friday through Saturday and Wednesday are the days with the highest level of participation.

Can I use my name for my YouTube channel name?

Sometimes, especially if you’re already well-known, your real name will suffice as the name of your YouTube channel. However, there are times when a brand name would be preferable. You might choose to use your business or company name rather than your own if you’re using your YouTube channel as a branding or marketing strategy.

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How you can get your first 1000 YouTube subscribers

Getting your new 1000 subscribers on YouTube might be difficult for a fresh video provider. Although it’s not always simple, it is absolutely doable if you put in the time and effort to create excellent content and promote it effectively. We’ll discuss some of the finest strategies to distinguish your channel in this article so you can quickly grow your follower following.

– Choose a name for your channel that is simple to recall.

Viewers are more inclined to return if they can recall your name. If you know that your name can’t be recall kindly Log into YouTube Studio and choose Customization from the left-hand menu to set or modify your channel name.

Click the Edit button next to your channel name after selecting Basic Info. In the text box, type the desired name. Simple channel name is really helpful. Try to select a name for your channel that is succinct, straightforward, and accurately describes it.

For illustration, “Cooking with Kathleen” or “Omar’s Kitchen” may be suitable names for a cooking channel. While you’re at it, fill out your channel’s description, which can be found under the Basic Info tab.

Describe briefly the type of information your readers can look forward to in a few sentences. “My name is Lucy, and I create digital art,” for instance For advice, instructions, and livestreams of my creation process, subscribe!

– Choose a content niche.

Channels that appeal to their interests are usually subscribed to by viewers. The majority of users choose a certain kind of material over numerous films covering a wide range of unrelated subjects. While experimenting with your technique is acceptable, try to settle on a theme and stick with it. Even better, you can base your material on a well-liked keyword.

– Utilize personalized thumbnails.

More people will view your thumbnail if it is attractive. Use YouTube’s option that lets you build your own thumbnail rather than picking a random frame from your video. When uploading your video to YouTube Studio, select the Create button at the top of the screen to add a custom thumbnail. Enter the details about your movie there, then click Upload Thumbnail under the Thumbnail area.

– Make use of social media to advertise your channel.

Links can be added to a blog or a personal website. More potential subscribers are likely to see your YouTube channel the more locations you can link to it. If you have a Twitter or Facebook page, link to your videos there or just embed them.

Click the Share icon next to the video and choose Embed to embed it. You will then be provided with an embed code that you may add to posts on blogs, websites, message boards, or social media.

– Make your profile lovely

A strong profile image can make your channel appear more credible. Visitors are more inclined to investigate your content and perhaps subscribe if your channel is attractive.

You may use YouTube’s channel customization options to add a banner image to the top of your channel page, add a distinctive watermark to your videos, adjust the structure of your channel, and more in addition to uploading a catchy profile photo.

Log into YouTube Studio at  YouTube studio to alter the appearance of your channel. From the navigation bar on the left side of the page, choose Customization.

In the Branding page, you may upload personalized channel graphics (such a profile photo, banner, and watermark).

To further help organize your information, you can add new sections using the Layout tab. To offer prospective visitors an idea of what to expect if they subscribe, you can also make a channel trailer.

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– Invite your close relatives to subscribe.

To quickly grow a following, get in touch with people you already know. You may even tell them that you want to obtain subscribers per day.

Everyone you know who might be interested should receive an email with a link to your channel, including your family, friends, classmates, and coworkers. Send them on their way with only a message, whether it be via social media or another channel. I just launched a YouTube channel to promote my new home company, and I’m trying to attract as many followers as I can, the message would say. If you know anyone else who would like to join up, please let them know about the link and spread the news!

– Post Viral trending topics (Videos)

An attention-grabbing video which are trending may attract new subscribers. There isn’t a secret recipe for having a video go viral, but you may increase your chances by taking certain steps.

To learn more about the subjects that YouTube users are now most interested in, visit the YouTube page on Google Trends. Consider creating a video about one of the trending subjects if it relates to the type of material you produce.

For instance, if your channel is about pet care, look at the “Pets & Animals” category’s popular topics. Make a video on how to set up an axolotl tank if you notice that “axolotl” is popular.

The most effective videos, according to studies, are those that make viewers feel good. To improve the likelihood that people will share your films with others, post content that is not only pertinent but also adorable, humorous, or uplifting.

– Regularly publish fresh Videos

If you regularly publish new content, you’ll increase your subscriber count. Subscribers are much more inclined to do so if they anticipate receiving a brand-new video from a favorite content provider once a week. Make a schedule for yourself and try to follow it. Inform your audience when more will be available. You may, for instance, end each video you post with the phrase “See you next week with another video!”

– Use a good title for your contents

Keep your titles concise and obvious. In fact, if at all possible, aim to keep the title under 70 characters. Include relevant keywords that your audience is probably going to search for as well.

A few effective approaches are as follows:
Check out the titles of your competitors’ most popular videos. What keywords do they often utilize the most? Consider using a search term associated with your video in the YouTube search bar.

Check to see if any other terms appear in the autofill results. You may see that other users have searched for terms like “nails acrylic,” “nails design,” and “nails for beginners” if you type in “nails.”

To find potential keywords for your titles, use an SEO tool made just for YouTube, like VidIQ or TubeBuddy.

– Encourage your audience to subscribe to your channel.

It might seem a little apparent, but this has a bearing. You’ve already won half the battle if someone clicks on your video and starts watching. Make a polite appeal to everybody who watches your video to subscribe somewhere in it. Say something along the lines of “Thanks for watching. Please remember to like and subscribe if you find this video to be entertaining. Every week, I add new tutorials.

Note: If you heed the advice in this paragraph, I promise that your subscriber count will soar beyond your wildest expectations.

5 Fire tips to get your 4000 wactch hours

Create timeless content (Evergreen)

Creating content that will remain relevant and useful for a long time, otherwise known as “evergreen” content, is a great way to ensure that your readers will keep coming back for more. This type of content can be anything from how-to guides and tutorials to opinion pieces and interviews with industry experts.

No matter what kind of content you create, if it’s well-written and informative, there’s a good chance it will be considered timeless – meaning your readers will appreciate it now and long into the future.  if you want to keep your audience engaged, start brainstorming some evergreen topics to write about inorder to get your 4ooo watch hours as soon as possible!

Recommend related videos in your video description and comments

If you want to keep people engaged with your videos, it’s a good idea to recommend related videos in your descriptions and comments. This way, viewers can easily find more content that they’re interested in, and you can keep them coming back for more.

Upload videos regularly

It’s important to upload good quality videos regularly to your YouTube channel. This will help keep your audience engaged and coming back for more. Make sure to vary the types of videos you upload so as not to bore your viewers, and try to keep them under 10 minutes in length.

Go for Quantity over Quality

One of the things you need to do when adding videos to your YouTube channel is to prioritize quantity over quality in order to reach the 4000 watch hour goal.

As is common knowledge, people watch videos because they know they will get what they want from them. You must prioritize quality above quantity if you want your visitors to watch more of your videos uploaded on your YouTube channel.

Pay Attention to Your YouTube Viewers

YouTube is a powerful platform with a large audience. If you want to be successful on YouTube, you need to pay attention to your viewers. You need to know what they like and what they don’t like. You need to know what kind of content they want to see.
You can’t just put any old thing up on YouTube and expect people to watch it. You need to put out content that your viewers will actually want to watch. If you don’t, you won’t get any views. And if you don’t get any views, you won’t be successful on YouTube.

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