How To Get To Magodo From Oshodi

Hello friend relax, are you planning to Magodo from Oshodi?, If yes, that should not be a problem or something bothering you.

I will provide you with a instantaneously description of the way to get to Magodo from Oshosi.

What you need to do is to require/ flag down a yellow bus(Danfo) from Oshodi Isale Bus stop,or ask the people passing by, tell them you’re planning/ going to Ogba bus park, Get down/ Alight at Ogba bus park.

Danfo Cost:  ₦150

Take a yellow bus(Danfo) from Ogba bus park, Tell the driver you’re planning/ going to Ketu Bus stop, Get down/ Alight at Nepa (Secretariat).

Danfo Cost: ₦150

Walk To Magodo Gate 2 Take a yellow bus(Danfo) from Magodo Gate 2, Tell the driver you’re planning/ going to Magodo Gate 1(Shangisha), Get down/ Alight at Grand View.

Danfo Cost: ₦70

You are virtually home, Walk to your destination.

Total estimate: ₦370

The Estimate Time used is 51mins, it’s possible you exceed the time due to traffic. This journey isn’t an area you’ll be able to walk, i will advice you to require a bus or tricycle.

If you’re thinking that you’re haste and you’ll be able to make the journey in few seconds, affirmative that may be possible if will rent heavier than air craft.

Dear you’re in city, you have to wise up, be cool with the driver and conductor. If you are not really clear with this description, you can drop your comment and let’s see how we can help you.


The cost price may not be the same due to what is happening in Nigeria generally about the increase in Petro price and other things like that, so you have to behave to cooperate with the person picking you up to your destination.

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Hope the given descriptions from where you are to where you are going is helpful?, wish you safe journey.

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